2018 Trophy Awards 🏆 Top 10 Best PS4 Trophy List Games of the Year

welcome to the first part of the 2018 trophy Awards we are gonna kick things off and list the top ten trophy list from this past year after this I'll dive into the ten hardest and the ten easiest platinum trophy so make sure you are subscribed and ring that notification bell so you don't miss those I really look forward to the trophy Awards because I get to include you guys in the process in 2018 was an amazing year for PlayStation games for the top ten trophy lists I asked you on Twitter and in my official discord server to give me your favorite trophy list and hundreds of you answered the call and I'm very excited to say that I think you guys got this right the top 10 trophy list is basically the game of the year through the eyes of a trophy hunter there were some games that didn't quite crack the top ten that got enough love from you guys that I didn't want to take a second to recognize them before I jump into it those games are Dragon Quest 11 so last shadow of the Tomb Raider Monster Hunter world and the psvr game beat saber it's actually really cool to see a PS VR game get some attention so let's jump into the top 10 starting at number 10 the spiral reignited trilogy yeah technically this is three games but it was packaged as one this contains some remakes of the first three Spyro games very much like what activision did last year with the crash bandicoot series now if i had to single out one of these titles as being the best I would personally choose spyro 2 riptos rage but you'll get three platinum trophies for the price of one these games are basically old-school collectathon 's and the trophy list had a very nice structure to them in each level of the games there is one random trophy you can earn most of them are super easy and allows you to focus more on your enjoyment of the game instead of stressing out about the trophies now I fully recommend this trilogy to anyone who is a fan of the series or wants to add three fun Platinum's to the trophy count expect to put in about 30 hours total and around three out of ten difficult number nine on our list is another remake but Shadow of the Colossus does not feel like a remake it was rebuilt from the ground up and modernized this featured a trophy list that was far easier than the ps3 version which itself was a remaster I'm personally very fond of this game surprisingly since I had the exact opposite feelings towards Last Guardian but while it's probably only a four out of ten difficulty there are aspects of this trophy list I really don't like seeing the first is missable trophies they featured four missable trophies you had to do a speedrun of hard mode complete the game without dying pray at all the shrines and finally use a specific attack right at the end of the game thankfully none of them are actually difficult and you had to replay the game four to seven times so you'll have plenty of opportunity to get them the second aspect of this list I never like seeing in any game is something I just mentioned and that's having to replay the game multiple times however since this imp can be completed very quickly I'll give it a pass since even with all of that you can platinum this in under 25 hours number eight is the only game I personally have never played and that's you Cuza 6 the song of life this is another game that rates at roughly 4 out of 10 which may take around 40 hours to complete this Yakuza title takes a different approach than earlier Yakuza titles with its trophies and doesn't require you to achieve 100% completion it can also be completed in a single playthrough provided you don't lose out on its one missable trophy they eliminated a lot of filler from past games in the series and we worked a lot of the other mechanics so fans of this series seems to be divided on this approach but you Cuza 6 had its best ever launched in the West so perhaps the series will see more porch head our way number 7 is battlefield 5 this is the lone multiplayer only game on this list well kind of it does have a single-player campaign that they call war stories but it's such a tiny part of the game and most people buy this game for the competitive online it has only 6 trophies as part of the war stories and all you need to do is complete them on the hardest difficulty which is not hard at all there's no collectibles no challenges or any other miscellaneous tasks the rest of the trophies reside completely within the multiplayer where the only difficult one is for destroying five manned weapons with an airplane battlefield 5 probably experienced softer than normal sales because the plan battle royale mode didn't ship with the game the exclusion of that however probably made this platinum trophy much easier something that may take you 30 hours with a difficulty of 3 of 10 so let's head into number 6 which is far cry 5 I'm really happy this game got some love I don't think I could come up with a better trophy list for this game which takes about 25 hours with the three out of ten difficulty it required you to do a little of everything but never asks too much from you the game is very open-ended once you make it past the opening area you're basically free to go anywhere and accomplish your goals in whatever order you want the game does have an online arcade mode but the related trophies don't ask you to devote your life to earning them the most troublesome of those is winning 10 games on featured maps but only because there's no way to ensure you play on those featured maps many people in my discord chat myself included boosted this in a private match making it very quick and easy if we head back to the campaign trophies you'll notice the game has six different types of collectibles for a total of 68 however you only need one of each type for the Platinum I say the most troublesome trophy is for completing the hunting and fishing challenges there are 16 animals and 12 fish you'll be after with boomer and a few hours you'll complete all of that this is the right way to do hunting challenges in a game there is a wrong way to do them which allows me to segue into number 5 on our list and that is Red Dead Redemption to red that drops down to number 5 not because of the overall quality of the game but because of the difficulty in achieving platinum is probably more grindy than it is hard but what a 250 hour grind that will be thankfully the game is fantastic if you thought the 16 animals you had asked in in Far Cry 5 was bad well in Red Dead 2 the zoologist trophy requires you to study all and 78 animals in the game and skinned 71 specific ones the hard part is finding many of them it can be argued that it's the most obnoxious trophy of the year there's also gonna be a long grind to get to 100% completion and to reach level 50 online there's also a terrible miserable trophy and that is for completing all 28 optional honor missions miss one of them and you'll have to start the game all over or reload an earlier save if you were smart enough to make one along the way thankfully a bug is this where you just have to replay an epilogue mission called home improvement for beginners and it'll pop that lending a hand– trophy hopefully that's still unpatched when you watch this as I mentioned the game is great and there are still a lot to love about the Red Dead Redemption 2 trophy list you may not platinum it but that doesn't necessarily mean you won't love trying to it'll take a long time but it still at worst only a 5 out of 10 on the difficulty scale number 4 is Detroit become human this is arguably the best Quantic Dream title they've released heavy rain was well received but they lost a little favour with gamers but they're not quite as good beyond two souls title they came out swinging with Detroit to come human and it delivered a home run with its trophy list the trophy list can feel a little overwhelming because you have to go back and replay a lot of sections for different outcomes it's not as complicated as getting all the endings in heavy rain and the new flow chart makes things easier to understand I mentioned earlier in this video that I'm not a fan of multiple playthroughs this game is a big exception what makes this trophy list so great is that it encourages you to replay the game or a few chapters or just a single chapter these replays allow you to go back and make different decisions and you don't just earn a trophy you are delivered a new story a new experience while going for this platinum I was more interested in the new narratives that were being told because of the choices I made for the trophies and seeing how those affected the ending of the game even with all the replays you can earn this fairly easy platinum in twenty-five hours Detroit become human is one of the few games where earning the Platinum actually makes the game better number three is Assassin's Creed Odyssey it's a great game but I have to give a big shout-out to Ubisoft for starting to recognize what I've disliked about their trophy list if you go back to Far Cry 5 at number six on this list I mentioned that they only required you to find one of each type of collectible well Odyssey took it a little bit further and for the first time in recent memory they didn't even ask you to 100% every area just 42 underwater areas you didn't have to complete every quest you didn't have to synchronize all the view points and the trophy list is basically all of the fun stuff in the game and left out all of the tedious aspects it's still a big game and it'll take you sixty hours but it's only a three out of ten difficulty and one of the best games to come out this year Odyssey includes for the first time dialogue choices and multiple endings but your decisions won't block you from any trophy and that freedom of choice is much appreciated by me it does have one missable trophy which requires you to spend a night with another character but I tell you not to worry about it due to the number of chances you'll have at it number two is Marvel spider-man every year there is a game that people will most commonly cite as their first platinum trophy ever and this is it for 2018 all you need to do with 100% the game which will take around 30 hours at about a three or four difficulty out of ten so many people love this game that non trophy hunters got that platinum because once they beat the story they wanted to play more and you never had to look up a guide granted I will agree with most people that decide tasks got a little repetitive but it is always a joy to swing around the city insomniac games also took it easy on us trophy hunters there are many challenges around the city but they didn't require us to get the gold level ultimate score on any of them I would have personally loved that extra challenge but this trophy list is accessible for everyone this is one of those games where all you need to do is play the game on whatever difficulty you choose and not worry about the trophies so it's no surprise that this game was the only thing that prevent got award from winning in a landslide number one is coming as no surprise to anyone obviously God of War is taking the title of the best trophy list of 2018 and I don't care what anyone says god of war was the game of the year of course being the game of the year doesn't automatically mean you have the best trophy list but in this case it's hard to argue you got yourself a solid 40 hours and a moderate difficulty on I don't know four or five out of ten it doesn't matter what difficulty you play it on it doesn't have anything miscible it does feature some collectibles that will require to use a guide mine for example but the trophy list is pretty straightforward most of the non-story related trophies ask you to explore more of the areas of the game every trophy was fun to earn and nothing felt like a chore even the collectibles for which there are many wasn't bad because I enjoyed revisiting most of the areas in the game looking for them take everything right about the trophy list and layer it on top of an amazing story with great gameplay in a world that is beautifully crafted and you easily have the best game and trophy list of the year so that's the top 10 thank you for watching I personally Platinum 7 of these 10 games well technically 9 out of 12 if you break out the Spyro games individually let me know how many you've completed and don't forget to subscribe and ring that notification bell for the remaining trophy award videos

  • The problem with Farcry games is that multiplayer (or online) dies very, very quickly. Reflect back to Farcry 3 on PS3 and Farcry 4 on PS4. RDR2 is an easy game, people never make the distinction between difficult and time consuming. A game which requires you to put in a lot of work is not difficult purely by association. Yes, it may get overwhelming to the point where you give up

  • Loooool god of war is an easy platinum ? You dont know what you are talking about dude ! Sigrun the valkyrie queen is easy to beat ?

  • You have to devote your life for Red Dead Redemption 2's online trophies. Why don't you criticise about that?

  • I have 5 plat
    And now I m working on rdr 2. I ve never seen so many stupid trophyes in my life. If you want to make trophyes, make them enjoyabel. Do not make me do it only to obtain platinum. That eio grande wild turky took me 6 hours to find. 6 fking hours.

  • I kinda disagree on the fact that it's good to be able to earn the platinum without having to 100% the game, finding every collectible etc. On the other hand, I am completely against mindless grinding without real purpose or reward other than just a trophy as well, no matter how good or fun a game is, doing the same thing over and over again for 2 hours straight or having to find an extreme amount of collectibles (yes talking to you AC) is just a stupid waste of time. A platinum trophy for me is like a stamp that says "congrulations. I've got nothing more to show you now" and getting it before actually completing everything does not make sense to me. One example of a game where I think they balanced this issue perfectly is DOOM (2016). You have to 100% the game in order to earn the plat but you never have to grind anything, you can revisit levels for challenges, collectibles,… And last but not least: every collectible has purpose. Finding all of the elite guard suits and trial runes and drones and secrets actually progress your character in making you stronger rather than just being there to earn some virtual bling.

  • I'm glad that Detroit: Become Human is high on this list. A fantastic game with as commented has many different storyline paths. Glad they got rid of the tedious multiple endings trophy. I do prefer Beyond Two Souls over Heavy Rain, but Detroit is the best game from Quantic Dream. A visually stunning, fantastic game.

  • I got into trophy hunting this year, and my first two platinums were Spiderman and God of War, just because I loved them so much.

  • I’ve just Subscribed to your YouTube Platform and I like Puzzle Games BUT do you have a Walkthrough Guide for Pic-a-Pix Pieces & Fill-a-Pix; Phil’s Epic Adventure. I’ve been looking around for a few weeks and I’d just like to do the PS Vita Version before it goes BYE BYE.

  • well tbh rdr 2 shouldn't be on here i mean i love the game and i love a good challenge but there is a Trophy requiring you to max out your Health Endurance and dead eye that Comes along with having to complete all the challenges in the game which involves the Gambling challenges which are Pretty much broken and that doesn't deserve a spot on this list for me

  • I just played spiderman and god of war. And got both plats. But just because I dont have the money to play all of them. Still great games and played some of them on the ps from some friends like rdr2 or aco

  • Iam in 99.6% of completion in RDR2 after more than two months later…just need gambler 9 which requires skill and 10 which is easy..fck gambler 8 was a complete pain in my a$$..will be my most time consuming and difficult platinum.. platinum list 2018
    Tell Tale Batman
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Until Dawn
    Mafia 3
    Far Cry 5
    Far Cry 3 Classic
    Life is Strange
    God of War
    Shadow of War
    A Way Out

  • 76hrs in odyssey and still at 60% trophies everyone i know got it in over 100hrs i guess you would have to rush the game a lot to get it in 60 hours great game and trophy list nonetheless but why red dead this trophy list is grindy af

  • I remember In Far Cry 5 there was this trophy "complete all hunting challenges" and I did them all except hunt a hare and i was like pf piece of cake…BOI I WAS WRONG…THEY ARE SUPER RARE AND FAAAAAAAAST…I hunted her for 5 hours…but in the end I got the platinum

  • Before I had a PS4, a friend once told me that "you fall in love with the trophies". I said that it sounded stupid, since al I would do when I got my PS4 would be just play casually. I can't believe how wrong I was.

  • BFV are perople mentally retarded? lol the game itself is trash and wow! loot boxes and MT's out the ass. and wow! multiplayer games are trash for getting trophies.

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