2019 Jimmy Awards Finalist Colin Miller

I'm sure that you have heard the name of the ladies man who wins the claim Alberta for well lovely miss I am the same although her for I introduce myself I am not so fast so just in case you didn't hear are the whole I try to make it very clear out I'll for the lovely ladies always cheer now I repeat myself I am I'll Darfur I can sing it right oh I can see it I for I can seeing it very fast I can see it very soon I do it now but it would take hours mellitus if you can remember my name now who's the fellow that you see mild all fool and how should you refer to me either for and who is it all always be now seat proudly I am [Applause] let me spell it out for Joe for all of you lovely ladies sitting here for some reason because maybe you are hard of hearing or something I don't know it goes [Applause] you


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