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2017 NSW International Student Awards – Highlights

So, really, tonight is about recognising the fact that they’ve been brave enough to get out there
and do something special. So it really is an opportunity to showcase to other students on opportunities and ideas about
being part of the NSW community. Winning this award has encouraged me to get more involved not only in the local community, but also
in the international community. This is a nice acknowledgement from Study NSW. They are very supportive. They’re so super excited. They’re very excited that I’m here and my friend. My principal told everyone
in the assembly. Great opportunity to meet
with the students, not only the winners, of course,
but the finalists. Very, very excited and very appreciative. Tonight is something special because the atmosphere,
the environment, everything, it’s really amazing. Each of our finalists here should be
very, very proud of the fact that they have been nominated and that they will be recognised tonight. I’m very proud of everyone
who was nominated tonight. It doesn’t matter who the winner is. What matters is the work that we do. Our contribution to the Australian… Australian society. Well, I think what we’re seeing
tonight are those students who have gone out of their way, engaged, integrated
into the local community. The message I would give to
international students in NSW is get out there. Don’t stay at home. And I felt very great, you know, to be representing CET and have my colleagues with me supporting me. It’s just been fantastic. It is a message about engagement
in the local community, understanding the community, learning about another culture because that will take you
a long way. Oh, it’s fantastic to be here at the iconic venue of Government House. It’s an absolute privilege
to be here. I think, in a word, recognition. So, recognition that what the
students are doing is special. Recognition that
they’re part of our society. I just thought, “Asia Immersion
Program? Oh, my God! That’s us!” Your whole experience
that you’re getting out of this is not just a study experience, but it’s an experience
of individual personal growth.

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