2019 Jimmy Awards Winner Ekele Ukegbu

  • Calling it rn: she WILL be Aida in the broadway revival BECAUSE:

    1- the director was there during the performance

    2- She PLAYED Aida to get her at the Jimmy’s

    I rest my case

  • SHE WILL BE IN THE AIDA REVIVAL. I’M CALLING IT NOW. I’ve said it before (on the Jimmys Live stream but the video got taken down womp womp) and I’ll say it again because she is amazing (and the director of the revival, who did the intermission show, was there)!

  • I saw her on on live with kelly and Ryan any one knows what song she was singing on the show great voice

  • Hell yeah girl. Put her on Broadway ASAP. (You know if there is still any shows left by the end of the year)

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