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coming up it's the Apple Design Award winners 2019 the game of the year and Mikah Sargent it's time for iOS today net cash you love from people you trust this is Troy's Iowa's today is brought to you by WordPress turn your dreams into reality and launch your website at get 15% off any of you plan at slash twitter hand by aftershokz unbelievably comfortable open ear headphones hear music and crystal-clear phone calls like never before visit ios today dot aftershokz calm and use the code ios today for $50 off the tech bundle you get me man you get me i OS today time hello everybody welcome to the show we cover the iPad the iPhone the Apple watch the Apple TV mega maroney's still in Hawaii and kawaii but you know what we're bringing them in all the way from Missouri it note we're sparing no expense Mike assertion we're paying the long-distance fees I might got a hold on Leo you're on satellite so it takes a minute for your response to get here okay yes hello hello leo all right don't you hate that when you're watching two you know news channels and and you just know that everybody's going like but did you and the corresponds just standing there smiling yeah what do you think micah and then um i think it's a great day yeah we don't have that problem because we use modern technology wow what a novel concept Mikah Sargent at Chihuahua dot coffee because at site you couldn't register coffee dot Chihuahua that's true they don't have the Chihuahua top-level domain yet yet but let's hope you're gonna do corgis first it's just a thought but maybe maybe not there's a heavy I think in London they've got you know that there's some money being thrown that way for sure you know and no truth to the rumor that Michael moonlights is a World Cup soccer referee actually that shirt is a beautiful shirt and I'm not mocking you I love it thank you thank you it's okay I get a lot of flack for this shirt for some reason people are just drawn to those big stripes and teasing me about it so I was prepared it's fine so there's pinstripes which are really thin stripes what do you call thick stripes big stripes plank stripes explain I like thank you so today we thought we were thinking Mike and I were putting our heads together thinking and we said we should do because they announced him a couple of weeks ago at WWDC the Apple Design Award winners for 2019 because these are what is what are the criteria that Apple uses for the a winner's well they actually you know I'm gonna pull up I put together an article over on I more that talks about the apple-designed winners and it explains and you can see I'm vamping here the word design is kind of the giveaway I guess he's are not just like great apps or apps you have to have they have to they have to look good at the show off iOS yeah it's three criteria its design so you've got a strong visual design efficiency ease of use you've got technology so apps that are fast and responsive they take full advantage of Apple's latest devices and use Apple's newest technologies to do new and interesting things and then innovation of course you know you've got apps that sort of surprise and delight that they offer platform differentiation so it's design technology and innovation are the three criteria very nice and a goodness knows there's a lot to choose from in the iOS world some of these apps there's one app that we can't show I'm just going to show it real quickly it's called butterfly IQ and the reason we can't show it is because it's not for you and me it's for physicians and so not for you specialist licensed medical professionals because but it's an interesting product which if I were a medical professional I would buy it's called butterfly IQ and what it is is a sonogram ultrasound device that attaches directly to your phone or tablet and and Wow it's it's its price its price conscious because of the the technology that's used I think they something along the lines of like ultrasound on a chip or something I think is what they call it and so that sort of miniaturization of ultrasound makes it much more cost effective and therefore you can get an ultrasound probe that's well-designed for under two thousand dollars which is kind of bonkers yeah yes amazing and it's portable because you can attach it to your phone so you can use it in the field this is Apple this definitely deserves an award not because of desire just because of this is a really interesting use of you know your when you buy an iPad or iPhone you're buying a supercomputer why not take advantage of it so it's ultrasound on a chip so we'll mention butterfly network but we're not gonna we're not gonna recommend I guess we're not gonna demo it because I I don't have it I don't have a license listen if I could I would you know I use it on my dogs I'd be like okay Henry's kidneys look great before you buy melons you never know I love it you can find that you know they say I think it's good luck if you find an egg with two yolks so you use that ultrasound device to find the to yield a go yeah that's brilliant I am gonna show so somebody wrote to us last week and said Leo do more games as your app caps because I'm looking for more games he mentioned a couple of games that I had shown one was black which I really loved and then the other was the kind of the follow-up to black from the same company and he said I like that games that's so I'm moving into a vertical mode because these games are vertical games that our beautiful sound gray and are kind of relaxing they're not shoot-'em-ups and I have you know I have a less relaxing game but I'm gonna play can I start with my favorite one of them I'm not gonna do the menorah oh I love that I love that this is called L o e L o H and it's it's not only sounds good can you hear my sound because it's important so it's really important on this one I cannot currently here we're turning it up ah there we go this is musical so this has a flavor to it now I should go back in time because I'm actually let me go back boilers yeah well only because I want to show you you know maybe the easier levels I'm this is actually stuck on level 4 so let me let me go back to level one which I can I think I can do so the idea by the way this is another one of those great games so they don't tell you a thing you just look at it you go I don't know well what do I do hmm Oh Weymouth at did something oh oh oh cute you fired it out let me turn the sound way up cuz you really by the way I'm rotated sideways in a weird way Oh crud I pressed the wrong button you know we're at least it lets you swipe up this time yeah thank goodness okay so let me do that now so hmm that didn't that didn't do anything I I really wanted although it sounds good it's got a nice base you like that page what if I move this oh oh I like this great so it's it's musical it's beautiful so now we get the idea we're trying to get the balls to shoot out of here and end up in there so I'm gonna put how are those like little hints or those yeah using only places drums yeah you're the only place you can drop them okay let's move that there and this thing ratchets up I love it so if you're listening they're a little teak kind of Tiki heads or maybe they're monkey heads I'm not sure I think it's a look like monkeys and you can move them around in this level there four of them there's a ball shooter that shoots the ball out but once it does it bounces off things you hope and ends up in the receptacle in this case it doesn't when it bounces off things it it makes a nice little bonking sound I don't let's try it you got experimentation as important oh that's wrong it's going up in the air so clearly this has to go up here No clearly that I'm loving about this isn't it's not like super pressure you know there's not like oh you've got four seconds to make this happen or else you're out and it sounds great and it's super satisfying when you get the heads in the right alignment and then it's and also you're making music yeah now we're at the level that I'm stuck at well because there's a new piece yeah does that one stay where it is my movement no it's yeah that was stuck so that means I need to do that oh but that's oh there you go you did it I love the beat don't you so I think as this as this progresses it's gonna get more game using quicker yeah yeah and had more music to it which i think is fun well looked you you're already a pro oh yeah basically yeah the expert on this thing well that's the point is honestly I think a kid could play this with great satisfaction would love the music but I think I'm always looking for first of all one price 399 and you've known him to be online to play it so this is an airplane game I think it's a game mom and dad will play on the airplane or and and and then when the kids get restless say here you play places ello ello let the rhythm fill your soul I like it I owe a chilled-out puzzle game to help you relax and find you see I am all about that honestly that nice chilled out experience I'm not not big into the overly it I'm gonna play a game I want to just I don't want to get anxiety yeah I know exactly what you mean I do have an anxiety game coming up next but yeah let's let slide why don't you do one here you're right all right we gave you the productivity apps yeah well yes productivity sort of creativity kind of I'm gonna start with flow and then this leo is where you say the way that the word is supposed to actually be pronounced isn't like molesky mesh or something they say and I've asked them that it's that notebook that's made in it's not made where you think it's made it's based on a notebook that was from Shakespeare and company in Paris and then the company started making it and they gave everybody the impression they were Italian so I always say motor skiing they but some people say moleskin bowls kind and then if you ask them they say it's pronounced however you want to pronounce lie of that I don't really love that I hate it whenever they do that but this app is pretty neat so it's called flow and it is free to download and then you can start out with a free trial and then after that it's actually a subscription app so free for 14 days and then after that it's subscription now I have to say I do find that odd for an app that is essentially a notebook or a sketchbook because there are many sketchbooks on the App Store and those are typically pay pay once have forever so the subscription thing is kind of odd to me um you know more and more companies do that and I think it really is just there you know it's not enough to you know say here's $5 exactly and develop it now this one looks like I'm and I want to use my pencil on yeah definitely use your Apple pencil if you've got an Apple pencil too then you're rocking even harder because there are some gestures for the Apple pencil to that are not available with the first Apple pencil to walk me through it at first of all yes apparently I can't this is a page with a sketch on it so go ahead to the top right corner of the screen there where you see the the top right right as in the write up right here and then choose preferences it is pretty choose gestures so you can see Owen play sound effects restore tools okay in gestures now look at those different choices for Apple pencil when when the but you can choose the action for DoubleTap so that's one thing the pencil does the system to fall switch to eraser which is probably what I'm gonna do finger settings when the Apple pencil you could choose how your finger does and does your finger draw or you know I'd like it to pan right how do you yes yeah so right now I have it set so when using Apple pencil to draw you can choose how your finger interacts I like to erase with my finger personally and that there's one where when you are holding a finger on the screen then I use my Apple pencil to pan that's what I like to do there since and yeah single ting go one tinker FAP I mean what I have set for nothing nothing to finger tap I have for undo and three finger tap is redo redo that's how I have mines okay very nice okay okay so I've done that and you can just sort of swipe back actually let me do that now I can get a new image yeah there we go Zak Lang screen so oh yeah my pencil is probably yeah charge just and now because everything's upside down I have to turn this around should be working but yeah I guess if it's bad that's we're not dead or unpaired probably oh so we'll charge it as fast I can meanwhile I use the finger yeah go ahead and use your finger so you know you've got different drawing tools remember you haven't set up to erase while you use Apple pencils so do you probably have to go back in your preferences okay I want my finger to draw now we're gonna round they we're back in there okay so we have a variety of tools it looks like a kind of a calligraphy yeah yeah marker yeah little become some fine points this is nice I'm Marcus engine like the pencils actually do have a very pencil feel this the one of the other things that I find kind of sad about this is just using your finger you don't get I mean it makes sense especially with the calligraphy tool you don't get a lot of these sort of bending and nice changes that you can get whenever you use the Apple pencil for tilting and things like that it makes a little bit of sense but usually they'll fake it to give you the use of your finger to create calligraphy right features but this is really designed for the pen exactly and you'll see you know a lot of the promotional images show folks who are architects and you know lookbook kind of people who are doing these sketches and write and making the art now one of the things that I love Leo on the left side tap on the one of those rectangles of color yeah these these are complementing rates go I guess maybe that's a tap on the top left side of that where you can see the mark yes every color I'm in Veronica I'm electric pink I'm lust I'm vivid tan jello I'm orange yellow I'm Dan delight that is so cute let's go a little green lizard what do you say oh I have to use I forgot Tapan home can't remember now what I'm doing oh there left hand how did you might want to zoom out a little bit I think you're zoomed in so I can also be partion oh oh you can choose different papers I noticed we've got dots for people like as a Megan doc grid and then lines if you're taking notes different background colors that's nice I like I like kind of a little sepia yellow or I don't like white yeah I think I have mine I think I might have mine on the third one they're like light blue color that's another light blue look nice don't like that plain pure white but you you can add on the the right bottom side you can see that you can add new color tools so if you like to write with the pencil or the marker or something like that you hit that plus button and it gives you another option to have again you know the same tool but maybe with a different color or slightly different settings so you can multiple with different colors so this becomes not only a tool setting but it really a palette setter for exactly how it and then you can imagine like you would in real life you know you've got your what is it Copic markers right and your grab you don't have to make you know there aren't any settings for physical Copic markers you just pick one up and start with it so can feel you can even say you know I want the same marker but I want the finest possible point I'm gonna add that to my tool set so that you had that's really nice you could change the point the color and I think the way that the color system works in this is particularly amazing it not just you know I talked to me just a second ago about how I love the fact that they've named all these different colors but more importantly the way that they are organized in the way you can change the shade of the color as you're going through and Leo if you kind of grab go back into the color area and then kind of grab and swipe you can see what HUD says was a new car yeah my left and right swipe left on it's not merely new car it's darker and brights and working should let you just do like a single swipe maybe the marker tools or just like swiping interesting interdimensional blue so within that shade you can even see look at that and as colors that's different well with yeah okay so yeah it's it's very very good I think at the organization and sort of that feel that you get when you are physically using these tools to to create something so it makes sense why this received a a an Apple Design Award for sure and this is let me just see if the DoubleTap handy so if you have a if you have an Apple pencil this is really a really nice choice what does that button do well that eliminates the interface so you can just tell me yes clean interface you got undo we do the little what is that called a life preserver tool lets you see how to do what you want to do all the different stuff there nice so it's not procreate and you know on the art side and it's not good notes on or you know notability on the taking notes side but for somebody who you know what it is it's much like a mollusk in a notebook it's exactly yeah very kind of simple straightforward ideas quite it is quite beautiful now it's not expensive two dollars a month or twelve dollars a year which makes it a dollar month that's not horribly expensive twelve dollars a year's not bad at all and it makes sense you know if if we continue to see updates and improvements to this app and and you know the services that are offered there then sure twelve bucks a month our twelve bucks a year I could totally do that and again the this it's interesting that the digital studio for molesky a or a moleskin or moleskin whatever you say the new jiff gif and it gives you they've got a like three or four different apps that they work on regularly and they really focus in and try to produce things that artists who would use artists or note takers or whomever it would use their physical products get that same experience from this digital product so it's clear that you know a lot of thought and a lot of care went into the design of it and like I said those the way that the colors are are organized and the way that you can sort of choose your tools in that way I think are what really sell this for me in terms of its you know why it why it deserved and got that award for sure now I should mention that the iOS 13 public beta came out yesterday you've been using the developer edition for some time I had not I of course being Who I am immediately downloaded it and my next pick my next Apple Design Award winner does not work with iOS 13 so I can launch it and I'll show you and I've I don't think really I need to show you because I think everybody knows asphalt 9 and like what a great racing asphalt series is this is have from France of course you get a variety of real cars it's great for racing but as you can see do not if you want to play it do not get iOS 13 because it crashes out I'm sure they'll update it in fact the first thing that happened when I switched to iOS 13 is I got more than a hundred apps that wanted to be updated so I suspect apps are already being updated but just honorable mention asphalt 9 if you like driving games it's a great one I saw somebody tweet today saying this is my childhood dream come true he's at an airport he's got his iPad you know leaning against his luggage and he's got a game controller and he's racing asphalt on a beautiful 12 point 9 inch iPad pro that is a pretty great experience so if you like racing games highly recommend it I'm going to show another game though this is another Apple Design Award winner called or dia and it's very similar in a way I think Apple has a certain prejudice for games I'll put it this way let's see if it'll rotate no one it has to it wants to be in portrait and it wants to be in portrait this way Apple has a certain prejudice for games that sound good are aesthetically simple and I have a confession lurid aside don't like about games like asphalt line which is essentially a port from a console game is that it's got console style controls I like games that are designed for the I had and this is very very touch focused we are you are in this game a little eyeball as you can see here and your goal is to stay away from the evil pink mushrooms in this amoebic fluid that you're in and you can kind of make it all so those are like latching and good Hobbs yeah but if you miss now this is the one where I have a lot of trouble because you can't just those spikes bouncy mics you can't really get past those spikes so I think you have to do a carom let's see if I can No maybe I go oh maybe I have to go up the side I don't know how to do this one it's but I've been stuck on this for some time oh but you get Oh little amoeba guts now again relaxing because you can infinitely restart you're not gonna suffer as a result of these but like just for the life of me so it's it's fun and I think I presume there's going to be if I can ever get past this level though I just don't know what I'm doing wrong here oh I made it oh you did it I presume that in time additional friends will show up whoa oh all the way back down so if you play doodle jump remember doodle jump in the oil in the day back in the day this is a doodle jump II but it's a little prettier a little more oh but that same or physics simple yeah but the same frustration which is that you have to go all the way baby there is if I would get far enough Oh Saved by the Bell on that one whoof that was hard it's hard you gotta overshoot it oh so maybe this is not a non frustrating game yeah this one I could see just chucking that iPad across no this is a game to play on your Oh your extra iPad there you go under your knight iPad on your one rubber encased iPad for the toddlers can I do it your beach outside pad I'm gonna stretch it as far as I can there we go that's what I need to do I can stretch farther I can oh that's it so I've learned a new skill which is stretch the hell out of it alright maybe we can make some yellow thing over there on the left don't even say yes should I try to pick it up is that it's another one it's another one it's my friend he's watching no seriously he is really yeah oh he's away well maybe if I go down and pick them up let's go let's go visit him whoa Oh you I got him I got a little extra pointage so now apparently if you catch these guys on the way oh this is so you see how these see what he's you see what he's doing to me is that your friend or is that your enemy exactly oh I guess I could go back yeah get him that way okay so this is ten I wonder you probably with ten you get eggroll I don't know you asking all the hard questions happens if you get ten it's a game something good oh do you like that hi hi I hopped over ooh bubble around it which I think I'm gonna live there yeah oh so that's a safe point right I would you know I gotta catch this guy's he's going back and forth and then you got another friend up there got a friend up there but I also have a little mold spore oh you did it Oh crud Oh Phooey okay enough you get the idea this is actually nice this is a fun game I can't remember the price but I'm sure we have it written somewhere in there it's cool it's called it's called or dia and how much 319 yeah and I'm gonna guess that or Nia isn't that I mean look how amazing it gets so I'm gonna guess that or dia is primordial minus the P and the L right or DS right aren't there em in the L it's primordial it's or dia I like this is fun you know this is games are very personal and some people will really like this kind of game it's very doodle jumpy we're dia and it is as all of these are an Apple Design Award winner Micah T nickel off to you next after me your net this is how did I not know about this so I've had picked so later for a long time on my iOS devices as a way to do you know before there were options that were a little more photoshop II Pixelmator has always kind of been that for me and so I've used Pixelmator for ages but Pixelmator has an app called Pixelmator photos that is kind of the Apple showcase of when when Apple says a billion times over and over and over again in you know keynotes and in WWDC workshops about machine learning this app is a showcase of machine learning that I love because you know not all of us are good at knowing okay I need to drop the levels on this image right I need to make sure that the the highlights are set to here and that we've got great dark values and I've got to change the color tip all that kind of stuff with the simple press of a button which is in the top right corner of the screen the first one there it says ml it will the best analyze your focus I chose yes it will analyze your photo and make adjustments to it that you can then see in each of the different sections there on the right side if the ml is lit up gold that means that machine learning has activated for those and they have made adjustments then you can go farther if you want are further if you want to you can add fade you can add noise you can change those values that the machine learning set and here's the thing it's not like just a simple auto button where it looks at the color the brightness value and then adjusts for that this actually looks at what the photo is looks at the subject of the photo uses the entire machine learning I can't think what those are called what is it library database they've you know they've oh my goodness does not like it when I work with that one full of stuff so that it learns you know what good portrait looks like what a good what a good landscape looks like etc etc and that's I think what makes this app stand out why is that the same phone I shouldn't keep trap tapping it I'm impatient yeah if I what's going on finally okay it's cuz it was in the cloud not all local on the iPad and so it had a how to load it so let's try let's just see this a picture of my wife in turn remember where we are somewhere bein I think and then yes he I'm not crazy about yeah so but the nice thing is you just you just open up the adjustments after it does the adjustments and you can say you know I think that was maybe that's better no that's not machine learning did not help this photo but that's alright there were plenty of other choices in fact these filters yeah I had modified it a little bit already so maybe that was what was confusing it but I have to say if you are a Lightroom fan or a professional and you want to put something on your iPad that isn't Adobe Creative Cloud is not a subscription Pixelmator photo does everything you can do with Lightroom it is stunning 9 yeah it's as wild to me now I think that's a temporary price because they just introduced it that's true because it it should be 50 bucks it's really it it does everything and I have genuinely found that you know when I'm going I don't know what I should do with this photo but I know it needs improvements those machine learning options are very helpful for me as a jumping-off point right you can also edit as we're seeing as we're showing here raw editing beauty for me because I shoot raw and I really want raw and the ability to do that is fantastic it this is so deep there's so much in this I just highly recommended that just he really done a nice job the machine learning algorithm has been trained with more than 20 million professional photo so again you know when I was talking before it's not just it's not just you know a small library of photos that are standard it's portraiture it's you know photos of pets it's photos of landscapes it goes on and on and on and that's what I really like about this the export features are great too you know you don't just have to export in in one way you can save a copy of it you can modify that original photo that's in your library or tapping export lets you make some changes on the formats that you want to use so if you I say like go get this up right now where the price goes out it's $4.99 tacular and if you find yourself being one of those folks like me who says I know that this photo could be improved but I'm not sure exactly how to do it then gets Pixelmator photo hit that ml button and start there and not only are you going to be able to in most cases at least not with that photo of Lisa there for some reason but in most cases you can count on that as a jumping-off point right and then you kind of start to learn too as you're seeing how it's making adjustments to tools that it is doing a good job oh and I didn't mention this it was just shown in that video that we have playing the remove stuff I don't want in the photo tool is pretty it's pretty wild I kind of you know put it to the test with some different things just to see what it could and couldn't do and I was impressed with its outperforming Photoshop in some ways being able to remove junk I don't want in a photo to have the good stuff that I do want in a photo well Pixelmator I'll give you a great example and I showed this when we first when it first came out because I was so excited by this let me see if I can find this yeah unfortunately undo to undo did but uh but I was able to and I'll do it again I was able to with the heel brush take out this entire fence and make it just lush greenery and why it's self notice how smart it is I'm just paying here doesn't happen to sort of like rearrange or say and you know what I don't like this parking lot back here let's pretend there was no parking lot at the hotel we'll just think of that this is you're absolutely right in many ways superior now what I like about Pixelmator photo to me is that it gives a beginner some very powerful tools like that machine learning in this healing brush but as you get more advanced you'll find that there is a lot more that you can do with it and and in fact I would say it gives a pro all the controls including channels and levels that you really would want so honestly I believe like this is this is truly an amazing app and for $5 I just don't understand yeah this yeah just you know you'll be glad you have it even ten years from now and I'm great yeah and I have to say iOS 13 is gonna be a boon to photography because now you'll be able to import directly into Lightroom and so forth but but for a lot of people just using Apple photos and Pixelmator photo Apple photos will be your catalog Pixelmator photo will be your editing tool that's gonna give you I would say 99% of what a professional tool like Lightroom will do I feel like is the future this is just remarkable and and so much in my opinion easier to unsurfaced all of the tools that you need versus Lightroom where things can kind of be tucked away and confusing alright here's another one that's best with headphones so put your headphones off as you watch and also I should mention this is a Mac app as well so there's an app I pad version and a Mac version this is called it what is it the gardens the gardens between tween there you go and this is more of an adventure kind of this is less of one of those abstract games we're kind of doing yeah yeah so actually I haven't played this yet so I because I thought it wasn't on the iPad and it you told me this morning yeah it's on the iPad so let's played let's play the first few minutes together we've got a backyard a treehouse a boy and a girl in the treehouse it's kind of an urban setting and train keeps going by there's they seem sad can I tap them no that's why they're said oh the Lightning came so I could skip this this is a cutscene but let's watch it you and I together together we'll watch you watch oh there's no herb something's happening the orb has transported them and their treehouse to the gardens between to the gardens in the world between light and dark day and night so now okay this is beautiful yeah sounds good too this way others oh there they're stranded now on a beach oh here's a little thing that says swipe that way only one oh I can Oh like reversing time backwards and forwards in time there's a bathroom oh I think we're gonna be building the bathroom what is going on what there's the orb it's back baby apparently I hate the orb anywhere I want what the heck is going on so yeah I got a I gotta admit I would love a little direction here Oh direction it's a billiard ball what is that okay a ball has bounced in they're about to watch a ball bocce ball there's our arena's room in a box it's falling out everything so were they about to move maybe and they didn't want to move so nother don't project your weird fantasies it's all in a box yeah maybe dolly I guess I have to swipe a lot to get them out go into the futures odd can you just like hold swipe and hold maybe oh yeah see I think John help up tap tap they found the oops let me put it back they found the orb let's go forward now we're gonna go with the orb oh they're gonna find the secret monument two tuning forks and that Valley Monument Valley maybe this is this like it I don't know she's now gonna put us tap put the put the or boom they both did it now they've created a ref a rift in the fabric of the universe they're pretty smart they're good these kids there's no one did you hear orbs these kids today oh there's Ariana's room so let's just I don't know what I'm doing right now what did I do so I just put Ariana's room in the sky and space probably not the effect you wanted now they're on the dock they've made a little houseboat out of their treehouse Oh a lot of time it's something else we should tap oh she's got the tap it okay so it's a puzzle game as you can oh she should go back she should go okay he should tap that oh now we're getting to the puzzly part and then she needs to go back and get warm I guess though I got that part now what can you swipe back now to like send them back in time oh you're right now it's him oh she's got it in her Lantern or a spare won't work this is sparrow her but now she could put it here probably we haven't sent the bathroom to space name it's gonna go to space oh she's completing ah now here's another light ooh there's a dark orb of dark or maybe the lounge room will be next are the kiddo I would go for the kitchen it's a it's under water yeah it's starting to sink Oh jump you jump cheap turn nice day no so I bet you gotta have them ring that Bell first to close that dark world you've played this before have you I promise I have not all right okay bring the chime I just want to set in my kitchen to space oh you're so smart I just want to send Mike oops enough I wonder why only the boy only the boy can ring the bell is the prophecy and the boy shall ring the bell and he and she shall walk through the portal and place the lantern on the giant tuning fork needs the orb first oh crap I got anyway I've had enough of you don't ring the bell boy jump backwards boy I just have to know what goes to space next that's all alright alright we'll stop when we send another thing to space okay now we go up the hill yeah uh Jack in the chip should I ring the bell she's way so this will put the kitchen in this space let's hope or that moving truck over there oh there's a moving truck this is some deep Freudian yeah you're right space and that is now Oh the front door the front door well I guess we're building her house now that's going down the tubes it's wow this is his impenetrable as 2001 Space Odyssey I know the it's returning everything home that got lost yes yeah but look it looks like they were about to leave so I don't understand it's anyway this is consolation this is one of those things as Bert says it's a metaphor for creation duh duh duh Burke come on you know sometimes you have a house and it's a boat and it takes you to do next wrinkler island spring coat welcome to spring all right I'm closing this that's it the gardens between if this is not my kind of game I could see why I want a design award it's available everywhere Xbox Steam Mac maybe be better on the Mac I don't know a Playstation but now on the iPad is well if it came with like a companion book or something where I could understand a little bit of its just oh I see I just have to let it happen some people some people like solving mysteries some people like just floating around some people like sending their bedrooms back to back to the world do you have another I think I have a ton of games yeah you've got more games to tell me about um you got her nope okay this one I can't do either because I am I'm not a hoop master it's called Oh home court track your shots with the iPad now my personal attack aim this is neat this is this isn't a game though my personal trainer is a rowing coach and there there's a great app where you can record video of somebody slow it down annotated show them their errors and so forth I think that's exactly what this is but having to do with hoops in some way so I guess I'll just sign in with Google and and and we'll find out okay cuz it's it's pretty neat I mean it's it's also using machine learning AI and all that yeah this helps you basically you get to you play basketball in front of this app and you do different like training drills and things like that and it helps you improve your game so if I wanted to be good at basketball there's a shooting workout there's like the mic and drill around the key around all these drills that you would do there's ball handling drills so this would be great for a teenager or a parent who wants to help a teenager get better at basketball or just anybody who loves basketball this I think the set this looks fantastic I know nothing about hoops particularly I know I think you know – no but if but if if you do this would be a lot of fun and it you can handle more than one kid you could do a whole team with this clearly and so that's that's kind of neat you select a roster and that is that is called home court and then I think I'll show one more which we've shown before actually we I think this was a nap cap some time ago this must have come out early in the year it's called thumper oh yeah I liked this was fun Apple Design Awards yeah this is fun it's hard it's kind of like an endless runner except in an abstract world you're on a race way yeah in a world with so let's just we'll just quickly play and give you a little bit of an idea what thumper is this is one that's gonna make you nervous so the idea is you have to do things as you're on this endless runner to stay alive flesh-eating beetle yeah yeah you are aren't you you're a beetle so far so good I haven't had to do anything oh so things happen you have to you have to I was over that was early I was early okay ready three two one tap late oh and three two so this is a very heavy metal rock and roll kind of they're just training me now you won't always get this kind of coaching it's too bad there's not like a vibration well I don't know do the new iPads have vibration uh not that I know of I know yeah you know I think this actually might be better on a phone this might is more of a phone I think a lot of those signs maybe yeah one of those running games are really more for phones but I'm showing it on here just so you can you can see three two one jump three two one jump anyway you get the idea it's a I find these games really annoying it's gorgeous I just I am terrible out of my guess the endless running games I'll play them for a while and really enjoy them and then it gets hard and I just say though I keep dying I don't like it yeah it only catalysts start over from square one yeah I think of all the games of all the games and that's a good one – thumper we've talked about it before a rhythm violence games rhythm and violence together at last also another one like like the gardens within that's available on a lot of platforms oh they have Idol pins yeah yeah so this has been around for a little while thumper I showed it I think when it first came out Apple 20:19 design award winner my favorite though is Hilo of all of those I don't know about you but I really thought that was the game oh yeah I've actually sent that one to myself so I can download I don't play a lot of games but that one really interested me it looks like a lot of fun let's take a break in then Mike is gonna show me the ins and outs of iOS 13 the public beta is here I am really excited I'm going to unmount my iPad from this sticky pad and put it up that sticky pad will make its return soon because I'm gonna need it for my app cap but I'm put it back into my bridge keyboard because I think this that to me the whole point of iOS 13 really is to make your iPad more like a laptop I'm gonna let's make it let's make it look like a laptop for our next segment before we do that though I want to tell you about where I make my home on the web I believe I'm a firm believer in the in the world wide web the open web and that everyone should have their own website and so the next question really is very simple where do I make that website and in my opinion there's no better place than and I put my money where my mouth is I've been on for 12 years 13 almost now and I started using WordPress when it first came out it was self hosted at the time you know and I was spending a lot of time tweaking it and fussing with it and keeping it up to date and then came along and they said hey we'll host it we'll keep it up to date we'll do all the technical stuff you focus on making a great site and I thought that's the way I want to do it actually cost me less than my old self hosted site they've got all the site building tools you could ever need thousands of themes and what I love the best 24/7 support from actual WordPress experts people people who love WordPress as much as you do WordPress com was created to let anyone pursue whatever it is they love by launching a site that's free to start but can grow with you as you need to all the way up to e-commerce that gets so powerful a lot of publishing entities including and quartz use for their content management system it's that good know two-week trials no hidden fees and most importantly WordPress users own their content forever that's not something you can say about Facebook or Twitter or snapchat or anywhere else if especially if you're a young person or a business there's two people I want to focus on right now if you're a young person and you don't have a website then you're letting somebody else determine what people find when they google you you want to have your best foot forward a site that shows your best stuff you want and a website there if you're business you don't have a website what it's like not having a phone I mean modern-day even you know when we're hiring a handyman or a plumber I want to look at their website find out more about who they are and it's a great way to build your clientele the customer support team is awesome in there anytime you need them 24 hours a day seven days a week even on weekends what else can I tell you I know millions of people use every day to turn their dreams into reality you should too its WordPress now how there's one-third of all internet websites one-third one-third of that's amazing complete and utter amazement because it's that good and its powers my site Leo Laporte com go to slash to it you get 15% off any new plant purchase right now that's that good deal to 15% off at slash twit we love your WordPress Thank You slash twit twelve years in and I can promise you another 12 years I'm WordPress for life baby well it's here it's here I'm so excited iOS 13 actually Mac OS Catalina also came out both ahead of time they weren't scheduled to come out till July I think that shows that Apple has the confidence that these are stable enough for you and me to use if you go if you're if you own an iPad particularly an iPad pro or a late model Mac computer go to beta Apple comm you can enroll in both cases you'll have to download a little file in the case of the iOS devices iPad an iPhone you'll download a little profile which will install and then you'll go to update and all of a sudden they'll say hey there's a new update for your iPad or your iPhone I did not do it on my phone I think my phone I'm gonna keep it in non beta state just cuz I want it to be reliable and as you saw already there's some apps that just don't work on iOS 13 so this is something you do on your extra iPad I did it because I think we need to cover it mica you did it a long time ago with it with I think that's somewhat less stable a developer version yeah it's what's fascinating to me the first beta is usually the one that gives you a lot of issues and I found that the first beta for iOS at least was more stable than the second beta there have been a lot more bugs in the second beta but none have been showstoppers which is nice you know I've not run into any big issues and all of the apps that I use are working some of them are a little buggy depending but have not had any like simply won't launch apps which is nice but certainly yeah this this is something that I you know I always every year I'm like oh I'm not gonna do it I'm not gonna do it I'm not gonna do it and then I end up doing it can't help it I gotta try it I got an oh well if I may the most interesting thing was not just Iowa's 13 but iPad OS iPad OS as somebody who loves my twelve point nine inch iPad pro I mean I really do love it but I always felt like the hardware way exceeded the iOS capabilities that the iOS is designed for the iPhone so this is this is to me the but the real reason for my upgrade and interest is I want my iPad to be more than just a big iPhone and I think there's some really nice stuff in here so let me show you right away one of the very first things which is all of a sudden you you'll notice immediately the icons are smaller and the density is higher so that is huge we have 30 room for 30 icons or folders per page and the front page this is really awesome I have 24 icons on here and I have a column on the left still room for common left which holds what used to be my notifications page now is a column on the left now you can turn that on or off you don't have to do it that way there's a little switch effect if I go to edit that says keep on a host screen if I turn that off then we go back let's see let me do it again maybe I can't go back you should be able to I think you swipe it a well that you did right there let's leave it wonder if it's but am i quiet done no you don't do that though yeah it might be buggy right now but yes we should be able to turn it on well now it says it's off yeah turn it on and off to make that go away if you don't like having it there however I like it now there's something else to point out which I didn't know and you explained to me and I'll go back into edit you've still got in your today view you've got the same choices you had before you've got widgets widgets you've installed widgets you haven't yet installed of course as you can see there's a lot farm porn that I haven't installed I've been very careful about curating what widgets are in here these are the things you and you might want to even do this more now that this is on your front page but you're able to pin some widgets how many can you pin I try to reach the maximum I thought yeah so that the idea there I think is great and I would thank you for showing me that when you swipe all the way down on this left column the widgets you've pinned will always be there on your home screen so I chose calendar and whether you're always gonna have this is huge date and time that's always a part of it so then you can you know how I have my clock here so I can see see what time it is and it's hard to read I can move my clock away unfortunately and I'm hoping Apple will do this I would move my clock away if as it does on andr tapping the time would open the clock but it doesn't do that unfortunately tapping the widgets opens the appropriate you know application app yeah but Apple just a little tip this is what happens on Android on in most cases on launcher if you tap the timer date you open your either your date your clock or your calendar so I'm leaving the clock in calendar there but I have to say it's only a matter of time before I I hide away my calendar closes you got yeah right there yeah plus swipe up and you can see the rest of them so there I think it's nice they're hidden you know they don't take up attention it's not that the space is there anyway but but they don't take up attention but you can but you can get to them very quickly I think this is a very important improvement much better use the real estate now that's not going to happen on iphone that's an iPad OS feature the one thing though I haven't gotten yet it's you know sophisticated about is the multitasking so can you walk me through some of the things I can do here so one of the things is that you probably know about slide over that's where an app comes over from the side so what we've got to be in an app might be an app first okay so I'm in OneNote and actually notepad would be a good one to be in and then I can I can I can let's let's do an apple app how about see you see I don't have a home oh let's do no this is yet notes would be good so let me open up notes and then because we know that'll work gallery view smarter search shared folders okay I like that so now I slide see I'm really bad at this okay swipe up from the bottom so that you launch you yeah now take yeah take one Safari because I side yeah that's side-by-side so go ahead and grab top right or the top right that little so yeah and then take it and then drop the how it's a window yeah it means I can drag it around unfortunately that's left or right right you know it does either go left or right but you can now use multiple apps in in slide over so that that way it's it's easy to get to the different ones that you use most regularly so you can see this would be a really good example here I'm writing a kind of a blog post of all the things on my Mac and if I wanted to I could use then Safari to open up the information and then copy the information from here you're gonna you're gonna help me do that from copy it can I just drag it yet so don't don't yeah there you go that's so you don't have to go to the copy option you look at that look at that now so this is a really nice way to do some research I think that's really fantastic and then go ahead and tap back on to the Safari thing just so that that that's of editing screen at the bottom goes or the editing bar at the bottom I think that killing okay go away go away there we go okay there we go now see the bar at the bottom right that looks like the home indicator swipe up on the in Safari the the bar there yeah and you should be able to swipe him on that what happened and that's where you could have multiple different slide over apps so you can drag and drop essentially like whenever your if you back out and you had say say yeah there you go and you wanted to add I don't know music or messages or something else's as slide over option yeah yeah yeah yeah whoa and now when I slide up between those two yeah asking yeah multitasking and sliding cotton-pickin minute so that now that is a really nice feature let me see I oh good a nice restart is that what that happened that did I ring it or it i reboot it I think I just respawn it okay so this is important we want to show that to that there'll be issues Pat notes let's see if no still has yeah yeah you see both of them there yeah yeah you can also very easily take that is so I could switch back and forth like that can I have more than two in here I believe you can have several I'm not sure I have not tested the limit of it but I know you could have more than two for sure that's great I have to always be on so let's put photos in here too right yeah depending on what you had I don't want to put my messages so there's a photo so now I can I have three different things so this is a very I think this is a clever way of setting up kind of a multitasking system in an iPad that's really great that's very excited about that look and if you ever want to take one of those fullscreen I believe you like so tap on now you know there's the bar at the top in the middle of that yeah you can take that and drag it to the middle of the screen top of the screen and you should be able to well that didn't work I have not tested this myself but it says there's a way to get this to because we make a slide over app full screen by dragging it to the top oh maybe just maybe just dragging it off the top baby let's see if I can do that oh yeah see it's something that's just a photo I drop that into notice yeah why is it not letting you do that dragging it to the G cuz I make notes I don't know let's try a different one let's try maybe you can this is funny while you're in that there you go I have to be honest always been my problem with this technique is it's it's a little finicky a little hard to do sometimes in fact remember we're at WWDC when they were demonstrating some of these nice gestures the guy demonstrating him said was having yes yeah no I think maybe with practice it'll get easier absolutely help another another thing that makes it easy is or that makes multitasking better is multiple windows from the same app so kind of before if you want to say yeah if you wanted to have two safaris in side-by-side now you can do that which I think I want to say there were some options for Safari for sure before but say you were doing say you were doing pages you're working in pages and you had you know sort of one document where you'd collected research and one document where you're trying to do sort of the final formatting for that well that's what you can do with this new multiple windows from the same app option is to be able to take and and have those right side by side another op or example that they give is if you were organizing your files it's really there you go it's really handy to be able look you've got three and a three safaris open here this is this is really cool alright so yeah again this is gonna take a little practice can I get three no I see I'm just moved that into the that's cool this is going to take a little practice just-just this by itself the ability to run one app multiple winners now the apps will have to support this so that means it's not going to work with every app it's working with some right now I know if I could oh let's see if I can open a second New York Times for instance that may actually know this is safari in both cases so Apple's apps will certainly do this out of the box and other yeah okay very nice I really like that what else can we do what else is new and uh let's see with these new undo and redo gestures this is this is gonna be interesting so I've never you never used these before let's create a new note just tap and swipe for for text okay hop right away go ahead and click okay so I can this is some text now what do I do here tap and swipe to select and select to select that's actually huge cuz this is kind of what you would do with a mouse and in the old days you had to say select and you had to drag these handles but now you could just do do that no Jesus so that's the problem is that it kind of oh is some these text the problem is they are trying to support both there you go double tap ok so double tap with three fingers undo and swipe left with three fingers to undo swipe right pinch and spread to copy and parrot let's try that so double tap okay let's so what I did was I drag that over here that's awesome okay but let's say I don't want to do that i spice swipe what was it swipe right with ya three fingers swipe to the left whoa the undo whoa okay I just did something I didn't want to do undo and so here's the problem the complaint that I have I do it all the way back to the beginning now how do I redo it's white to the right with three fingers nice try to support the original selection text selection features and the new text selection features that's where these things get confusing yeah and that's where you do run into the issue you should be able to just tap on a piece of text and swipe to select but sometimes that old select and copies that that screen gets in the way because it's just supposed to be one tap and then write white it shouldn't be you know you shouldn't have to double tap okay you know this is example of it's gonna take a little practice to get kind of used to it absolutely but you know the another thing they have that I saw I think it was Steve ts had tweeted about the multi select gestures so you can quickly select email messages files and folders by tapping with two fingers and dragging so if you have like a say you have a list of emails that you don't you know you want to mark as read because you've gotten 30 emails for my newsletter in the mail app you tap the you tap with two fingers on the first one and then you just drag down and it selects the whole list of them very easily so that will work with email messages files and folders for now and I'm sure as more apps support these sort of more involved gestures then you can do easier multi select nice of course as you showed it's easier to sort of move the cursor around however you want to yeah and it's supposed to be good they call it intelligent selection so if you come across an address a phone number and it is it seems it's jumping into the word and this is better you can double tap on they call it like I said intelligent selection so you can double tap to quickly select an address a phone number email address etc versus you know your regular text so even if it's you know you've got your eat your address line which is on multiple lines or at least a double tap on that could select the whole thing so that's the editing updates yeah that's really fantastic okay what else have you used the quicks or they call it quick path but the quick quick path keyboard which is the swipe quick swipe keyboard essentially have you used that at all I use it on Android all the time and I love it so let's let's play with it let's play with that a little bit here I'll I'll create a new thing so what I need to do is is holy pride to disconnect some somehow I have to disconnect this keyboard and I don't really know have not it oh there we go okay there we go so if I type th now how does it start you were you were doing it right yeah you just start swiping wait it's not working that's that's maybe because I'm in paste that might be why and it might be getting confused because you still have the keyboard well there we go wow this is very upsetting so I love swiping if you used the SW ype keyboard which you can install they went out of business but I don't know they're not around anymore but this is a really I think a great way to type it's funny because kenka shen de who was in fact we've had him on triangulation megan interviewed him and he was one of the original designers of the iPhone keyboard he said we looked at that when we were designing the iPhone keyboard and we decided no one wanted it so we didn't put it in so here it is more than 10 years later and apparently it's been a huge success on the Android side maybe yeah so he said oh okay we should do it cuz I I personally I find it a much easier way to type less so and maybe it's not on the iPad because it's less so on the definitely works on the iPhone goes yeah I'm using it there right now just I was doing a testimony there also a new smaller keyboard this is really gonna push it it's called the the floating keyboard so if you pinch to shrink the quicktype keyboard let me start again get back in typing there's also I can go here and select it oh nice and there it is and this yeah a little iPad I mean iPhone keyboard yeah maybe that's why yes yes it does no I don't maybe that was user error so the idea is you it does the best it can to figure out why you did that what you're going forward but it but it but actually does a pretty good job and I so this is cool so I'm not sure I want a really tiny keyboard on the other hand if I'm swiping let's see if it knows your name hi Mike eh oh yeah I think it spelled with a k that's close spelled okay yeah it knew I didn't is leo saying hello to you I see I'm getting some real confidence here because it's doing a great job auto corrects to it this is great this is gonna be impressed yeah look at that keyboard anywhere which is it's important to note about this is it's supporting English simplified Chinese Spanish German French Italian and Portuguese to start all those languages are supported by the quick path keyboard so I think that's pretty impressive that they've got that many languages with the new quick path typing to begin and something else with the keyboard this is kind of a small feature but I find it fascinating dictation will automatically detect which language a user is speaking out so that will be chosen from the keyboard lang let me try this let me see Bonjour Monsieur Mike I didn't understand French but I haven't installed French however look how fast it's dictating and this is the new on device dictation right I mean this is super fast and very accurate so I'm very happy about that you see how it's adjusting as I go as it goes yeah it's getting context and doing a better job okay I have to say I will be using this one a lot because to me to me I cannot easier than typing I agree when it works I agree something I could totally see you using is the new option for external drive support on iOS including server wise yeah SMB SMB which is the Windows I'll tell you what let me just I don't know what's gonna happen I've never done this before I am reaching now into my super secret backpack ooh what a USB Drive let's do it and AH and see what see what happens I haven't tried this I'm excited as I have not I've done the I've connected to a local server over SMB I have not plugged in a hard drive or so SSB is is the traditional Windows networking technology Apple's kind of abandoned its Apple file protocol but SMB is widely used in in the world so that means you could see a network drive how do I just out of curiosity how do I see a network drive well if I go into the files up yep that's where you'll start and then at the bottom you choose browse and then in lo let me see I can't see the baby so tap no you go ahead and you tap click done there okay and then tap the three dots on the top right next to browse so connect to server' holy cow now I don't know SMB server publicly available on this network but that is really cool now I'm going to try plugging in a now for one thing the one issue though right away is I don't have I have to find a type C and then hold USB type-c adapter this is gonna take a while because I do have it all but I just have to go through my my entire bag to find all the connections I need here but I do have an adapter let's see I think I would adapt ur here yeah I do okay so there's I love the counter yeah aren't these great the grids yes yeah grid it so let's pick I don't know if this will be readable because it's probably some file I'm at that Apple doesn't know about but let's just try so I'm gonna now oh this is exciting this is exciting I've not done this yet plug a thumb drive which in the past it would just go I don't know what that is it may still do that because who knows what the file format is on here what would I see Linux Linux jatin jit it popped right up oh my god that is that is pretty that is pretty impressive that is and this is by the way this is not a Mac file format disk this is a Linux formatted USB key so that's that's wild yeah that's wild man let's try it I got it I got do another yeah like I have a lot of them and all kinds of and although all the different file formats I don't even know what this is gonna be arch ISO yesin so look at that look at that okay this is so normally what I would do I guess I could do it if I had a card reader I could take photos off my camera heck yeah okay now get ready look at the spoil tell me what I can plug it in I got a memory card I got a yeah I know the desk is full of crap now and this is uh yes do you have enough you'd have enough slack oh boy I hear noise so let's plug it in I'll unplug the headphone jack a little buzz from there okay so yeah look at that now what's cool this is this this is raw so I am opening it up and one thing that they said I don't know maybe a light room has not yet been updated for that one thing that they did say is that you'd be able to import directly into Lightroom I know I don't know if well I can open it right I'm opening it I can save the image right there okay Lightroom you know let me launch later maybe Lightroom has to say oh you're running iOS 13 maybe I should you know maybe I could just import this well Pixelmator photo can directly import yet so now it's not seeing let's use camera roll yeah that there might be an option for files or something hmm wait a minute no that's um that's something else so yeah I bet you this has just not been updated quite yet but the fact that I can meet just plug it in like this loading raw I guess I could do that with the Apple camera adapter so that's not something new but any I can even well you don't want to go crazy let's go should we go crazy oh my goodness I got to know it says oh that's because it's a it's because it's a it's I think it's CFS it's some weird file format let me let me use a different one of your 30 USB drives here let's just see and they're and they're really basically it says stuff I found in the parking lot so I don't know what I'm doing oh good no kidding kidding done so that's reading it right off the thing yeah some of these are probably uh funky let's do the one I read before cuz I know that works this is really exciting this is really exciting so now you're asked your SD isn't showing up over there oh yeah maybe I had something come unplugged or I may have to replug or maybe I just broke it maybe I just pushed it a little too far oh well anyway we we demonstrated the the fact that this does now read USB drives which is pretty darn exciting any other features you think people are gonna be very excited about with I think it's kind of a nerd feature but people are super excited about having a download manager in Safari so yeah and desktop Safari Hugh yes oh yeah yeah yeah so now it used to be kind of annoying you'd go to different sites on your iPad and they would always lock you into that bad in my opinion view on such a big screen yeah a mobile version of the site now it is going to show you the desktop version of the site for the iPads large display it's great it's nice to be able to just go to a site and have full control and I tested this on some things that some sites that insisted in the past no matter what I tried to do to try to trick it it would insist on showing me the mobile site and I was able to get the full true site in in this new version of iOS and I'm very happy about it you know the big one for me is Google Drive which we use all the time on all of our shows and has historically not worked well with Safari Mobile and it works as far as I can tell beautifully now by the way I can never figure this out how do I get rid of this second thing you did it just like that oh yeah and actually I think that's a little bit changed in iOS 13 I think it was a little bit harder in iOS – it was really hard I could I could yeah I always I didn't ever want to use it because I get rid of the second one so let's just open the Mac break weekly rundown this is a Google sheet historically not worked very well in Safari I think this is I think this is really going to be a big improvement I can zoom now oh yeah this is this is this is desktop Safari this works as well as it does in your Mac one other thing that's brand new that's I think it'd be interesting find my hmm just my no I'm I find anything find my apparently anything so this is this is pretty awesome I can I can I can see you know share my location I could see all my devices I could see where my Apple watch is it's right here look at that it's on my hand Wow yeah but I can even see friends cuz they've combined find my friends I could play a sound out of my watch oh man yeah it is dismiss that I could get direction to my watch going through maps if I just go around the corner there's my watch that's pretty good that's pretty cool this is you like it this is fine I and it's it's just everything uh my MacBook Air is at home my iPhone 10 is here I mean this is this is fantastic there's been something there's been some some rumors that potentially Apple could introduce more find my options in the future so they've talked about Apple possibly doing something like a you know chip that you could include in your wallet or something like that that you could then find your wallet if it got lost I don't know if that's ever gonna happen but I do like this sort of combination of all these features I wasn't a huge find my blank find my friend's user in the past and it wasn't until my partner uses it all the time and so I started using it and it's really handy like if you go on a road trip or something like that and you just want to let people who care about you know hey I didn't go into a ditch and I'm still like on the highway somewhere yeah yeah they can check in and see that you're a-okay I like it for that so because if I want to know if my son is at work I could just tap Henry Laporte and find out oh yeah he's at work oh good what else is awesome about this is those location features I continue I guarantee you that we'll continue to see integrations between those specific location features and the home automation stuff and home kits so you could have it set up when a certain person gets home then this happens provided that nobody is home right now or provided that this this and this that's gonna be really neat because there already are some of those location features built-in like when the first person arrives then turn on the lights etc all right let me just push all this stuff away yeah okay that's iOS 13 and I have to say you saw a few things that happened we had a restrung where the springboard reloaded asphalt does not run so that's something to consider if you're gonna put it on a main device on the other hand if you have an iPad pro you may say just I don't care cuz I have to have those features now I mean there's just some of these features for photography for me this is a revolution I'm gonna be thrilled thrilled and my question for you leo yeah dark mode are you and always run dark mode kind of personally you a schedule dark lights of course let's go look at that so that is also an Catalina has been for a while we should look at the this the new settings in here because some of these are a little bit there are lots of fun new settings anything in particular where dark one is probably in display right yes yeah so there's three choices I can I actually I haven't yet tried dark maybe I'll do dark from it for a while and see but there's also automatic which is cool at night it's in the dark mode in the daytime it's in the light mode as you can see and you can get to choose sunrise to sunset or custom schedule or whatever you want I think I'm just gonna go dark let's just let's just see and that night shift is still on here what will happen of course you'll notice immediately with dark mode is while Apple apps supported that other apps may not yet support it and so let's see if molesky and a flow supports it this is a pretty new app it's a design award winner but no but actually that makes sense it shouldn't right because your paper is white it shouldn't all of us you can you can choose a dark paper in yeah yeah so I guess that kind of makes sense Safari what does it look like in dark mode it's got a dark bar on the top that's nice you go to oh goodness go to a clock how about we can do calendar how about what state list yeah yeah calendars a good choice Salander this is the Apple calendar Oh ARC it's darker than dark none more done more darker that's pretty dark Wow I don't know if I'm a dark mode fan or not as you can see I using kind of a dark wallpaper so maybe I am maybe i han't yeah maybe I see even in the darkness my cousin is still a light in the darkness oh good here we'll have lots more I'm sure in future iOS today's about iOS 13 I have not put it on my iPhone maybe we can find somebody who is really brave to put it on their iPhone we could see what's different but you could see already iPad OS is gonna make a big difference to have people I think so my pets I think we had lots of questions and news but we kind of broke the show a little bit to talk about this it just came out let's take a break and do our app caps next you ready ready get your hat in order first a word from aftershocks I love these I have them all the time actually mine are plugged in at home I keep them always on the charger so that I'm ready although I have to say aftershocks have great battery life six hours of continuous music or calls and then they charge in an hour and a half so I really don't need to keep them on the charger it's just that that's that way I know where they are cuz I have family members who like to borrow my aftershocks this is the best headphones ever they're different though watch when I put them on what happens they don't go into your ear they go around your ear and they rest on your cheek bones these use a patented bone conduction technology now maybe you've tried the old in the 70s these were remember you'd hang around your neck the bone phone this is not your Grandpa's bone conduction technology this sounds better than having them in your ears in fact aftershocks come with it ear plugs you can put in and it improves the bass it sounds so good the bass is phenomenal the sound is great because this has a lightweight titanium wraparound headband I never have to worry about shaking my headphones loose and it's so comfortable you could wear it all day in fact I usually I wear them for every conference call yet has a microphone in it sounds really great crystal clear phone calls it's also great for music so I just leave them on all day because I often I just forget I'm wearing it they're so comfortable I just love these I need these Oh Micah you don't have a pair no one for you because this you will love this and I just read a study that said it actually is bad for you to use air pods and other in ear buds that don't seal your ear because then people turn them too loud and they actually are deafening themselves this doesn't have that problem much more comfortable than any in here headphones including air pods and they're completely wireless bluetooth 4.1 multi-point pairing I have impaired to all my devices their IP 55 certified so they repel sweat dust rain their if you run or bicycle out in the world you know you have to hear traffic oncoming traffic it's dangerous not to be able to hear what's going on around you these are great they don't include your hearing they're runt they're not in your ear they're over your ear so you can hear everything that's going on you're never at risk and they they don't fall off you could you could shake your head like a crazy person I just I wear them all the time when we go out biking this is the perfect headphone for it we've got a special deal on a bundle for you this is the aftershocks tech bundle you get the Trek's air I'm wearing those right now pop socket for your phone a large portable storage case a portable power bank so you never run out of juice and and aftershocks travel tumbler and it's an insulator as well and all of that $50 off when you go to iOS today without aftershocks comm code iOS today iOS today dot aftershocks comm for $50 off the tech bundle use the offer code iOS today and I'm sorry that offers valid in the US only rules being rules but even if you're not in the US please use the URL iOS today dot aftershocks calm because we love aftershocks ah and they come in green oh you're gonna love them oh man I love greens is the green I'm wearing the green I think so it's kind of like a like kind of more like a moss green forest green yeah beautiful love this is so light these are these weigh nothing but the sound quality is phenomenal I just love them after I'm a complete believer after shucks afte R SH okay Z or K Zed if you go to iOS today not aftershocks calm you will see how wonderful they are and Micah I'm gonna get you some just because I like you right all right I'll hold to that I'm telling you you're gonna love them but you gotta watch out people steal oh boy yeah that's my I gotta watch my I gotta watch Henry and Mizzy those guys love headphones thank you they do now you can register Chihuahua that headphone I better hop on that hop on that right now now it's time I've been waiting for this for days maybe even longer for our ab caps put them on what is your say oh my hat says vacay all day vacay all day hit us with your your vacay all day AB cap will you my good yes I would love to the oh thank you yeah so some of y'all like to share oh by the way I do like your hat as well thank you mrs. hat I'll tell you the story in a little bit all right abracadabra as they say so there are podcasts and people like podcasting people you have one you have one called somehow I managed I do I do and you know the thing about certain podcasts is you listening to them and there are fun things that happen in those podcasts and you want to share it with people and overcast is a podcast app we all love to download and use it's fantastic and it recently came out with a feech that lets you take a clip from a show and share it you know to social media service or wherever you want to in a message what have you but other podcast apps have not jumped on board with their own clip sharing feature just yet or some of them may have some of them don't how about we don't have the app itself do it how about we use a completely separate app to take care of the clipping and sharing so no matter what yeah yeah that's one of the reasons I switched to overcast but it doesn't do video right yes and so this is where bullet comes in handy bullet is an app that doesn't have much app going on in and of itself because it is a share extension it's to be used as oh it is so clever let me tell you so strangers go ahead with this app no matter where you listed you know some people listen to podcasts and Spotify some people listen in like I said the podcast app right now of course if you're using iOS 13 things are a little different you said it might still be here if I have maybe not tap Done and then go up to the top where you've got those app tiles yeah and then swipe to the right it'll be here under more okay yeah yeah so you're gonna have to add it to your share sheet and as you can see I have a lot of apps that I add to the share sheet but there it is bullet it's now what it will do will well it's it's you're using it in the wrong spot so you have to be listening to a podcast no point at this point yes exactly I see so I've turned it on but from now on if I'm listening to a podcast so maybe I should do that let's let's yeah yeah let's go to maybe I have to do I have to take my key word off it's so frustrating there we go oh well that was a lot of work I don't need it for overcast but we'll use it right that's for the just for this time yeah yeah so I'm gonna be playing the world's most listen to podcasts this is the daily and let's say I'm like halfway through and I'm listening oh wow I really loved that part I want to share that with all my followers on Twitter I'm gonna I'm gonna share a link okay and then I'm going to swipe over and I'll have bullet oh I have to do it again now because I should have done it yeah I should have done it when I was doing this okay now now bullet is gonna go ahead and get the whole audio file oh my gosh and then you get to choose what parts you want and you can see there's a little duration setting 15 seconds right now yeah you can change that to you know 30 I think it goes up to 60 at this point and then yeah you'll set the start in the end that is so cool that bar down at the bottom with the with the dot is how you can sort of easily swipe through the podcast where you want to go yeah and then for your hair and I created a bullet here's what's awesome it uses a transcription service to create a video the audio playing out quiet text we stop this right now cuz it's still oh boy oh let me just stop the podcast cuz I was still playing yeah oh screaming the bullet so this is gonna make not a audio clip but a video clip yeah with the test with text oh my goodness yeah get ready this is this is really remarkable now is this gonna cost oh my goodness Plus now that's why the the clip is 60 seconds at the most do that in real time is it is it's free I don't have to pay transcription yeah and I'm curious if it's using Apple's built-in transcription maybe or if it's sending if it is then good because that means that I don't have to worry about it suddenly costing a trillion dollars but it could be in the future sometimes people sure on Facebook and the problem is sharing audio on Facebook is nobody's gonna nobody's listening to the audio yeah everybody's gonna you have turned off nobody wants to autoplay audio so this was something that was in you know people invented some time ago as a way of getting you to watch putting text in and this is fantastic so you'll know what we're sure I'm just the clip I'm sharing that is great I love that yeah you can share wherever you choose to the ones the one complaint that I have oh and it saves your bullets too which is nice so you can always go back and find them share it again yeah yeah so the only complaints I have and I hope that it's something that will be able to be changed in the future it's that the transcription can't be edited and yeah because there's no errors in here this astley I don't think he said Austin Ian then Muslim organ Arab oh yeah I doubt that's what said actually I'm really not really curious can you turn up the let's turn up the sound and see what it is that they Austin Ian then Muslim arrogant Arab I mean I think that's what she said so there you go yeah so the feature that we get added is an ability to edit the transcription but if you don't use overcast if you use another app if you want to share and you want to make sure also that it's accessible to more people then this is a fantastic app right now it's free I think that it's kind of the the fact that there's exposure for the app there at the end as you can see at the end of the video clicking yeah so check that out if you want to share podcasts with friends in what I've come to believe is one of the best ways to do so sharing new podcasts with friends is just sharing little segments from them they're easily retweet Abul and and shareable to others and Fantana gives people a hint yeah yeah that's bullet yeah and this is a step beyond what Marco did in overcast to I really I'm really liking this this is really nice all right I've been waiting to share this game three years so this hat my mom made this is a wizard's hat I'll bend it so it's not this great I don't know what I look like a strange mushroom I don't know but witchy now it's a little itchy or a lot but I have to tell you I am very proud to be in the Harry Potter Brotherhood wizards unite came out on Thursday the day before you could show the game the day before instead of my silly had the day before some the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere here they've been playing it in the southern hemisphere in Australia New Zealand has beta testers for some time if you remember how Pokemon go took the world by storm in July 2016 stand back this is also from Niantic diana cuenta designed pokemons go based its design on a game called ingress that it had been using really geeky game but it gave them points of interest all over the world and then those points of interest were applied to a pokemons go now they're being applied to the map of your world instead of pokey stops and pokey Jim's pokémon gyms we have three new objects in the world now I'm here at twit so I can't see a whole lot of stuff there's an in there I can't get into it's too far away unfair you've got so many things around you right now I know it's okay that's one complaint if you're in a rural area this isn't a great game it's really designed for people who live in them we're in suburbs there's green houses green houses let you grow new ingredients for your potions this is so much more I think then you've been playing it right oh yeah so much more I think then Pokemon go and certainly if you are as I am a fan of the Harry Potter books and movies you will really enjoy it the entire canon is in here there is a lot of gameplay so I'm I'm gonna start by describing you create a ministry ID this is me you will choose as we suspected how but it doesn't matter what you choose so and you can change it at will any time so I'm currently a Hufflepuff if one day I feel more like a ravenclaw that's it that's all there is to it it doesn't yet although I suspect in time it might have something to do with the gameplay you also choose a name you can choose your nickname and that's infinitely changeable or not rather your nickname is not changeable but your name is infinitely changeable and it's confidential so this is kind of silly in fact when you share this with friends nobody will see any of this they only see a few little items but it's fun because it's your ministry ID so you can take a picture of yourself and by the way there's some really great snapchat snapchat II like features to this shall I make it new make sure you already have a wizard I will give myself some Wizarding glasses beautiful mm-hmm and if I want I can even give myself a little wizard II outfit so it doesn't really hang on my collar very well how about just a little scarf a nice scarf yeah to go with my oh I love it once you take the picture you can also put additional frames you can say to the world you're a Hufflepuff you could put yourself in the Daily Prophet newspaper and as you unlock things you get more and more stuff that you can you can put in there actually I love cauldrons that kind of works you can also add stickers there's lots of them from the game and a lot of you are gonna recognize you know little bits and pieces of the movie and the book it's really I mean I think I'm a prefect shouldn't I be a prefect let's take my prefect badge and put it right down here so they're nice and I think we need a little color cast let's let's let's let's put a little something on here like a little maybe I could make it a sepia or a black and white but I always like to give it a little magical aura oh no no no you could do a magical oh well you've got to play the game or you have to unlock that you can share this on social media I guess the idea is they didn't want probably didn't want people so this I can share if I wish but they didn't want people to because even though I've done this to my you know ID the ID when you have friends they don't see your picture anything you also get to choose your wand again completely meaning let's but but it has all of the all of the different wish that was more I wish there was more meaning to that there will is you know I feel like there will be I feel like you're I'll be there's also achievements and there's quite a few of these but none of this really affects the gameplay there's also stats you see I've caught 342 magical creatures I've walked 25 kilometers by the way that's what's great about these games you can't just sit at home and play them you need to get out walk around see people of you will see other people playing this game just as you did with Pokemon go I've been to 293 ins and greenhouses holy moly oh I've been playing hard Julie well play a little bit I'll show you a little bit more this is my suitcase and if you remember the magic you I do have a magic very good I like that works with your hat very nice vacay all the time mr. wizard so there are a few elements in here that I think are good to know about the vault is where you store your potions you can make these as well as use them I'm gonna recommend that you make a few because you will need them healing potion when you get into battle the extinction helps you fight better the Donald rot keeps bad guys from running away from you but this is the one you're gonna want the most of Beru feos brain elixir I'll I'll do that right now because it's going to double my experience points for 30 minutes and that's very important to leveling up so now I'm on borough feos this is ingredients which offend wandering around you'll pick them up I thought I saw a couple of ingredients outside I'll pick them up in a second you run out of space in this very quickly so you can buy more space I don't recommend it what you'll find is a lot of these ingredients you I don't need twenty six pieces of lovage so I'm just gonna throw those out so you'll find you can you can with the standard amount room applied you can do fine the one thing you are gonna want buy more of these are dark detectors which are basically like lures they attract the dark elements rune stones are important for battling and the fortresses and finally seeds in water when you go into a greenhouse you'll use these to grow more ingredients the rare ingredient that I always try to grow is the leaping toadstool Spore because you need that to make burrow feos brain elixir of course it wouldn't be a freemium game if you couldn't buy this craft and there's a lot of stuff to buy try not to fall prey to this you could play this game just fine without it if you are gonna buy things the one thing I would buy everybody seems to agree is more spell energy capacity you start with a with only 75 spell energies that you could store up you see I've bought a lot I want as much as possible because what happens is you run out of spell energy the only place to get spell energy is when you're visiting an inn and those aren't always you know that's when you're out and about if you're at home and you want to catch stuff you could use your profession profession does matter somewhat there's or or that's Harry Potter's an or or Hagrid's a magic zoologist and all the professors including Dumbledore are professors and as you evolve your character there is a skill tree people who play D&D games and so forth you know world of warcraft will recognize these skill trees and it's really important that you beef them up unfortunately though once you pick a profession and beef up that tree it doesn't go with you so you can rotate through professions and I guess as people play longer they may choose to have all three available when you're battling it's nice to have a mix but there isn't a significant difference so don't go agonize over which profession you are you can make your own potions as I mentioned in fact I've got some completed I like the potion making I do to the master notes part well that's my favorite part I'll show you right now so I'm gonna add a potion I have some ingredients I don't have the ingredients as you can see for borough feos brain elixir I need more of those toadstools but let's brew a strong invigoration draft draft a doddle draft that'll be handy and then once you're brewing these you can queue them up you can even rent an extra cauldron after you just get to a certain level don't rent a cauldron unless you've got money in fact I'm again gonna say you can play this game without spending any money and I think it's worth a worthy thing to do but you mentioned the master notes you can speed up the brewing if you know the proper incantation now I don't happen to know the incantation it's a it's a sequence of gestures like up right Hinch zoom triple tap clockwise stir counterclockwise stir I haven't found it yet yeah it's probably shake so it was shake but I shake I shake too long oh well why is it doing that because it's double shaking anyway a shake is a bad one to start with but you see you have you get them all right in sequence and then it will speed it up by 15% that's kind of fun in other words you're really trying to get in here all of the different features of Harry Potter but the biomechanics really by the way see there's some items newts planes they're everywhere I've got so many traces next to you now these are called traces and they're different colors for different kinds of traces there's animals there's Dark Arts pick one what color would you like me to to follow the what the one to the right of that dark blue Paul the one to the right yeah this one so this is the mechanics of main mechanics of the game is these are called found Abel's pixie confounder balls are guarding this new ball you have to cast a spell and you cast a spell by tracing a shape and you get graded on speed and accuracy so you want to do it fast but you also want to do it within lines I'm let me let me try my spell here shall we try it yeah so that was pretty quick that was not spell a resto momentum now is this is the equivalent of pokémon battling it won't always work in this case it did the pixies got chased away and I caught I prefer this so this is a I've overpowered the confounded bowls those are the Pixies and I'm gonna return this crystal ball to its rightful place you get points for this you get there's lots of points it's a very complicated process points yeah there's experience points now because I have a double experience points I'm gonna get more experience points out of this that's how you level up oh I got a brain elixir bonus yeah yeah so by the way you can speed up many of these animations just by tapping so don't don't feel like that's gonna be painful that you have to go through that each time so that's the main mechanics oh now this is an important one you see that with a thing coming off of it that means I've got a Madol I'm glad one showed up I have to oh wait it's oh no it's not a battle it's just a high-level threat so sometimes it'll be a battle sometimes it'll be a high-level threat but I do want to get this one and I want to do a good job of it yeah that was a kind of crappy past these are actual spells from the books which i think is pretty fun Alohomora it resisted me I might have to apply a potion for this fight see if this works if it doesn't I'm gonna I'm gonna apply a potion so this is my potion bin I have a number of potions I can use this is the dawdle draught this will this is a next emulator which will give me four strong casts this is a little bit weaker one only three casts and this is the Donald rot which means it won't run away but I'm gonna just use the let's try the extinct emulate that notice it makes a little easier what I was terrible will it work okay one more time and then we'll move on but I hate to leave this guy just hanging oh yeah yeah these are the ones that feel the worst it's like oh I gotta let him out of that yeah he's like there we go nice release the ball that's the confound ball he's the founder ball because you find them and the thestral is now going back to the Forbidden Forest where he belongs and that was good 300 for 40 points so that's the main crux of it you'll see these fortresses – those are like pokey gyms I can't get into this one it's a little too far away but when you go in there you can fight you can fight with other people in fact you want to make friends it's really important to make friends because those people if they're right now you want your friends to be near you that so they can go into fortresses with you so Myka you're in Missouri it's not going to help me that you're you're a friend of mine but I don't care I think down the road remembered one of the things Niantic has done with Pokemon ko has add new features the friends became very important later in the game so I wouldn't be surprised if these friends became very important if you want to add me as a friend that's my friend code four zero two three five four seven zero 1387 you can have up to 200 friends I only have 15 so far and again you want to cut I think at least for now you want to make those friends be people who you might run into as you walk around town playing because those people will help you in these fortress battles this is a much more complicated game than Pokemon go I agree it's very similar in the sense that this is an actual map of our area these are places around us the other thing that's a little different 18 T stores have sponsored this and if you are if you go to a mall with an AT&T store I noticed our local found the outlet mall over here everybody else is a sponsor all the stores are so that's good I guess because it means there's you go there and there's a lot of stuff there's ins there's green houses there's fortresses but they closed when the store closes Wow we went over to the mall and we were having a great time cuz you could just play all day there and then it stuff starts to go dark and it says it's closed and that's because sponsors get too close because I guess the idea is the sponsor is that they'll get some business right so what right now there's a lot more to play in this game it's a very deep game I am very happy with it one of the things you want to make sure you do every day is check your daily assignments I didn't do that so none of the things that I did today have applied that's bad on me you also I presume this hasn't happened yet will be getting special assignments these achievements will also as you complete them give you rewards they're very helpful they're very helpful and you see I am on another yeah this was also really a big part of Pokemon go was completing these special assignments so I think that that's gonna be fun it is a really fun game if you're going around with a friend Lisa and I play maybe someday you'll come out and we can play together we'll go into the fortress and then we can attack bad guys I I would wanted to show you a battle but I don't I guess we're not I thought I might get a battle so this is only those two battles are fun yeah I've fought against some centaurs and I can't remember something else one of these days we'll have a battle they're very challenging there's werewolves there's Death Eaters again it's all the characters from the Harry Potter games or not games movies and books so I think this really they've done a great job for fans of Harry Potter now they in the first months I think of a Pokemon Co made 200 million dollars it's estimated now they've only made 20 or 30 million dollars in this first weekend so yeah it may not be as popular as Pokemon go maybe not I think it deserves to be I think they've done a really great job there's so much more I feel to do that's the thing that kind of got me bored was okay Mongo was that I just there wasn't a lot to do and by the time they started to add more I was already kind of done with it anyway right but with this you know we started off as like the potion brewing for some reason really clicked with me I really liked that and those battles are really fun they're fun to do and we should mention just like Pokemon go this is an augmented reality game so you can't have these battles in real space I am apparently now in gonna battle this guy on the table in front of me so you could see you know that's kind of fun but let me exit out of this because I want to also show you one more feature and for this I think I'm gonna turn on let me turn on screen mirroring because I want you to be able to see this and I'm going to be jumping around quite a bit because this is one more feature if you can you'll put down that brain potion that doubling potion can you see my game yeah you can you'll put down that doubling potion before you open port keys this is something people who read the books are familiar with the port key is an item and I've been collecting them so what you want to do is like a lot of port keys and then and you you unlock them by using it you find these portmanteaus around town and then you unlock them by using a key as you walk these these you generate these by walking 2 kilometers 5 kilometers like the eggs and pocus like the eggs and like the eggs once you've walked that distance you can use these but unlike the eggs using them is a lot of fun watch so here I'm gonna use the port key the first thing you do and this this has to be done an augmented reality is find the boot so I found the boot that's the port key and I'm gonna tap it and that opens a word in the Wizarding World it looks like we are in shop go ahead and show my screen cuz it'll look better there you go we're in a shop in Diagon Alley and I'm looking for those glowing lights those are experts it's my job I'm the RAC spurt exterminator to find five of these and this makes you look like a complete idiot especially if you realize that I was doing this the other day in a restaurant and people think did you do it with iPad or with iPhone it doesn't matter you look like it you really have to move around as you can see it's not true a restaurant and so I'm in a restaurant moving around like this and my daughter's saying stop it so good news I was able to and by the way port keys tend to be the most experience points of all that's why you want to use the doubler before you do it and and I think within a few port keys I'm going to level up to level 15 this is a really really fun game I've been waiting for this in fact I said I can't play it till i gets a level 40 on Pokemon go I did about a month ago dropped Pokemon go like a hot potato nice I am all in all all in on the Potter äj– oh look looks more ingredients roofs poor eggs and I think you just completed a challenge I did of course I did oh this is something by the way that people don't like they the the knight antic folks treat you like cats with little laser dots all the time driving you crazy red dots as residents go away right away yeah well I don't know so yeah I picked up an ingredient on the map so I get some that's lightning that is the most scarce resource you can't cast spells without lightning and that's why you're gonna want to go to a lot of inns I wish I could show you the in mechanic because it's kind of fun you get to choose a food this is really really a fun game I haven't shown you all of it it's there's a lot more and that I guess is the point it's a deep game you'll enjoy it gets you out and about walking around Harry Potter wizards unite it's free to play you can download it now on iOS and Android as you can see I'm really pleased the iPad version is not a expanded iPhone version actually is designed to use the iPad even though it's using it in portrait mode but hey I guess they had to do it that way really done a great job I think Niantic gets a lot of credit and I if you played Pokemon go in the first few months you remember the server's crashed all the time Niantic has learned their lesson and I have found this one to be extremely reliable that's one other feature I should mention you really important go into the settings there are different settings I turned off the music that's kind of mine bad because you probably want to hear that great Harry Potter music and yes they're using the real music and vibration but eventually you'll turn that off there's one other feature that you're really gonna want to turn on download all the assets if you have 3.3 gigabytes free on your phone or pad and I know you may not but if you do and you download the assets that means you don't have to get those assets from the network that'll save you bandwidth on your phone but it also I think lower the network demand and makes it more reliable for everybody so know there are a few other things you might want to turn off or on it is a battery hog so that's why I have turned off a lot of the features including I met in reality because that really uses it up but boy is this a is this a fun game it is fun and get to playing the music for you because I had that turned off but it's got the Harry Potter music I had to leave something for you to discover Harry Potter wizards unite it's time to save the world no muggles allowed and that does it for iOS today for this day always a pleasure Micah hey I've had a good time Micah Sargent is a podcaster you can hear his incredible podcast which is all about the best sitcom ever made the office it's called somehow I managed search for the somehow I managed podcast each show is one episode of the office and they just read the dinner party what an episode and of course he's a regular on many of our shows you'll also find his work at Chihuahua dot coffee that's vodka we do iOS today and we have a lot of questions we didn't get to today because there was so much to talk about we'll get to those next week I appreciate all your emails send them along to Megan at twit TV if you've got a question a comment a suggestion Megan at twit TV if you want to watch the show we do it live Tuesday mornings around about 9:00 a.m. Pacific noon Eastern that would be roughly 1600 UTC you can watch or listen live at twit the TV slash live if you're doing that chat with us at irce twit dot TV and of course you can get on-demand versions of our shows that's why it's a podcast audio and video wherever you have find your favorite podcasts or even on our website with that TV slash iOS thank you everybody see you next time begging we'll be back next week on iOS today bye you

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