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2017 NSW International Student of the Year Awards – Community Engagement Award winner

I coordinate the University of Wollongong and Bomaderry High School Asia Immersion Program. I think the main factor of the success of the program is the involvement of the international students, because our students are getting authentic
cultural experiences. In the way that the school’s
been able to do it with the university itself has been so eye-opening
and so educational. They’re getting to meet people who have lived in these countries,
grown up in these countries, have a great cultural understanding and are able to share that
with our students. And I think what’s also been
very rewarding is to see them tell me how much
they appreciate the opportunity to talk about their country
and culture. They’ve come into classes sometimes
during mathematics and we’ve learnt about their culture. And it was really interesting
to learn about that aspect. It’s just really good to see
that programs like this are being recognised, because it’s just such
a mutually beneficial partnership. It’s just amazing watching all
the students get really involved and get really excited about it. Students absolutely love
this Asia program. We hope that we can see it continuing for many years to come.

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