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2018 Grammy Nominee for Best Rap/Sung Performance Talking Through His Next Move | DailyVee 369

– In today’s DailyVee, this
is a sit down I have with GoldLink who is an incredibly
interesting artist out of D.C. And I thought we got into some
really interesting shit here for artists in a certain place. If you are kind of winning right now, you better watch this thrice. (downtempo electronic music) – How long have you guys been together on the management side?
– Oh-five? – The get. – [Man Offscreen] First
mixtape came out in 2014. – Love it. – So the year before
that. So we’ve probably been together for four or five years. – Love it. How long have
you been paying attention? – [Man Offscreen] I actually
probably met you in 2014. I mean he’s been killing
a lot of shows right? So even though you didn’t
have this smash platinum smash – It’s the same old shit.
People that know know. People that don’t, it’s the same old shit. It’s like watching the
music awards last night and I’m like, this is
literally five years ago shit. Dudes are singing songs
they wrote four years ago. You know? When you gotta hit
that much middle America. It’s the same old shit.
– Exactly. – SoundCloud, Spotify, right?
It’s just the same shit. – [Man Offscreen] (mumbles)
You know selection people? – Yeah. – [Man Offscreen] He’s really the first rapper to really fuck
with that and to also get their support so all
of those producers who are a little more
experimental, a little more wave went straight to him. – So what’s coming next,
what’s the next move, what’s the next project or
how’re you strategizing? – I guess the thing for
us right now is like, we’ve built so much culture
to this point, right? – Yes, right. – The thing about it is, now that we got the platinum and that became our time and possibly like a double platinum, we want to transition this song Crew that we’re going on Fallon to do tonight and transition that into a new single. Also on the backhand we want to do personally, I want to start investing and start working on that. More so, it’s expanding the culture outside of music because we did do, we kept doing music- we’re great at that. We want to show people that we’re more multi-faceted and do things, if that makes sense. – Are you concerned about going too fast before you really put
the flag into the music? It’s the same shit I’m always doing. I want to go on- this is a great company and I’ve built a big-ass company I can’t wait to do what I’m doing next, which is buying brands and do it. But I’m always, did I really?
– Exactly. – How many hit songs? How many hit projects
before you could have the… As soon as you move, you’re trading off the equity you made in music. And you’ve got this much equity versus the whole womb being full. It’s a really interesting
thing to your point. – The transition has been so,
– Gradual. – But it’s so genuine. – You know what the problem is? This is the toughest moment
for this entire crew. Because you’ve been hitting it hard for so long, now you’re
on that next plane. You’ve been thinking about the next plane from the beginning, let
alone for the five years and now the question is,
do you move too quick; it’s interesting.
– Right, and that’s the thing. – You’re independent, right? – No, we’re with RCA.
– You’re signed. – Yeah and that was a process. – Anything I can help with? Obviously you guys having some sense. Anything specifically? – To be honest,
– Please. – I think right now, it’s
funny that you say that because him especially, all of us are in the process of that
transition we’re talking about. Even for example, we’re trying to get into modeling but more so, image consultant. We’ve met with, what is
it, the Society Models, that have Adriana Lima, they represent Kendall Jenner, like those kind of people that we met with. So we’re doing these things but even having the conversations
with these people about how brands don’t know what
the fuck they’re doing like Louis Vuitton
doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing, New York doesn’t know. We don’t know what the fuck we’re doing. So for that, we just
talked to him on the train when I was coming up here, we want to do a plan,
where we actually sit down; what is our agency? What do we want it to look like? What is that we really, really want? And when we figure that out, we fill up those spaces in between times. Until we figure that out… – Let me give you a piece of advice, what you want- is to gather
as much attention as possible. – Okay.
– You guys are all so, look at you, you guys are all young. You have forty, fifty
more professional years? Be smart, we’re all going
to be living longer. I’m going to be sitting courtside
at the Knicks game tonight some 67-year old white
dude with Yeezy’s on and a 30-year old girlfriend
is going to sit next to me. Life is long, people get confused. So to be really frank with you, I love your answer and obviously we don’t have a lot of time; we have to go do Fallon, so we need to chop it up again together. I thought I was going to D.C.
for some stupid reason soon, but none the less, it’s easy. I love…
– Did we do Under Armor? – Yeah we did that eight months ago. – Some Baltimore stuff? – [Man Offscreen] You were
like, a model in their ad. – Why, because you’re pretty? – I don’t know, I guess! (laughter) – Anyway, none the less, – [Man Offscreen]
Experience with modeling… – Here’s what I was trying to say, take a step back, just for you to chop up with each other like what
the fuck was he saying? Just food for thought- my point of view, if you’ve
got the moment in music, and I’m going to start doing
more of my own homework, I’ve listened obviously and it’s great, by the way, whether
it’s modeling, or music, or fuck, I don’t give a shit, Gap, that’s why I love social so much, gather as much attention as you can as much as you can because
you’re going to trade on that to your point no matter what comes out of your guys’ collective mouth we’re going to start a beverage business, we’re going to create our own label, we want a Beats by Dre moment, it’s going to be that
fucking rad-ass fly thing. Whatever the fuck, you
guys are going to say, all of it is going to trade
on one currency- attention. The fuck am I doing? I’m just gathering so much attention and then I get to deploy it, my K-Swiss collab outsold Future and the Weeknd that makes no fucking sense, this much sense because
I have more attention than people realize and
my attention is deep. Those guys have way
more attention than I do but it’s scattered on other things and there’s connection, that’s fair, but that’s right- just
fucking gather attention. What I want for you, and for anybody else in your position, this young, this much talent, this collective crew, to me, it’s why I always thought Drake was playing it right and
here’s what’s smart about what Drake did and I have
no idea if this is what they thought, I just don’t know, the volume of projects that he put out, speaks to my thesis,
which is, when you’re hot when you’ve got the best hand, keep playing it.
– Right. – To me, the thing now is
to be overly thoughtful of the next song because god-forbid you guys can go two in a row,
you guys have been around, you’re big boys, you hit a second one, it’s a whole different conversation. And that level of attention
is disproportionate. The other thing I’m obsessed with is who you collaborate with. What I would spend a lot of
time on the train going home on we just did Fallon, everybody
knows what’s coming, we’re popping- first,
who’s reaching out to us because they’re a little
bit tired, we’re hot, but they may be a bigger wide name and who would you fuck with? I love your reaction, my man. You know that reaction right now, when you leave, I’m going
to, he’s going to win, that’s a very good reaction because you understood what I just said. Who the fuck has big
audience who’s a little, who’s the Usher, the
John Legend, the Wyclef, or whomever, however, who’s got real reach but doesn’t have your fucking culture, pulse, swag right now, needs you for that and you need, it’s a fucking trade. Why is that 67-year old going to have a 25-year old smoke
show- it’s a trade. – True, yeah.
(laughter) – Correct, I would, if
I was part of this team, in the same as agent, I
would be growth consultant, I would be like, okay,
who’s reached out to us, if anybody, who does the
label desperately want to get a little pulse into
and who’s authentic to us. Everybody else sucks, silly shit that nobody would think of, you would be like, I always loved Billy Joel, I listen to Billy Joel all the time and if, John Mayer, if John Mayer’s being real smart right now, I know John, he didn’t tweet about
Nicki Minaj for his health, he knows exactly the fuck he’s doing he’s not fucking with Russ, exactly, and Metro Boomin, he knows
exactly what he’s doing because he’s a gangster;
you need to find him. Who’s your John Mayer,
who do you fuck with, who’s reached out and
get that song out ASAP. The collab, disproportionally,
because the streets are fucking with you, I want
Kansas Susie to fuck with you. That would be what I would
be spending all my time on. Tonight we’re going to be put on, to that mainstream shit, who
the fuck is going to reach out. This is what I do, Louis
Vuitton, and Under Armor and Rebok everyone else,
they’re all in deep fucking shit.
– Yeah. – That game is over;
I’m glad your reaction. They’re all dead. – We were just talking about that today. – They’re all dead,
here’s what that means. Instead of worrying about that right now, go deep as fuck into attention-grabbing pop back out in 24 months,
you’ll get pieces of equity in Nautica; fuck a deal. Just a little more patience right now at the time that it’s the hardest. Because you’ve been
fucking eating shit and now you’re here but you’re here. You know what I mean?
– I get what you’re saying. Man, that’s true. – And what’s crazy, right now, everybody, this is why most people don’t win. This is the time you go
even more shit-eating not the reverse. It’s so counter-cultural because you guys have all been
talking about this day for the last 2,000 days in a row. Now you’re here and you think you’re here and it’s no, no, no. That’s what I did! I fucking invested in Facebook, Twitter, Uber, everything- I’m here; I did it. And I decided to build
a client-service agency, go into clients and eat shit
in the prime of my career. I’m giving you advice I took. And now I’m really here.
– Right. – And I’m still not really here, like the longer you can hold your breath, you win but that, honestly,
what I would do right now is fucking circle up and who
are we doing a song with, who are we doing a
straight collab with that disproportionally puts you in
a much bigger awareness pool and there’s some big-ass artists that really need you right now. Because you got the thing that they want. Relevance- and they’ve got
what you want- audience. It’s exactly when you
fucking do a song with Mariah Carey or whatever’s authentic or whatever you fuck with, that’s on you. Someone from D.C., I don’t know, you guys do you, I’m never going to, I’m always going to frame it,
I’m not going to tell you who. But the biggest audience
that you can fuck with get in the studio tomorrow,
that’s what I would do. That’s my two sense, you know. Because the shit you
guys are thinking about is going to be there for you. You’re going to have more leverage, they’re doing this, and what you’re doing is make sure you’re going
like that, not that. Because if you’re thinking
about all their shit, you’ll stay flat, what
you need to do is just get more attention, more people to listen. That’s your fucking gig cart right now. Make sense?
– For sure. – And you see it, you
guys, the freshman list, the Spotify rap caviar, we all see it. There’s fucking people that have that moment and then they make a decision, it’s either this way, people are like, oh, they started partying, I hate when people do
that- people are smart now. You kids are way smarter than kids that came up when I was a kid, it’s not that they’re
partying and fucking hoes, and buying dumb shit, it’s that they are so excited about that moment,
they start focusing on what’s my sneaker collab, how
am I going to do this cologne, and I get it but they didn’t fucking (fist smack) they didn’t get it all yet. And the one move no one
does is the collaboration. That’s why I’m giving it to you, I want to give new fresh stuff. That’s the move; it’s audience. People don’t pay attention, people don’t understand what Taylor Swift
did for Kendrick Lamar, – [Man Offscreen] That’s
exactly what I was saying – [Man Offscreen] Or when she just got on the Maroon 5 song and
Kendrick before that. – That’s real shit, man. A hundred, a hundred- because he’s smart. Kendrick told you that his plan was to go on people’s shit
and steal their fans, he fucking told you! He’s right, that’s what I do when I go on people’s podcasts. Like, I’m coming, of course
I’m coming on your show! I’m taking your fucking people with me! (laughter) You’re still young
enough in my opinion that you can win both within your
genre and outside of it. You still have a lot of
hip-hop collecting to do. You do!
– [Man Offscreen] One thing to say real quick before we go, is he’s a big fan of your content so maybe it’s something
but he’s huge in Europe so it’s not just the United States – Oh I remember that. – [Man Offscreen] But
since he’s huge in Europe, we’re doing 3500 events
– That’s right. – [Man Offscreen] They’re sold out. – And Australia announces tomorrow too. – That’s what’s up. – [Man Offscreen] They’re
targeting other countries and that’s what we’ve been talking about. – I believe it. I don’t know, man, like two songs. Look, you fucking lived it, you know it better than I do, you did a bunch of projects and now you’re living through what happens when you get a song. That shit compounds when
you get two in a row. Like real different. – [Man Offscreen] It doubles and triples. – That’s right and really like 10x. That’s why if you get a collab that pops, we’re spending a lot of
time with the latin kids that are like, can’t even speak English, but you get on a song
with Bieber or Khalid does this and everything’s crossing. I would really spend a lot of time looking at the artists that are
ahead of you in reach and you would fuck with
both in your own genre and outside of your own genre and I would be very thoughtful
in anyone who reaches out and would I fuck with you. I mean hardcore, officially
through the label all the way through somebody giving you love on social- best collaborations that I know of, someone gave you love and just tweeted some shit like, this is fucking fire. You just DM them and
you’re in studio next week. It’s a different world- patience. This close and you know it. There’s nothing I said you don’t know. But the collab one, that’s the one I can be like, I’m so glad that happened but that’s the one I would
be very thoughtful about. It could really change shit. You know what’s crazy about that, it’s historically correct for hip-hop. Guys, I’m old, that run DMC
fucking Aerosmith thing? That changed everything for Run DMC. I was in a very mixed culture environment in New Jersey and I had black
friends and Indian friends and white fans like,
me and my black friends know who Run DMC was
but that Aerosmith joint put everybody on. You have the best part right now, though. You can deep in Atlanta, or
like collabs on the West Coast. You’re still going to benefit from anybody who’s just a bigger artist within your genre, let alone Maroon 5. – [Man Offscreen] Right, totally, yeah. – You still have both to do. – [Man Offscreen] You kind
of want a remix with Khalid – He’s fucking crazy big,
that’s exactly right. That’s exactly right though. Now with this song, now
you could get the collab that is Khalid today
versus the Khalid you got, now it’s just exponential, you and Khalid put out a song right now
and that would be like, – [Man Offscreen] More
name recognition and – 100% and radio play and Target
wants it for a commercial. You’re in it, now you have to got to have the real conversation, this is where you’ve got to be real
smart about these next two. Cool, I don’t want to
hold you guys up, go. (downbeat electronic music) I’ll get some love, I’ll
get some followers for you. Take care of yourself. Have a good time tonight, take care. Leave your two cents to the interview- to the meeting, I just had with Goldlink, would love to see it, and have
a great, healthy new year.

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