2019 Headwaters Award

some of the greatest work to transform neighborhoods and mobilize communities happens when local groups unite somewhat by chance to beautify the places they live work and play team Willamette is a consortium that includes public private nonprofit and individual partners in Oregon all working toward a cleaner healthier Willamette River but what makes this assembly a partner so unique is the seamless coordination that happens without a governing body although they belong to many different organizations they unify under the banner of team Willamette one of the things that brought them together was the fact that nearly a quarter of the streams in the reliant watershed are polluted those murky waters degrade aquatic habitats that serve as a home for native species such as honor beaver salmon and trout team Willamette has been working together for 10 years steadfastly creating a world-class restoration program to bring life back to the river the team has removed 80 barriers to fish passage reconnected more than 100 acres of floodplain and replanted 50 miles of riparian forests in total they planted nearly 4 million trees and shrubs along the river to improve water quality prevent erosion and restore lost habitat they also created places for residents to interact and reconnect with trees with long-term support from the Oregon watershed enhancement board Bonneville Power Administration and Meyer Memorial trust this consortium has been able to focus day-to-day activities on the ground to improve the river and area communities where two-thirds of the state's population live team Willamette s' collaboration is a commitment to cleaner streams and healthier communities their work has earned the support of businesses and citizens further advancing their mission and bringing Oregonians together with a shared pride for their state for their dedication to collaborative partnerships and commitment to a more vibrant Oregon the Arbor Day Foundation presents the 2019 headwaters award to team well you

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