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2019 Emmy Award Nominations | FOX ENTERTAINMENT

ANNOUNCER: Live Academy in Los Angeles,
it’s the 71st Emmy nominations announcement. Please welcome chairman
and CEO of the Television Academy, Frank Scherma. [applause] Good morning, and thank you
for joining us as we announce the nominations for
this year’s Emmy awards, live from the Wolf Theater
in the Saban Media Center on the Television
Academy’s campus. Television today
has never been more exciting– to make or to watch. The level of talent currently
working in television and televisions worldwide reach
has placed it at the center of the entertainment
industry, where it is entertaining us
and perhaps changing the world for the better. From your home,
to your workplace, to your local bar,
or coffee shop, television is with
you everywhere you go. Whether it’s on the set in your
living room or in your phone or on your tablet or your
watch or your computer. As television continues
to grow and evolve, the Television Academy has
a commitment and obligation to spark creativity,
honor innovation, advocate for inclusion,
and celebrate excellence. Which brings us to today. This morning, we are here
because an important part of the academy’s work is
to celebrate those who have excelled in the
medium by recognizing their achievements
with television’s most coveted prize, the Emmy. To know that out of all the
thousands of shows produced, yours has been singled
out by your colleagues for special recognition
is an amazing feeling. Today, a lot of people are going
to be thrilled to be getting their first ever nomination. And for those who
will be adding 2019 to their long list
of nominations and/or wins from other
years, it never gets old. We currently have roughly
24,000 voting members in the Television Academy. They are the ones who
have chosen these nominees and who ultimately will
decide who goes home with the gold in September. So let’s acknowledge
our industry’s best. The programs and individuals
whose excellent work is reshaping the
television landscape. To announce the Emmy
nominations this morning are two gifted actors
and comedic talents, Ken Jeong and D’arcy Carden. Ken Jeong as an actor
producer and writer best known for his roles in NBC is award
winning comedy, “Community,” the hit movie, “Crazy Rich
Asians,” the “Hangover” film franchise and ABC’S
“Dr. Ken,” for which he also served as the creator,
writer, and executive producer. He can currently be seen as
the judge on the hit Fox show, “The Masked Singer,” and will
soon return to the big screen in “My Spy” and “El Tonto.” He recently released
his first Netflix comedy special, “Ken Jeong– You Complete Me, Ho.” Yep– [laughter] I said it right. D’Arcy Carden appears in two
current hits as Natalie Greer in the Emmy nominated HBO
comedy series, “Barry,” and as Janet in
NBC’s Peabody Award winning, “The Good Place.” Her additional television
credits include the Emmy award winning variety series,
“Inside Amy Schumer” and Comedy Central’s “Broad City.” Please welcome Ken and D’arcy. [music playing] D’ARCY CARDEN: Thank you. Hi. Thank you so much, Frank. It is an honor to be here
on behalf of the TV Academy announcing the 2019 Emmy
nominees with D’Arcy Carden. Yes! By the way, I love you as
Janet on “The Good Place” You’re just brilliant, right? [applause] Honestly one of the best
comedic actors working today. Thank you so much, Ken. You know I’m such
a huge fan of you and I’m so glad you’re here. I know it must be so
hard to find the time since you are in literally
every comedy made in the last 10 years. [laughter] You’re welcome. [laughter] So you used to be a
dentist, is that right, Ken? Actually, no. I was a– I was a doctor. OK, well, agree to disagree. [laughter] OK, wait. That doesn’t make sense, D’arcy. You can’t– OK, you know what, fine. A doctor. The dentist of the
body, I get it. You can act, you
can do surgery, you are a classic double threat. Well, technically,
I wasn’t a surgeon. I was an internist. We didn’t do any– actually,
none of that’s important. Anyway, what about you? You also had a profession
before you became an actor. I mean, you appear on
“Barry” with Bill Hader. Yes, I do. And in real life,
you were his nanny. Bill’s nanny? I was not Bill’s nanny. That is absolutely untrue. How dare you, Ken? No, it’s just– you were his children’s nanny. OK, well. Agree to disagree. [laughter] I think you’re
using that wrong. Like I said,
agree to disagree. [laughter] OK, you know what, my friends? Enough banter. We are in a very unique
position this morning. The biggest names in
Hollywood are tuned in right now to hear one thing. And it ain’t this part
where we compliment each other with a bunch of banter,
rambling on and on, before we finally
announce the nominees. Oh, that is so true. Like, I don’t know, imagine
you’re Sterling K. Brown. You woke up early this morning,
you made your little coffee, you’re in your beautiful
dine in kitchen. Whoa, you think
he has one of those? Sterling K? Absolutely. Yeah, and now all
he wants to hear from us as soon as possible
is this year’s Emmy nominee. Right, right. The last thing Sterling
K. Brown wants to do is listen to two strangers
conjecturing about the layout of his fancy dine in kitchen. Or really, any
comedy bit at all. [laughter] So we should get to it, right? All right, you’re
totally right, D’arcy. And the nominees are– you
know those are the own words– That’s it. He or anyone
else wants to here. That’s right. Gosh. We have such an honor. We have the most talented
people in television all angrily hoping that
we will wrap this up. [laughter] Oh! I can almost feel them
screaming at their TV right now. I can almost feel
it too, D’arcy. [laughter] Anyway, ready to get started? Let’s do this. All right. OK, ready? Here we go. Our first category is lead actor
in a limited series or movie. The nominees are Mahershala
Ali, “True Detective.” Benicio Del Toro,
“Escape at Dannemora. Hugh Grant, “A Very
English Scandal. Jared Harris, “Chernobyl.” Jharrel Jerome,
“When They See Us.” And Sam Rockwell,
“Fosse/Verdon.” These are the nominees
for Lead actor in a limited series or movie. [applause] Yeah, You know what? That’s right. The nominees for Lead
Actress in the limited series or movie are Amy
Adams, “Sharp Objects.” Patricia Arquette,
“Escape at Dannemora.” Aunjanue Ellis,
“When They See Us.” Joey King, “The Act.” Niecy Nash, “When They See Us.” And Michelle Williams,
“Fosse/Verdon.” These are the nominees
for Lead Actress in a limited series or movie. D’ARCY CARDEN: Yeah, woo. [applause] The nominees for Lead
actor in a Comedy Series are Anthony Anderson, “Black-ish.” Don Cheadle, “Black Monday.” Ted Danson, “The Good Place.” Michael Douglas, “The
Kominsky Method.” Bill Hader, “Barry.” And Eugene Levy,
“Schitt’s Creek.” These are the nominees for
Lead actor in a Comedy Series. Cool, cool. Very cool. Now for the nominees for Lead
Actress in a Comedy Series. You know, they say laughter
is the best medicine? No, it’s not. Medicine is the best medicine. And that is from
my Netflix special, by the way, subscription only. Check it out. Check it out on Netflix. Those– these are
the nominees for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Christina Applegate,
“Dead to Me.” Rachel Brosnahan, “The
Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep.” Natasha Lyonne, “Russian Doll.” Catherine O’Hara,
“Schitt’s Creek.” And Phoebe
Waller-Bridge, “Fleabag.” [applause] These are the nominees for Lead
Actress in a comedy series. D’ARCY CARDEN: Dang. That’s a group. The nominees for Lead
actor in a drama series are Jason Bateman, “Ozark.” Sterling K. Brown, “This Is Us.” Kit Harington,
“Game of Thrones.” Bob Odenkirk,
“Better Call Saul.” Billy Porter, “Pose.” And Milo Ventimiglia,
“This Is Us.” These are the nominees for
Lead actor in a drama series. [applause] Yeah! The nominees for Lead
Actress in a drama series are Emilia Clarke,
“Game of Thrones.” Jodie Comer, “Killing Eve.” Viola Davis, “How To
Get Away With Murder.” D’ARCY CARDEN: Yeah! KEN JEONG: Laura
Linney, “Ozark.” Mandy Moore, “This Is Us.” Sandra Oh, “Killing Eve.” And Robin Wright,
House of Cards.” These are the nominees for
Lead Actress in a drama series. [applause] D’ARCY CARDEN:
Yeah, that’s right. Here are this year’s nominees
for outstanding competition program. “The Amazing Race.” “American Ninja Warrior.” “Nailed It.” “Ru Paul’s Drag Race.” “Top Chef.” And “The Voice.” These are the nominees for
outstanding competition program. Thank you, Ken. Thank you. [applause] KEN JEONG: The nominees for
outstanding variety talk series are “The Daily Show
with Trevor Noah.” “Full Frontal with
Samantha Bee.” “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “Last Week Tonight
with John Oliver.” The Late Late Show
with James Corden.” And “The Late Show
with Stephen Colbert.” These are the nominees for
outstanding variety talk series. [applause] The nominees for
outstanding television movie are “Bandersnatch Black Mirror.” “Brexit.” “Deadwood.” “King Lear.” And “My Dinner With Herve.” These are the nominees for
outstanding television movie. Woo-hoo! Yeah, we’re doing it. Nice. For outstanding limited series,
the nominees are “Chernobyl.” “Escape at Dannemora.” “Fosse/Verdon.” “Sharp Objects.” And “When They See Us.” These are the nominees for
outstanding limited series. [applause] Now to the final
two categories. You ready? OK. The nominees– mm-hmm. The nominations– thank you– in the outstanding comedy
series category are “Barry.” “Fleabag.” “The Good Place.” “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” “Russian Doll.” “Schitt’s Creek.” And “Veep.” These are the nominees for
outstanding comedy series! [applause] And finally, the nominations
in the Outstanding Drama Series category are “Better Call Saul.” “Bodyguard.” “Game of Thrones.” “Killing Eve.” “Ozark.” “Pose.” “Succession.” And “This Is Us.” These are the nominees for
Outstanding Drama Series. [applause] Congratulations not
only to the nominees we announced this
morning, but to all of the nominees this year. You can find a complete list
of the 2019 Emmy nominees on the Television Academy’s
website at And be sure to watch
to 2019 Creative Arts Emmys airing on FXX on
Saturday, September 21. And tune into Fox
on September 22 for the live telecast
of the 71st Emmy awards. Find out who will
take home the gold. Have a wonderful day, everybody. Thank you very much. Thank you, D’arcy. Thank you, Ken. Thank you, guys. Thanks, guys. [applause]


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