2019 Football Canada CFFL Men's Gold Medal Game

we have a first down Manitoba's Most Wanted and the Braves from Montreal dice to take the snap we got a two receiver set to the right hand side snap is off passes off and complete number 81 Stephen Trinder with the catch on the quick hit from DICE tristan dice a receiver for the Manitoba Bisons I'll rely on my colleague color commentary Julian Benares here he has the inside scoop on the Manitoba's team I don't have the numbers here up with me I'll attempt the names on the Braves side and the sack that is sad number 4 GN Pima with the sack beautiful play able to sack dice and that's gonna push them back and threaten them again back to my earlier thought here we'll attempt the names on the brave side best we can folks but apologies mana Julian's francais is une petite bad two receivers to the right guys Mollie there's gonna be a two quarterback system he's gonna go down Jimmy use a dice use that's a catch cold Burfoot with the catch wow what a play what a throw what a play great conversion contended able to bring it down and Manitoba's on the board folks we have a score of six nothing for Manitoba's most wanted Tristan dice throws crossbody all the way to call Burfoot on the other side of the field I wouldn't say that's a very high percentage one but it's effective today and they're able to come down with it for the score and here we have the what looks like the one-point convert to follow and dice back there to receiver set dice is gonna roll to his left and throw Neil Smalley with the catch and there we are with the convert Smalley pulls it in that's huge mmw up 7 nothing almost sounds like we have a little bit of a homer here in the booth with Julian being from Manitoba as well I played these guys money two times okay so maybe your turn against them then Braves quickly on offense to take over and there is lead that's the key no search belongs showing off his speed you know playing today we had to play against the Braves in the quarterfinals and so she Lo and his brother Alex very shifty absol and Alex is quite the deep threat are they twins they are twins they are twin lucky guess Sal Janelle XP though and quarterback Jonathan my hood evade the rush complete oh not quite Alex peel on with the drop that was some good coverage there from Manitoba's most wanted okay and Jonathan Mayhew back there takes the snap it's gonna deliver over the middle wall is high a little too high the attempt for number 11 zone Danielle Chevrolet unable to bring it down looks like we have a third down up and coming we're gonna brag kissing your French Shaun Danielle chef 88 I think I'm I'm getting there by the end of the game I imagine I'll be fully fluent already on the way the Braves deliberating they've got something call is in two receivers to the left hand side they're down direct snap to number 11 when he's just a he's gonna air ball it that's pickable and that's that back to the end zone doesn't matter third down no good Manitoba takeover on offense I really wonder what that why they would do that short snap to the slot there honestly I sometimes that miss leading directional snaps can help you but this week it hasn't necessarily for the team and dice back there quick throw to Cole Burfoot who had the touchdown earlier number 11 Jean Danielle Cheveley a with the tackle and the second down attempt to come dice back in the pocket the snap is off pump-fake delivers to the right hand side of Trinder Trinder complete 81 to the right hand side for the first down for manitoba quick tackle by number 6 that surge belong two receivers to the right hand side dice in the pocket a pump and thus a huge sack that's number four hey mom what a plan he's Gettys he's firing off there he's getting in there real quick that was our first matchup for my my team this week and man was he a lot to handle small but very fast good hands to and we have leave a third down attempt here and real long for Manitoba dice takes it it's gonna throw over to the right-hand side you need to hang on to that Steve Trinder with a hell of a rout breaking down number seven but he just couldn't hang on to that ball a bit of a wobbler there dice I don't think he snapped that one off like he had hoped to so we're literally third down yeah it's all third and long they have to get to the they have to get a touchdown the Braves defense not even in the frame here they're obviously playing way back that blanket coverage will be to use and dice is gonna come out of the backfield to make a guy miss and that's a good he will and he ORS very unlikely but dice will take it to the house on the third and very long with a little short pass but he's able to make two braves miss on the tackle and he'll punch it in there's a little bit of like a Tyree kill Wow against the Cowboys absolutely what an apt comparison Julia that's right because unis score for Manitoba the NFL is very close to flag football absolutely yes one in the same almost dice rolling to the right convert attempt oh he still has it Wow able to regain himself and I believe that is four time long not able to get the flag there I thought he maybe he thinks he he had it almost led up on the play and dice is able to scramble away and convert on the one point attempt we have a score of 15 to nothing for Manitoba Most Wanted with the Braves back on offense first down to come see if the Montreal Braves offense can get rolling here Hugh back in the pocket Shore 22 FXP no and that's a good flag there by chatting it's really interesting Alex belong wearing the dark colored flags I would almost call that fairly suspect out here given that it blends in with his Jersey almost can't from the booth see that he's wearing any Flags a little bit more difficult for the defender rather than the yellow flags that the rest of the athletes are wearing but we'll let him get away with it doesn't seem to be breaking any rules two receivers to the left hand side Mayhew back in the pocket delivers over the middle of darts he had peel Han open on the skinny seam but he's unable to pull it in [Applause] so third and they need to get across half let's see what the Montreal Braves have here we've seen that in direct snap throughout the tournament here in these types of situations let's see if we see it again it doesn't look like we're going to really hope not Jonathan you you deliverer stand pleat that's number 11 again John Daniel Chevalier just over half we have a first down Braves been real good at that name he keeps catching it I'll get more practice first down attempt to to the left Mahut back in the pocket delivered all perfect ass but a drop on the play by Mike Pearson from Laval Quebec unable to pull it in and we have a second down coming up second down coming up I'm a huber in the pocket delivered over the middle just high and picked off it looks like able to get underneath it was hurting me I can't quite see the number but regardless intercepted by Manitoba and the offense will take over Manitoba takes over dice back in the pocket two receivers to the right hand side delivering looks and that's a sack play the Braves huge play down 15a nothing people to get the seshu game Peyman right now is on fire lightning fast hands on this kick unreal that's his third sack today Braves so I got a name check on number seven the Montreal Braves quarterback it's Jonathan my mo Matt it doesn't exactly roll off my tongue but some practice you'll get there this is the quarterback he has the ball at the time my back they're back in the pot but he's gonna take the snap deliver a dart over the middle that's 18 doesn't look like yo we do that's George go Eppie get up a get up it my colleague again heading over to the Montreal women's team to help brush up on his nickens I don't think he's able to pronounce it even though they're giving him the inside information regardless Moo delivers able to pull it in the house I can't tell they're twins folks you know that great play Wow I've not at this point he has been on fire all tournament has been unbelievable I've never seen someone run that fast with their hips out in front of them it's impressive what he can do to avoid the tackle even runs backwards faster than some people run and that's a big score that's gonna put it at 15 to 8 for Manitoba the Braves going for the one-point convert tonight yes yeah hurt Kissin what a catch in traffic and he's gonna sprint off the field I think he does a he's he probably squats and deadlifts a little bit that's probably why he was able to catch it that 1 to 10 here for Manitoba [Applause] dice back in the pocket delivered and the right-hand-side Trinder with the catch complete good first down conversion brings them within about five yards 1/2 second down coming up here for Manitoba a tendency that seems to be happening is that that hook on the first down on the right-hand side to Trinder but see if Montreal Braves could start to pick up on that yeah seems like their corner is bailing for the deep Road more often than not protecting anything over the top and the half Sun able to get out in time covering that short zone to make the play dice back in the pocket two receivers right he'll throw over the middle a little late nice catch by Neil Smalley that's Neal Smalley with the completion that'll be a first down for Manitoba it's savage Pilon there with the tackle the man's everywhere literally Manitoba with the first-down effort up 15 to nine dice takes the snap pumps over the middle delivers rating in Trender right on the sidelines able to make one man man that's a hole and call a hold as a shirt was grabbed going down that will likely be half the distance to the goal line that'll put them within about a yard and there is just a little bit of a late rotation there from number 18 yeah off the distance as we discussed about a yard to go with first down that's a great catch there by Steve Trender Trender as well having a pretty good day I'll be his fifth or sixth reception at this point Tristan dice looks like he's gonna come under center to receivers to the right slot is tight he's gonna roll right looks for the underhand pass fail at his attempt for number 27 that was close over the top we have a name for 27 here Julian Neil Smalley that's Neil smaller [Applause] so it's second and short second and very short often times folks it might seem easy being in this type but without a run game within the no rush zone you'll see the NR flags or indicators on the sidelines they're not as easy as it looks you you need to convert something as a pass in a catch so dice back there with the snap Smalley snaps away dice delivers pumps and that's some good defense there by real live coverage Getti upbeat giddy uppy know that we're stressing the right syllables but we're doing our darndest folks they just tried to ISO Josh Robinson out there count around like a hook go hook but George just call him George for now we'll just call him George he was there he was they all over he was in the hip pocket the whole time [Applause] third and short Smalley to snap to dice Tristan takes it pump over the middle then he throws right but wait I think we might have a push off we might be calling a push off we have a flag and we might have a push off refs are gonna deliberate it looks like that is all as a dancer the Braves pass interference we have a a good touch down folks penalties declined obviously we have a point after attempt coming up what a catch Cole Burfoot Cole Burfoot with an absolute extension and a conversion on the touchdown yes like they drew it up he had the first touchdown and now he has a second and here comes dice and the rest of the offense for Manitoba where the conversion dice takes the snap delivers to the it's not gonna be caught folks there's no way he is way too fast that's a a pick one as they call it here in the flag I picked immunity I believe they were going for one but it is silly to point always too easily pointer correcting me any interception on a convert taken back to the house is two points that's a huge play for the Braves this kid is unreal he has been making plays all game every game and my back there for the pass and throws it for George and George with the catch so a second it's second and they need to get to the center line for the first down [Applause] my two receivers set to his left delivered to the left you know and he's down the sidelines oh they're gonna call him out oh I don't know what I'm not sure they're not sure about that call looked like he held his own but needless to say we have a first down on I mean he he made some moves down the sideline I'm not sure his foot actually went out of bounds first down coming up for the Braves my back in the pocket two receivers to the left hand side my take it deliver over the middle P long unable to load in right through his hands a little too much smoke on that one from a second down coming up for the Braves mayor just gunned that in there a little bit too much to handle for 21 11 for Manitoba again huge play by P long with the convert able to take it back for the Braves two receivers to the left though we'll take the snap it's gonna evade the rush deliver that's Hilo on it's like he's Neos Molly with just tackled the edge already tackles again with those dark flags not able to tell but he'll be just down short of the end zone it's at the two-minute warning it looks like we have reached the two-minute warning okay stop time will take effect again stop time on out of bounds sorry incomplete passes or any receiver that's able to to make it out of bounds this is actually a rematch from the first game of the tournament Montreal Braves first Manitoba's most wanted where Manitoba's Most Wanted beat them by one score so this is a little bit of a rivalry match so to speak [Applause] the Braves are deliberating that's what you're talking about all right pointer yeah the rest of the tournament wearing yellow flags okay that's Alex ballon trying to get away with one we're in the navy blue flags you got this are you almost got passed off the first half with those blue yeah I was wondering if there was anything written in the rules that said that I would assume that it would need to be for them to make a call to have them switch so they'll have them switch these flags to the generic yellow like the rest of them which should make things a little easier I'm sure that's a matter of Manitoba maybe mentioning something having a difficult time identifying where those flags aren't belong to receivers to the left the play is back mode to take the snap Manitoba lined up on the goal line and he's gonna throw it in it's a catch Wow let's play beautiful catch by number 11 Jen Danielle that's your favorite that's your favorite thing it makes another play now with a great delivery didn't have much of a window for the toss there but was able to to fit it in a quite tight window and the Braves able to bring it a little bit closer 17 for the Braves 21 this time [Applause] two point convert attempt mo takes it across action oye it's gonna heave it for the end zone that's a little too bounds no good on the two-point convert anyone setting go to quarterbacks its it seems to be stymied by the Manitoba's Most Wanted defense doing a good job picking that up the general consensus in the flag community is when they go to a two quarterback system like that it's always wise to bring a second rusher get in his face right away of course there's no shot clock as we'll call it with the second quarterback so we don't want to give them all day to throw anyway Manitoba back to take over dice to throw complete and sideline that's Josh Robinson on the catch beautiful throwing catch nice loose coverage there by the Braves and Manitoba able to take advantage second down and very short coming up a lot of the completions of Manitoba's Most Wanted has come too short to mid on the sidelines seems like they've found their their windows so Manitoba continuing to press Tristan dice at quarterback two receivers to the right dice pumps once delivers over the middle of one-handed attempt by Penner I believe again that's Josh for Josh Robinson unable to pull it down and we have a third down and again very short coming up here for Manitoba kind of took a one-hand stabbed at it we've seen a few of those pulled in this weekend I can't recall a tournament where I've seen so many one-handed catches in the flag community before so might be the gloves must be the gloves might be the gloves yeah you wouldn't want to just call it a talented receiver maybe there [Laughter] [Applause] and they're gonna go to court Molly look and I saw it to barefoot and barefoot making people miss first down for Anna so fun Oh looks like we're gonna have a turnover I'm not sure what is a call here oh no nevermind we seem to have a penalty called I don't see a flag on the field so will no way of telling what the call was there regardless Manitoba first down attempt was complete their second down attempt or incomplete rather the second down attempt to come dice back in the pocket takes the snap deliver is deep to the end zone and that's the play there to play Burfoot though I'll let you listen Burfoot ways I'll let you say it Jean Danielle Chevalier breaking things up on the play [Applause] [Applause] third down attempt coming up here for Manitoba up 21 17 on the Montreal Braves second and goal to receivers to the right again for dice the snap is taking pumps once delivers the hand good defensive play there by you don't pull Burfoot unable to pull it in South pallone is really flying around out there making big plays the pol brothers putting their mark on the game [Applause] so we have third and long the last time we saw this Manitoba's most wanted one with a 2q look and that was one dice through all the way across body to cold barefoot on the other side so what we see something similar for them to score I always like to QB look with this and they just play it well though no literally again exact same play it was the exact same play without hesitation my man in the booth here Julian Benares looking into the future to predict the to quarterback look and the Col Burfoot touchdown to mimic the score we saw earlier in the game and that'll bring it to 28 they had the right items over the double Romney seven rather convert to calm looks like they're gonna go for to make it a 12 point game if they're able to convert oh it looks like they're going for two dice back Eve it for the endzone and kick oh you heard it belong had another shot at taking him back to the house he's slams his fists and he's frustrated that was a an easy interception and again with his speed closing like that I'm sure he would have been off to the races for the second time [Applause] [Applause] in my back there with the two receivers set to his left they have Alex people on the left-hand side my back and he's gonna Mike PL sang makin moves and here he goes and he's gonna take it I don't know in that situation would you have taken to me would you take it any before half and then take the time out to give yourselves a few more shots I'm not sure on the official time I would have just ran it out and see if you could make another person miss maybe you get to the end zone you never know in flag it's again it's fairly difficult to make a tackle out here so I'm surprised to see him go down and call a timeout but regardless that's the play and we'll have a first down from the Braves just over half with again under a minute here to go in the first half men's division national CF FL flag championship gold medal game Manitoba's Most Wanted 27 Montreal Braves 17 [Applause] the Braves getting settled on a play looks like they're going to go trips to the left hand side plays whistle din 31 to snap Moe back delivers deep for the end zone it's there he had John Danielle shevelle EA over the middle and that was the last play of half that was it folks I now understand why they had taken a knee and called a timeout on the last play there were only a few seconds so it turns out that was a wise play on his part and looked like a bit of a divided route for those of you that know that's a three vertical route kind of trying to separate the deep men downfield and it was there it was definitely there for Cheveley a but overthrown slightly unable to come down with it the score will remain 27 to 17 and half here at the CF FL national flag championship in Saskatoon Saskatchewan we'll take a quick step away and we'll be back very shortly thanks for tuning in and we're about to get back underway Manitoba up 27 217 people leave it looks like the refs are deliberating to decide on score here signals might have got crossed and what's on the scoreboard versus what's on the score sheet so so we just got confirmation of the score it's 27 to 17 where the signals were crossed we saw what was a two-point convert after a penalty it looked like a one-point convert so we're back on track 27:17 the Braves will start on offense quick switch of ends here we'll be underway shortly [Applause] here we armed the Montreal bridge is there gonna be starting off at the football let's see if Jonathan might and that Pele own brothers are able to get this offense rolling be a huge score to come out of the gate here in the second half and bring it to within a one score game oh you back delivered over the middle number 31 Mike yesin able to pull it in great first down completion about 15 yard gain we'll have a second down and about five yards to go Montreal braise my back there to receive a set to his left and with the snap he throws it and caught a little bit of Messiah pulls it in scrapes it off the turf that's a first down for the Braves almost look like a wayward pass but got to its intended receiver Jean Danielle shevelle yay oui oui Crave's deliberate in the huddle again using all of their play clock they'll come out two receivers again to the left Pierson to snap my you takes it delivers to the right hand side that's P long able to avoid us no not slight tackle from campaigner campaigner number 84 with a wonderful tackle and I honestly think at this point the Montreal's Bay Braves best bet is to let the Pele own brothers and PS sank run loose that's probably the best way that they're gonna be able to move the ball get them the ball short get them the ball early and let them use their legs to make some people miss because as we've seen Manitoba's Most Wanted has been struggling a little bit to grab their flag smoke here it is Braves on second down Moo back under snap to Chevalier he's gonna go back to moo-moo in the pocket delivers over the middle and looks like number 22 that's Alex Colome the other elan brother that's a huge score to come out the second half and put one on the board like that that's a and I know we were knocking that snap earlier but it seemed to have paid dividends to them as he threw it back to Maya again always seems to work when they don't bring a second rusher what happened there was the off-centered snap to shevelle EA brought the rusher over with them and allowed me the quarterback to get the ball with a lot of field to look at and no rusher in his face was able to make the throw to P long they're gonna go for two here trips to the left going for two bringing back the second quarterback back to shevelle EA they're gonna bring the second rusher he's gonna heave it for the end zone there it is again number 22 Alex P long with the catch and the two-point convert and there we have it folks a one-point game 1 7 oh I believe that was 2 if leave that's 27 26 what a catch there by lxp Oh and what a throw by Cheveley a multi-faceted as quite a few catches today but also able to snap it off so let's see what they're able to do on defense period and like I was saying before it's been real short to mid hooks from Manitoba's Most Wanted complete to number one holder looks like there's gonna be a hold a little bit of a hold after the play will tack on five more first down attempt good for Manitoba with the penalty they'll be looking at about second down and two or so yards to go well we're rated half actually so we'll have a second down with what will be two shots at the end zone if they choose of course it looks like the beanbag is gonna be situated past half but that's due to the penalty they actually haven't converted yet so they'll have to cracks at half as it were if they're able to complete over half oh if they take the penalty they might give them first down here they're gonna decline the penalty yeah that's actually a smart play it's a smart play gives him a few more cracks at the end zone I wasn't sure on the rule on that one so they will decline the penalty a wise play they'll have to cracks at half which again gives them at least one more look at the end zone and then a conservative route to get the first down which is seemingly easy at only 5 yards wise decision Manitoba 2 receivers to the right dice back and looks like he has smaller to small on the left-hand side but yet a couple of rows in there yeah dice has a fairly strong arm but a bit of a tendency not to set his feet and throw off his heels likes they're all Gallants it can serve you well when you're on the move and you have that skill set but when you're in the pocket you've got to plant that back foot and get your body weight shifted towards the receiver so you're able to to get it to them on the less third down now up coming in half see if that penalty declination page open up wow they might give it to him that's short just short of the end zone a little out and up there the Braves may be thinking they had a short out to convert on here undercutting a little too preemptively on Smalley's out route from the snapper position he's able to turn it upfield and a great ball by dice to make up for his last effort and we have a first down Manitoba with only a yard to go to score and here we go Manitoba threatening a yard out dice rolls out he has the receiver opened the small e again in the back of the endzone and it's complete great design on that play with Smalley popping open in the back of the endzone huge score for Manitoba that'll make the score currently 33 to 25 convert to come looks like they're gonna go for the 1 point [Applause] make it a to score game if they're able to convert here Julian's so a big play see what has lead in the game I think we have 13 minutes it looks like on the clock yep 13 minutes of running time breaking the huddle dice back there two receivers set to his right hand side Trender and barefoot on his right hand side here we go pump fake delivered oh just little reach just out of the reach of Steven Trinder Trinder unable to pull it in it'll remain a one score game the Braves will take over on offense here we go my back snap is off delivers over the middle he has an open receiver Chevrolet makes the catch for the big first down that's a good play there they kind of ran three verts again that's very similar to the attempted touchdown and the last drive the Braves had running those vertical routes splitting the deep men Manitoba only with the two safeties back unable to close in on Chevrolet as he opened up in the middle seam and was able to pull it in and it looks like they have their quick receiver set and they got P long brothers out left and piace at center moo-back pumps delivers that patter cam Penner with the huge pick an unadvised throw there by him who he didn't have much to look at I'm not sure well he literally to have Mike PSM wide open on the left-hand side I guess his reasonably taking him to the right-hand side wasn't looking that way turn over Manitoba able to get the ball back 11 minutes gold-medal games see FFL flag national championships here in Saskatoon Saskatchewan gold medal game so the Montreal Braves need a huge stop here delivered to the left side that's complete looks like just short of the first down that's Josh Robinson with the catch another completion for dice in Manitoba second and short Tristan dice pretty good game all in all today doesn't seem like your traditional quarterback seems a little more athletic than that but he's able to throw strikes like that one number one Kolber fight able to pull it in on the right hand side that's a big first down for Manitoba as they threaten again would be a big stop here if the Braves are able to make a stand let's see what they're able to do here Smalley to snap two to the right dice takes it delivers over the middle he has a man wide open and Steven Trinder unable to pull it in you know West third drop today that was a perfect throw I you can't blame dice for that one that was delivered on a rope that needs to be hauled in almost look like a defensive breakdown there from the Montreal Braves leaving Trinder wide open in the middle of the field Manitoba looking to punch it in bring it back to a to score game dice back takes the snap oh-ho India shocked we're not gonna see a say that's an init it doesn't matter oh boy there was two close calls there it almost looked like a sack from gnk ma and Jean Daniella's Cheveley a look like he had an interception in the back corner of the end zone I thought he kept his toes in there they really did look like he kept his toes in there needless to say a great play from the Braves defense Xi'an Tama has been huge today and pressure and dice so if he could continue that nice delivers to the end zone oh it's Jerry again he has his receiver that's Josh Robinson open puts the ball right in the right spot but unable to pull it in as Robinson and the Braves will take over still a one score game he was wide oh three three four Manitoba 25 for the Braves from wide open on that side of the end zone just couldn't haul it in no calling the shots it's gonna have his two receivers to the left we have the peel on brothers out wide snap is away quick route Oh mic pls and can't haul it in incomplete pass second down up coming Jonathan my two receivers set to his left delivers to the left hand side that's Alex P long with the catch close to a first down makes it a very manageable third down for the Braves in Chad Okumura they're coming up for the tackle no have about two yards or two and a half let's call it to convert on the first down let's see what they have here [Applause] here we go it's a one score game now let's see what he's dialed up here takes the snap he has a short man what a good catch we have a couple flags that was an unbelievable catch there by Pierre sang you literally outmuscled camp enter for that ball shadow chimera down on the play looks like he might have got a hand in the face there after the catch there is a flag on the field so I'm wondering what the call is over here looks like the call happened before the collision with Oh chimera I think yes pure Sam was just cutting and oak amira maybe caught an elbow to the face you know that will happen out here absolutely I mean when you're going to grab flags and everyone's running at full speed that's that's not uncommon that's for sure hopefully he's alright though just goes to show the speed at which these receivers are moving up in this caliber of flag football and he's idle chimera still down and hopefully he's all right it's like you might have a bit of a shiner after it's all said and done today but barring a win I'm sure he won't care too much battle wounds absolutely I've seen much worse out here on the flag field big first down for the Braves psn able to make the highly contested catch at half and even get a little yardage after the catch so here we go mooo back two receivers again to the left takes the snap it's gonna look at the crossing row and are you gonna flag him oh yeah comes up with the flag just before the score surged with an excellent one-handed catch I'm coming across the middle and he's done that a couple times this tournament I've seen that a few times absolutely [Applause] and here we are second end goal knocking on the doorstep probably about two yards away this end to snap boo back he'll take it pass him in the back of the end zone get it to him there he is wide open that's Alex P long again for another score evil will play and as a defender that's so hard to stop when you're the only guy on that side and they kind of split you with the short and a deep yep absolutely caught flat-footed their rear foot in a high-low scenario a corner in the red zones worst nightmare we have a two-point convert attempting this with converted with conversion is gonna tie the game here folks again Manitoba up 33 31 but the Braves on the doorstep of tying here so hopefully they have something drawn up for this very scenario as this is a crucial moment in the game if my eyes are serving me well believe we have six minutes and 40 seconds on the clock second half gold medal game men's division snap does away trips right they're gonna go to shevelle yay to QB look he's gonna deliver to the old he's been making some big catches today very contested catches strong athletic dude you can tell he's able to body up on these DBS and come out with the catch son huge play 3333 we have a tie folks unbelievable play from Montreal Braves to start and come back to tie the game up Manitoba's most wanted now with the ball first down and they have to get across half to reset downs we have a ball game folks dice back all hook patterns and I livers over little flag by Jonathan Maia easy catch for Josh Robinson oh my apologies that's Col Burfoot able to get some positive yardage on first down looking like a fairly manageable second second down and about 10 yards to go to half snap is off dice takes it he'll deliver to the wide side that's 81 that's Steve Trinder with the catch just before the first down we'll have a third and very short here coming up for Manitoba [Applause] and third down and short for Manitoba and if I were the Braves I wouldn't played as aggressive as I did alas they're down and he has a man over the top oh my and we got a score that Steve trimmer pulling it in on the post route blown coverage we had the safety deep and two receivers downfield as I was just saying that could have been either either man's ball I think Penner was right there would have been able to make the catch as well and we have a score as I was saying they they seem to have a tendency to play that like at that third and short very aggressive and you can't really do that it's a flag on the flag football field it's a short field so you need to play the field in that situation and we have a score of 39 to 33 Manitoba going for the one point convert two receivers to the right dice back takes the snap it's gonna move right deliver back at the end zone Smalley pulls it in what a throw what a catch so well dialed 42 33 weeks um we seem to have a shootout here [Applause] for 34 minutes and 30 seconds left in the game let's see if the Braves can answer they'll take over on first down gold medal match up men's C FFL national final Braves to snap mo you back two receivers to the left the long brothers out there and over the middle shovel yay able to mention huge move great hips able to bring it to the sidelines and dice luckily he's able to make the tackle just before the score but brings Rho by mu great catch by Chevrolet and that puts him in a really good spot to tie this game that was a sweet move with his hips there beautiful stopped on a dime did Cheveley and here we go Braves in the red zone and here we go Jonathan may to receiver set to his left delivers to the left of peal on Alex peel on just short able to pull it in but he's gonna vanish short so second down they have two chances to score let's see what they could come up with here you got to assume that they'll get the peel on brothers crossing again in the middle it seems to be confusing the Manitoba defense prior on a few occasions with speed like they have that misdirection those crosses those pick routes that's what you're looking to do here this tight with the end zones being short and not having much room to work with you want to utilize that speed and that quickness in that misdirection so here we go the Braves second down take the snap under Center pitch off number 6 surge belong the peel on brothers really going to town on Manitoba here and that'll put them back within one point that was a beautiful week for now 39 it was kind of the fit the fake quick pitch to the center and Pilon just came right in behind it and a little dump off pastor My Beautiful coming under center limits the amount of time you have but when you're dealing with that short of a NAND zone we're gonna go for to hear a bold move only needing the 1 point to convert but they like the look at two they could take the lead here if they're able to punch this one in again we've just reached the two-minute warning here in Saskatoon here we go trips left two-point attempt they're gonna go to receivers back Chevrolet takes it he's gonna what a tackle Smalley lays out and makes a big-time play wow that is HUGE folks 42:39 I guess when you when you have a frame of six three or six four and you just lay out like that cover a lot of ground beautiful tackle there by Neil Smalley brave defense needs to step up here we've reached the two-minute mark we're in a stop time incomplete passes out-of-bounds passes or sorry out-of-bounds running we'll stop the clock dice to deliver over the middle Smalley able to catch it and peel all the time flag there Serge that is rather able to make the tackle good first down play by Manitoba the deep I'm sure they'll be taking offense I really needs a stop here they haven't been able to stop Manitoba's Most Wanted all football games so hopefully they'll be able to come up with some sort of stop here it looks like they're playing pretty aggressive jumping down on all the hooks so it'll be interesting to see maybe if Manitoba's Most Wanted takes a shot makes you wonder if they almost if they're gonna score they wanted to score quick here leave some time on the clock for the Braves dice takes it delivers over the middle and that's a good flag by before half that's gonna leave them third and very very short for the first down so here we are with another third and short situation I'm really hoping that the Montreal Braves have learned from the past mistakes and hopefully they'll be able to pick up on the deep routes see what dice has drawn up on third and short slowly the snap dice back takes it and they're gonna do it take a deep shot and then oh just over the outstretched is that was big one guard that was steve charrier Trender run that was as a bold play they went out of the they had him beat but just out of the outstretched hands of Steve ginger so now it's up to the Manitoba's most wanted defense in order to hold their lead but a min and a half left here folks one point deficit the Braves have Manitoba currently up 42 39 lots of time left and stop time if if I were the Montreal Braves right now I would be trying to milk the clock as much as possible there's my snap butcher says no you owe and is there a flag on the field no no flag I thought I saw one jump up yeah I might have possibly seen one there for the contact that was seemingly drawn by Pearson but and Chad Okumura he looks like he has well that China that we were talking about before it looks like he has some toilet up his nose he probably got a bloody nose from that hit from Pearson of course not a full toilet that's toilet paper oh yeah we all make mistakes sometimes when you're not me [Laughter] [Applause] here we go second down coming up for the Braves likely looking for something short and or out-of-bounds needing to score here with about a minute a little over a minute to play Mayhew back delivers down out of bounds clock stops wonderful play for the Braves Sean Daniels Chevrolet has been having a pretty big game today he's been a great possession receiver for Jonathan my so there's 33 seconds left in the game at his first in goal Manitoba's Most Wanted trying to get a stop Montreal Braves trying to score mo takes the snap delivers he has a manage a time she almost gets in there it is second and short Smalley with the grab gonna keep him out of the end zone again let's see if the Braves go back to that under center misdirection play with the peel on brothers opening up in the back of the end zone so Manitoba's most wanted was almost playing a coverage where they were protecting the sidelines and my with the smart play sends John Daniels chatelier's into the middle of the field that's a smart play big-time play [Applause] nervous moments nervous moments for the Braves here very nervous very nervous moments palms are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy just short of the end zone here they got about four yards to go for the score first down attempt kiss in to snap move back his brothers out wide this is who receivers to the left snap is away oh it almost picked off by Neal Smalley Wow Smalley had a chance at that one just over around the tip sitting next to some of the members of the district team from CoBank up here and they're sharing the same nerves that the Braves are down in the field it would appear [Applause] two receivers to the left Moo back Snap is off and peel oh what a huge tip third down that might do it folks we got to be well under the minute mark with Manitoba taking over on offense with a one score lead here for 239 and makes you makes you think maybe the Braves are reconsidering their two-point attempt the easier one point attempt might have been the call to tie the game we applaud the aggressiveness but here we are Manitoba takes over second receiver to dice they're gonna run out the clock it looks like or attempt to I should say quick tackle first down three yard gain and it's gonna be a timeout called by the Braves here they should have one more left I just want to say in that last play he had kilo coming across the field you have wide open no I saw him pop open as well but that was a excellent play by Tristan dice there to stop the to stop the short touchdown attempt from the Montreal Braves on third and short able to go fully vertical and make the play looks like they're going to go to Q system Neil mckernon is in there same set again Oh tackled muslin was kind of close to a safety I was gonna say daddy's gets to be careful if his heels touching that line there's a safety coffin that would give the Braves a a one-point advantage yeah that was very close very nervous moments graves defense here I'm third down need to get a stop officially we're not sure what we're looking at for time but you got to assume he can't kidding he can't take a knee here because if he takes a knee that's a safety looks like he's out of the endzone that's gonna be it folks those were the final seconds we have a gold medal final in the men's C FFL national championship it's your host your team from Manitoba Manitoba's Most Wanted over the Braves from Montreal hard-fought game tight right down to the wire Manitoba able to pull it up pull it off again all credit due to the Braves and the other teams here in the tournament we have as a final Manitoba's most wanted 40 Montreal Braves 39 Manitoba with your gold medal Montreal with your silver and teams ask South pulling in the bronze medal that'll wrap things up here in Saskatoon thanks to those who've tuned in for the CF FL national championship game hard-fought battle by all teams in a congratulations to all the teams and then the the people who are putting on the event today and this weekend so we'll check off here this is Jay smugly and Julianne Benares pleasure to spend some time with whoever was able to tune in we'll leave it at that final score gold medal match up 44 Manitoba's Most Wanted 39 for the Montreal Braves take care [Applause] and [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] outside [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] little presentation [Applause] and out for the full metal presentation and tournament favors [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we're valuable defensive players a female's division number eight [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] never eat both volleyball defensive player metal failed fishing from team Sizemore Taylor [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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