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2019 61st Grammy Awards Red Carpet Interview BTS

intervew bts in grammy awards we are here with BTS we ‘re BTS hello billboard Now i read it was a goal , perhaps of BTS actually come to the Grammy Awards how does it actually feel to be here at the Grammy tonight ? I mean we hit it And the goal was coming into the goal yeah . so .. yeah it’s like we’re living the dream so I should say “thanks to all the Armys ” they made us , they gave us , they give us force you’re presenting tonight on the show yes are you allowed to tell us what you’re presenting ? um… I cannot spoil it you know it’s like the first ever… first time ever presenting an award yeah i got like so much nervous on me but still we could do it We can do it ! we can do it together yeah how are you nervous ? why are you nervous ? you play an arena to thousands thousands of people many GRAMMYS YEAH , you know i sound nervous but i think .. i believe that we will try our best ! Now i heard that the new album coming out in like … maybe May or in the summer time I don’t know , maybe … ya tell me i’m wrong yeah , so… we’re we’re working we’re working very hard so .. it’s gonna be real soon Like a surprize album next week Maybe Is there like a concert or kind of theme in your mind that you have ? I cannot say many things .. you know but … I think it ‘s gonna be a paying off to our fans like just the concept it’s like paying off so I think I just ..I just hope they love it and they listen to it and they like it I think they might please will it be a kind of trilogy or the last projects …. that’s a secret .come on ! that’s important for us i have to keep asking never know Come on bilboard you know , you know what we do can i ask a question ? i’m sorry who are you looking forward to seeing here tonight that’s inside that you haven’t meet night ? she’s great armys Our fans YEAH You know in the past year you’ve had two- number one albums on the Billboard 200 chart Your first top ten single on the Billboard Hot 100 How has the past year changed your life … you know kind of professionally and .. and like personally in the way to ..everything has changed ? um.. yeah I’ve seen so many news many like ..good words to us But you know I think the most important thing is that we keep ourselves we just stay our lane and do what we love to do so you know it’s still great and still feel so amazing but .. just …we’re just trying to keep it you know …..and we’re not …we’re not …like a long time owners of it , so but you know still great

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