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2019 Cincinnati Business Achievement Awards – Lori Beer, Distinguished Service Award

You really can become anything. You shouldn’t put any
boundaries around that, so that’s why I tell the story of growing up to a farm
to running technology across one the largest organizations in the world. My
connection to UC is through my three children. All three of my children chose
to go to the University of Cincinnati, and it was really their home over the
past several years. I also sit on the Business Advisory Council and I also
think it’s important that employers, the role of technology is changing, how can
we work with universities to help shape our kids for the jobs of the future? Some
of my proudest moments was when my daughter became the student body
president and she was the first woman to hold that position in 21 years. Those
kind of moments, and then to see not only Christina and Morgan and now Patrick be
successful, I think those are the greatest accomplishments. The University
of Cincinnati was really core to that. When I think about the University of
Cincinnati, what I’m excited about is the bright future the university has, the
fact that that if we watch the trends of what’s happening people are
urbanizing and I think the integration of cities and universities, the workforce
of the future, the ability to really combine the many capabilities that the
University of Cincinnati has across the deep engineering, the DAAP program, so the
integration of creativity, arts and sciences, engineering, and I think about
the jobs of the future so many of those skills come together to deliver a
product. I think along my career journey I had many men and women that helped me
think about what was possible. One of the things I really hope for for the
University of Cincinnati as you look forward, that for women on campus, that
they can really get the experiences and the education they need, and so part of
that is making sure we get the right number of women that are enrolling into
the STEM career programs and that we are really giving them effective work
experience, and part of that ties back to why I wanted to focus our family
scholarship on supporting women in STEM careers. It’s so important that people
understand what the jobs are. Technology jobs have evolved, and there’s
sometimes not a good perception of how collaborative, how social, how interactive
these types of jobs really are. We really want to make sure we have a balanced
workforce and that it’s representative, and it’s not only the right thing to do
it’s really a smart thing to do for our business as well.
I think it’s really important at whatever level you are you can make a
difference in other women’s lives, so I think it’s really important that not
only do we seek out the help and support we need for our careers, but that we
actively invest and pay that forward in whatever way, whether it’s time, financial
commitment, and I think for all of us it’s just important to remember
the people that helped us get to where we are and to pay that forward for the
next generation to come.

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