2019 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards – The Recap

today where they love each other the one room to be appreciated by ASCAP is such a an amazing time it's um I look forward to every single year how about been with ASCAP for so long I've done it as an artist now doing it as executive and a songwriting and producer it's something that's monumental because they've been a part of my whole career it's really important for writers everywhere except that they don't get on it as much as they should tonight the major honorees are testament to the power of urban music to build community of rock generation the ASCAP voice of cultural award recognizes an individual who's had a major influence on music and culture and there's a reason why TI is the first ever recipient of this award yeah has told them to spend his time his money and his passion on helping the folks that need it the most hip-hop started as a way for the entire generation and the culture to express what they felt when they went outside and experiences they can do it in their communities every day I benefited and learn to you my boy sent away to create a path then the future to today is an environment so key promoting your music keep believing in your music ain't very much at that there's the honor of the me this genius founded Motown 60 years ago with 800 bucks who borrowed from his family is my honor really and truly in my heart to present the ASCAP rhythm and soul heritage award to the man that started it on Barry Gordy now ASCAP dishonoring me and Motown but I should really be honoring them I want to bring people together through the music's it's an invitation to love but competition bleeds Chapmans but you can't let the competition overcome the love Thank You a stab for honoring smoke sound Thank You mr. Gordon it is my privilege and honor to continue the legacy of what you built with Motown Records and here's to another 60 years everyone [Applause] much honey be easy [Applause] you

  • Disgusting. She doesnt even know how to speak proper english better yet write a song. Unsubscribed. A bunch of payola and industry politics.

  • So… you're telling me that someone who has openly admitted to having a ghostwriter and who's own ghostwriter has done multiple appearances and interviews on her experience writing songs for people wins "Songwriter of the Year"; and as the "FIRST female"… yeah okay. Cuz there has never been another female rapper who has written their own music and made bangers for us to hear every year, apparently.

  • Lol… in a world where a girl who openly says she uses ghost writers wins a song writer of the year 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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