2019 Gold Derby TV Awards Nominations Announcement for 30 Categories

hello gold Derby and welcome to the 16th annual gold Derby TV Awards this is our nominations announcements of all of the major categories all of the categories actually I'm Marcus James Dixon I'm here with Susan lisanna Paul Sheehan joy saying Chris Peacham Daniel Montgomery did I name everybody there's a lot of you on my screen right sounds like a nominee list all the nominees and the winners will be featured on the IMDB pages of all of the shows all of the performers 1500 people voted for these categories as people like you at home watching and right now you can go vote for the winners at Golder be calm and you have until Friday September 13th to cast your votes and you're not predicting who you think will win you will be picking your own winners in all of these categories so we're gonna start off right away with Best Animated Series the nominees for the gold Derby TV awards are big mouth Bob's Burgers Bojack horseman Family Guy The Simpsons and South Park that was a pretty lockdown top six I think the closest to that one in the voting was love death and robots the Netflix show but yeah that wasn't – suspenseful category and that brings us to the – our to reality categories the nominees for best reality host are Nicole Byer for nailed it RuPaul Charles for RuPaul's Drag Race Ellen DeGeneres for Ellen's game of games Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman for making it Jeff Probst for Survivor and the fab 5 from queer I that was I I believe the closest to catching them was Jane Lynch for Hollywood game night just missed out on the nomination I'm so happy Jeff Probst is here yeah he won four Emmys in a row and he's never been nominated again it [Laughter] and the nominees for best competition program are American Idol the masked singer nailed it RuPaul's Drag Race survivor and the voice and just missing out on the nomination was the Amazing Race it was just a few points out of a nomination in this category the nominees for variety talk series are Daily Show with Trevor Noah full-frontal with Samantha bee Jimmy Kimmel Live last week tonight with John Oliver Late Late Show with James Corden and Late Show with Stephen Colbert nothing was really close to that to those six that was pretty locked down and those are the same as the Emmy nominees the closest was Late Night with Seth Meyers and also busy tonight had a lot of strong support but uh yeah this this top six was pretty you know fairly locked in oh that's me I'm sorry holding together and don't even remember a variety sketch series the nominees are at home with Amy Sedaris documentary now drunk history Saturday Night Live Tracey Ullman Show and who is America I love you America with Sarah Silverman came close I think you should leave also did pretty well on the voting but I guess there was only room for one America in variety sketch series mm-hmm next we have best movie limited series supporting actor the nominees are George Clooney catch-22 Paul Dano escape a Dannemora Chris Messina sharp objects stellan skarsgård Chernobyl Ben Whishaw very English scandal and Michael Kenneth Williams when they see us so know when they see us take over here yeah although it's something you know I actually added him to the gold Derby Awards when he was requested and he finished in the top 15 so he had strong support just missing out on this category it was really close race for those last few spots and won't say who the last people to get in were so it's not to influence the winner voting but Justin Theroux was really close to a nomination for maniac bill skarsgård for Castle Rock was also surprisingly close for a nominations you have to skarsgård but have to scarce guards in this category we almost did but this this ended up being the the six John Leguizamo who's the other any nominee for when they see us he actually scored fewer points than Asante black in our voting so he wasn't really close you mentioned somebody requested Asante black has has anyone ever been requested and then got a nomination or is that super rare it's super rare I think it's because when people go into the prediction center to to vote sometimes they don't check back so they you know if they would have voted for them in the first place they might not notice that they were there afterwards I tried to leave messages in the forums to let people know I've added X Y & Z but it doesn't always materialize we did have people who were requested come close so I'll mention as we go along okay he got the Emmy nominations yeah yeah and in movie limited Supporting Actress we have Patricia Arquette the act Patricia Clarkson sharp objects Vera Farmiga one daysius Eliza Scanlon sharp objects Emma Thompson King Lear and Emily Watson Chernobyl yeah this was a really interesting like six through or seven through ten because just missing out again poor maniac Sally Field just missed out for maniac and then the next three like eight nine and ten were all from haunting of Hill House Kate Segal Victoria pedretti and Elizabeth Reiser were the next three slot so they all finished in our top ten but they didn't quite make the top six okay now it's time for the nominees for Luby limited series after her shelah ally for true detective the Museo del Toro escape at Dannemora you grant a very English scandal Jared Harris Shinobu Darrell Jerome when they see us and Sam Rockwell for fussy version this was a pretty secure six and they're the same as the me6 there was no one really who came close enough to really be a threat but a benedict cumberbatch was next in line for brexit and then actually a McShane for deadwood after that so close yeah not really that close I can pretend okay now it's time for the ladies movie limited series actress Amy Adams for sharp objects Patricia Arquette for escape at Dannemora carla Gugino for the haunting of Hill House Joey King for the act of a stone for a maniac and Michelle Williams for a fussy burden I was very glad that Emma Stone got in here at least this was a pretty rock-solid top six to me see Nash who got the Emmy nomination she wasn't our top ten but didn't quite make it into the top six and Anjou Ellis she was actually 16 in our voting so so moving on to best limited series our nominees are chernobyl foxy Verdun the haunting of Hill House sharp objects and when they see us so we match four four five which one are we missing here we denim or innominate escape at Dannemora which was truly I mean these are the top five the skip of Dannemora was actually seventh in our voting a very English scandal was sixth so scandal got closer to getting in but yeah I was a little surprised as I was watching voting that escaped anymore was never really high in this category so I wonder if that will have any kind of reflection at the Emmys and then the nominees for Best TV movie are black mirror Bandersnatch brexit Deadwood the movie King Lear and sense8 the finale movie these these these five were actually pretty locked in the the closest to getting in after that was the other end nominee my dinner with Haier Bay so no huge surprise there Daniel created like 53 different accounts I did not is entirely aboveboard okay so moving on to the drama categories starting with the race for Best Drama Guest Actor the nominees are James Cromwell for succession Ron Cephas Jones for this is us Dylan McDermott for American Horror Story apocalypse Michael McKean for better call Saul Christopher Meloni for posed and Bradley Whitford for The Handmaid's Tale just missing out titus Burgess for the good fight was close behind and surprisingly strong I didn't expect getting to get as much support as he did but Jeremy Allen white for homecoming was in our top 10 so that was an interesting category before we ended up with these 6v6 there's only this category is the most different from the Emmys I think we've had so far right three four three out of six yeah we have we have Cromwell McDermott and Maloney getting in here when they missed at the Emmys and the the overlap is Whitford Cephas Jones and McKeon and next up the nominees for Best Drama Guest Actress the nominees are Laverne Cox orange is the new black cherry Jones The Handmaid's Tale Jessica Lange American Horror Story Apocalypse the leaf show shot this is us Tyson how to get away with murder Carice van Houten Game of Thrones so from very different to very the same it's amazing with how many guests actresses there are on TV that we have managed to match six for six coming close here were Hong chal for homecoming she had pretty strong support again surprising I wouldn't have guessed that Connie Britton for American Horror Story was was in the top ten so Joan Collins for American Horror Story which which was interesting I created 50 accounts for that one so now we have dramas Supporting Actor with Alfie Allen from Game of Thrones Jonathan banks better call Saul Bobby Cannavale a homecoming Nikolaj coster-waldau from Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones and Justin Hartley from this is us yeah so we have counter volley and Hartley in there when they didn't get in at the Emmys kieran culkin was close for a nomination surprisingly close he was in the top ten and this was an addition a later addition was Bradley Walsh from Doctor Who and was nine YouTube that I did not create multiple counts for Bradley Walsh I mean someone requested him for me I didn't add him because you know for me specifically so Matthew McFadden was also in our top ten for succession and then drama supporting actress Gwendoline Christie Game of Thrones Julia garner ozark Lena Headey Game of Thrones Rhea seehorn from better call Saul Yoda shot killing Eve and Maisie Williams came to Thrones Jeff Forster feature but but poor Sophie Turner she she she was left out she was not far out she was like 7th or 8th the closest were her and India more from pose susan Coletti watson also had significant support but again not quite enough to make this top six well the last two drama acting categories nominees for drama actor are Jason Bateman from Ozark sterling Kay brown this is us Kit Harington Game of Thrones Richard Madden bodyguard Bob Odenkirk better call Saul and Billy Porter from pose so that's five out of six Milo Ventimiglia just missed out also surprisingly strong in this category finished I think eighth was Stefan James for homecoming so it's another close call at one point he was in early on in the voting but he he started to sick I can hear people screaming for Richard Madden's nomination I bet a lot of people are happy about that Ben Cody fur for American Horror Story apocalypse is actually also in our top ten that was a surprise the nominees for drama actress Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones Jody comer killing Eve Laura Linney ozark Sandra Oh killing Eve Julia Roberts for homecoming and MJ Rodriguez for pose yeah and this this six was pretty like the top five were were pretty locked in I won't say who was the number sixth bubble one who got in but this was a really close race for that sixth spot I'm surprised how close again and I didn't make accounts for it uh Jodie Whittaker was at one point she was a couple of like three points out of a nomination and she eventually like sank to 8th place but still within not too far away and christine baranski for the good fight was actually the closest to breaking through in the end in seventh place Wow so Viola Robin right man any more of those Emmy nominees weren't even close with us Mandy Moore was the closest of those three I believe she was in our top ten next we have Best Drama episode bodyguard episode 1 Game of Thrones a night at the seven kingdoms Game of Thrones the long night killing Eve do you know how to dispose of a body pose love us the message impose mother of the year yeah the closest one and it was a really it was really close like those last couple of slots just missing out was actually returned to Murder House American Horror Story apocalypse winner from better call Saul also had significance for it and we have our Drama Series nominees now better call Saul bodyguard Game of Thrones homecoming killing Eve pose and this is us yeah this this wasn't the most exciting race to watch the nominations for because these seven were pretty secure most of the time Ozark I think finished just outside and I think succession might have had a strong showing to I don't have those exact totals in front of me young next up is comedy guest actor and the nominees are Luke Kirby the marvelous mrs. nasal Peter McNichol for veep lin-manuel Miranda Brooklyn nine-nine nope another third Mulaney so they Night Live and I'm Sandler so they Night Live and Adam Scott or the good place the closest one to this race was Adam driver for SNL but this this was another race that wasn't really that hotly contested other than these top six I wonder if Adam Scott got a bump from that little lies airing during voting just the afro wig would do it for you Suz I think you have one more oh I'm sorry oh I do I'm sorry hey economy comedy Guest Actress the nominees are Cate Blanchett documentary now Jane Lynch the marvelous mrs. nasal so she's together nomination Sandra Oh Saturday Night Live Sally Phillips deep Maya Rudolph the good place and Fiona Shaw fleabag yeah this was another case where a late edition came close Kristin Scott Thomas for fleabag I ended up moving up to 8th place I think for fleabag I honestly think if she'd been in our Prediction Center earlier I think she probably would have made it because she was getting votes really really aggressively after I added her so but the closest to a nomination ended up being Emma Thompson for SNL so she was the closest miss so now we're gonna do comedy Supporting Actor our nominees are titus Burgess unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Anthony Kerrigan for veep Tony Hale for veep actually sorry Anthony Kerrigan was for Barry right yeah yeah Tony Hale for veep Andrew Scott for fleabag Tony Shalhoub for the marvelous mrs. nasal and Henry Winkler for Barry yeah this was a nail-biter and a heartbreaker for shits Creek fans Dan levy missed by literally three points right and you make another account how many times has Titus won with us um every every time he's been eligible so I think the last four years in the row that's why the most of anyone you give me your Julia Louie Dreyfus gold gold er he came very close to a guest drama Guest Actor nomination like he's just he's just a Gold Derby darling so yeah he's I don't think he's ever not gonna be me he'll probably be nominated for the for the interactive special next year so comedy Supporting Actress we have Alex Borstein the marvelous mrs. Mazal Darcy Cardin for the good place she won with us last year Anna Chlumsky for veep Olivia Colman for fleabag Betty Gilpin for Glo and Kate McKinnon Saturday Night Live so that's five out of the eight Emmy nominees although interestingly all eight of the Emmy nominees ended up somewhere in our top 10 including Sean Clifford fern fleabag who was a late addition and made it all the way up to I believe 8th place so so yeah we agreed with the Emmys but we just didn't have so many slots for the moment I'm a garden and we nominated Darcy Cardin who won with us last year she announced the nominations at the Emmys this year and but she should like us better if there were nine nominees at the Emmys Darcy would be nine I'd hope so I'll be a ridiculous list of like nine nominees yeah and now moving up to the lead performances for comedy the nominees for best comedy actor are Ted Danson in the good place Michael Douglas the Kaminski method Bill Hader Barry Eugene Levy shits Creek Jim Parsons The Big Bang Theory and Andy Samberg Brooklyn nine-nine and a couple who came close were really interesting Jim Carrey it was just missed out for kidding by not a very wide margin he was actually in our top six for a while but eventually kind of fell out and drew Tarver for the other two actually had surprising support he was in he was in eighth place and then he to like early on in the voting he was in our top six because I created more consensus II account more consensus II choices started to bubble up yeah that could have been an interesting or an even more interesting category than it was I was like Carson's is in here yeah and you know and Andy Samberg – you know who's never really gotten the time of day from the Emmys for Brooklyn nine-nine so I do like you know seeing him in there and and copycats for the Emmys you know Eugene Levy was a contender before the Emmys made it cool Daniel's how long did voting go on after Emmy nominations about uh actually less than a week because voting ended on this past Sunday which which was just about five or six days after the nominations so you had two things you had one people wanting to be on the winning team and endorsing some of those any surprises and then maybe people like Jim Parsons fans wanting to at least give him this nomination yeah there there there feels like there's a lot of winning team and a lot of avenging the you know you know the people who have fallen at the Emmys it's it's interesting to see which impulse wins out at these for best comedy actress so the nominees are Christina Applegate dead to me that's uh from Marcus's 30 accounts Rachel Brosnahan for the marvelous mrs. Mazal Julia Louie Dreyfus for veep natasha Lyonne for Russian doll Catherine O'Hara for shits Creek and Phoebe Waller bridge for fleabag so it's the same exact agreement it's the same as Sam you drink the bridge before it was cool we nominated fleabag for its first season and her for it so you know welcome to the party Emmys we got that first and this top six was a pretty lost in I think the the the closest actually just missing was Kristen Bell for the good place and when the carlini was in 8th place but it was like a distant a there was Kristen Bell who by really just a few points speaking at the fleabag we move on to comedy episodes this is an individual episode so Barry is nominated for Ronnie / Lily and then fleabag is nominated both for the premiere and then the finale which was episode 6 the good place is nominated episode called Janet's the marvelous mrs. Mazal for were going to the Catskills and veep for an episode called beep the closest runner up in this category that Miss Donna nomination surprised me it was free churro from Bojack horseman really and then for comedy series the nominees are very fleabag the good place the marvelous mrs. basil Russian doll shits Creek and veep dead to me was pretty close to to a nomination low I think was also in our top 10 but this this this group was pretty strong threat voting three more categories none of these are any categories but ones we enjoy doing every year and one of my favorites is breakthrough performer of the year and put together a list of 35 range people that had the the biggest jump in their career due to whatever they had done this past season and we don't attach a particular show because it could be for any anything they did on television over the past year so our six nominees are Asa Butterfield Hannah Gadsby jerel Jerome Joey King MJ Rodriguez and Eliza Scanlon the interesting thing here indium or just missed out here just like she just missed out on Best Drama Supporting Actress so she was a close 7 the interesting thing about asa butterfield like this is based I'm sure almost entirely on his performance in sex education which isn't surprising well in our voting altogether I didn't think of really be a factor and he was in our top 10 for Best Drama Series and I think Gillian Anderson was maybe 11th for drama Supporting Actress so so that show had a surprising amount of support even though it didn't quite have enough next we have performer of the year and I'm these are Amy Adams Patricia Arquette no hater Julia Louie Dreyfus Billy Porter and Phoebe Waller bridge you know not far out were Jody Jody comer and Sandro Emilia Clarke also had a lot of support in this race as didn't she'll Williams this is the final category and and some about ensemble of the year and it's Shinobu Game of Thrones the good place hos deep and when they see us and another interesting one where the haunting of Hill House is the one that just missed out so quite well they want to get on there my windows we have limited series comedy series drama seriously we have a nice mix here yeah it's like sort of two two and two which is interesting and for the vote totals we had with the most nominations Game of Thrones with 13 veep with beef with eight and then several shows with with seven nominations including fleabag at the good place marvelous mrs. Mazal and pose posed the most nominated among feed new shows this year well thanks to our whole getting here for making nomination announcements today you will see the full list on our home page in just a couple of minutes and it's also going to be in our forums where you can discuss these and home launch the event here and the next three or four minutes you can go ahead and start making your picks unfortunately you do not get to rank at this you get one pick per category and that is your letter pick you can make your BIC say today and then come back later in a couple or three weeks are you gonna month from now and change them up if you want it's completely up to you I know you're still watching a lot of these shows you can vote all the way through Friday September 13th and then that weekend is the Creative Arts Awards and we'll make our announcement of winners on that Monday or Tuesday right after creative arts a several days before the primetime ceremony so thank you all for watching today and get in there make your Emmy predictions your early Grammy predictions and a whole lot more MTV is launching a yesterday so lots of things to do in the prediction center and thank you for joining us today

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