2019 Gospel Radio Awards Kelontae Gavin honoring Tasha Cobbs “Put a Praise On It”

there's a miracle in this room for my name there's a healing in this room and there's a so I'm gonna put a pretty preys on that's way too low get somebody don't wanna somebody you're the scream in this building if you know that summer come with your name on it take it to the ceiling it's got your name on it so you lift it up say so it's a dog your family I'm gonna put away I'm gonna put a play section no I'm gonna put a braid Oh tinnitus is so abdominal I'm gonna put a braid aha make up your face so let's go it is exhausting we just defense that's a miracle this thing grabs one verse about the head don't grab nobody that don't share the same excitement but grab somebody that's excited about you watch this that's excited about your future this is what your bunch of boys got for look at your neighbor look at your neighbor's a neighbor we just declared there's a miracle with our neighbor to neighbor in other words what you've been praying for you need to squeeze over same neighbors my web request just turned into my praise report so I'm gonna whatever so I'm gonna butterfly though you're next very common to everybody live live your boys by the time you get home broken once again disgusted now just if your dad's injector give you a national ship Oh sides what does shut it God wonders why if you believe in our day to scream as loud as you can they're screwed and for now as you can that's watching you're kidding ready just say what you never see and in order for you to see what you never seen you gotta give God something you never gave up I'd be simpler to open up your mouth and shock you believe it shop for your family stand for your children your Minister is something that you can't do got something up above that you cannot do your gracious unlock the door door take one step not to go time to take a step and wanted somebody gift are the most ridiculous undignified amazing stupid crazy somebody's out there


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