2019 Lion Rock Trophy International Group 3 1600m

hanging stop the lion rock trophy said at the mile there off was a perfect dispatch champions way one of the first to spring into action is quite handy to the speed initially good standing wider out rolls on so to Mission Tycoon and carrying star their matching strides together as the rain starts to come down and they are pouring some pressure on early they've dropped about two lengths on Good Standing who's nestled down in third and about four back then to champions way who's running fourth off the fence and punching at this strong breeze down the back insatiable to his inside and then DiNozzo simply brilliant citron spirit and settling at the rear is red warrior so they've sorted things out up front and carrying star won that battle and now slows the speed down the side at the eight fifty two lead by two on mission tycoon good standing third outside of insatiable champions way one out one back but he's worse than midfield on the outside of DiNozzo simply brilliant is pulling a little bit third last from citron spirit last of all is red warrior so they've really dropped anchor through that middle section so much so simply brilliant soft sized red warrior and champions way as they corner for home carrying star from Mission Tycoon champions way building good standing insatiable down on the Rio then red warrior citron spirit carrying star mission tycoon joined by champions way good standing insatiable then citron spirit star champions way champions way carrying starts fighting on strongly champions ways goodies head in front windsor he run out late but he got the job done champions way to defeat carrying star and insatiable threw for third mission tycoon then citron spirit followed by DiNozzo red warrior good standing and simply brilliant near the rear nine seven six eight – now the placings so John sighs levels up again with John Lord two wins today Joe Moreira bags his third and together they win the

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