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2019 CEC Yes I Can Awards

(upbeat music) – She said some parts of
science are really interesting like astrology and
biology, astronomy. (laughing)
– She corrected mom. Very good, thank you, Danielle. (audience applauding) Congratulations.
(audience cheering) – Basically, I record
for the football team, and I do robotic controls
in my math classes, so I program robots
to follow a line for. It’s fun and then
also the football part I used to play football
but I got injured so then kind of ended my career and then, since I
loved football a lot I just kind of pursued recording and setting up the wifi
on the football field which I have to
connect to four iPads, two TVs and two cameras. The award means a lot to me it’s something that
I can bring home and make my family happy. – GearUp is a non-profit I
started a couple years ago. Basically, our goal is to
just get kids riding bikes, get kids doing activities,
get kids outside and help mentor them,
kids with special needs, kids without special needs, just anyone who
could use the help. I was attacked at a
BMX race by a volunteer who had not been
background checked, ever, and then we did some research and realized that only six
states in the entire country require background
checks for volunteers, and that’s an issue. Harrison’s law is a
law that we are pushing in Delaware right now, and
hopefully, nationwide soon. It’s a law that would require
every youth sports volunteer in Delaware to have
a background check. I like that I got this
award because I feel like it helps my family know that
all the work they’ve done over the last 17 years
that everybody who’s been in my corner and on my team,
they’re doing good work, and all their work they’re
doing isn’t unnoticed. I notice it, other
people notice it, everything we’ve done
it means something, and we’re making a difference
and we’re doing big things. – I use various
pieces of technology to access both things inside
and outside the school because of my visual impairment. So I’ve had some opportunities, like I got to speak
in Traverse City at the MAASE Conference
to other administrators and special education
teachers about my experiences and it’s been really
great to just share my story and get
these opportunities. (soft music) – CEC TV is brought to you from the Council for
Exceptional Children. For more content like
this check out some of our other videos and
learn more about the latest in education for people
with disabilities.


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