2018 Wanderlust World Guide Awards: Ceremony highlights

we're here at Royal Geographical Society where we hold the awards ceremony every year and we've had guards each year from all around the world coming to London many of them come to London for the first time they are always inspiring people there are always people who really have changed people's lives great night we brought up 35 of our staff and they stuff like this is really important to us because it just showcases you know how good tour guides really are like a male from the company and say hey Pablo so Mohave nominating you for the world has wet it was a huge surprise no idea like a remarkable enjoy every moment I'm here I all would dream to come to London I felt incredibly proud it's a very prestigious event and to be included in it and with so many other people nominated for it to be in the final ten on cloud nine since I heard it's mind-blowing really to be in that company of such great guides but it's also real personal back it's quite an isolated existence guiding sometimes and to be with the others and swapping stories this afternoon it's been fantastic they enjoyed a lot and the thing that you see at these events every year is just how much the audience adores the guys that they've gone tour I mean they they set up life long bonds with a lot of these people I mean it's not just somebody that they've enjoyed the holiday with do they form friendships that last for life I think it's really important to work with guides because people are venturing out in more adventurous places they need help they need guidance and the more we can do to encourage people to become guides I think it makes everybody's enjoyment of adventure travel much better I'm so happy to be shortlisted out of 4,000 to ten was already happy with top ten and then even more happy with top three less it's just a dream like to be here with all the other guides and to be recognized in this way I just really want to say thank you to my travelers they put me here they give me a job that I love so I've been shot quite a little bit can't even believe that I come out number one obviously it's anime list of guides and leaders of their and we're all gonna stay in church so yeah we're all winners really a great support of the magazine I can't believe 25 years have gone by and it's the Warner read that I have to have every month as long as they keep doing it I'll be here it's just the most wonderful it's just been a great celebration of tourism

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