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2017 NACo Achievements Awards

The word I’m thinking of a service. It means collaborative. It’s such an honor. The product the we did for NAcCo, really means connection. It think it means teamwork. I’d say validation. It means gratitude. In one word I would say honored. I would say the one word is
proud. To me, it means confirmation. I think the best word is achievement Breakthrough. Phenomenal. Success. Outreach. Validating. Thank goodness. Delighted. Empowering. Access. Convenience. Partnerships. Innovation. Relationship building. Accomplishment. Achievement. Excellence. Innovative. Progressive. It means leadership. Because, Montgomery County strives to lead by example in our eco-friendly behaviors and government operations and through this award it’s allowing us, the award is both recognizing some work that we’ve done to let people know about the work that we’re doing that then allows us to demonstrate our leadership and also because it is through the National Association of Counties it’s an opportunity for other government agencies across the country to learn more about what we’re doing and to allow
us to lead by example with those peers. We started with the name Leadership
Development Institute because we were looking to develop leaders we’ve since
changed it to the Community Advocacy Institute, because the program teaches
low-income residents in Montgomery County advocacy skills. We take we took a group of about 22 folks and from soup to nuts taught them advocacy skills over an
eight month period, how to interface with elected officials how to give testimony
and how to be strong community advocates. The name of the program is safe walk
home and it impacts the residents by allowing students from high school to
connect with elementary school students and mentoring and also show them showing them leadership qualities So the name of our program is fun, food, fitness and fundamentals and our program was set to support families in the East County
region by by targeting food insecurities, summer learning loss. Montgomery County GreenFest is an annual event that happens in the spring to celebrate the environmental work of the past, present, and future that we are doing as a County.
Our residents are doing amazing things to benefit the environment and so we
wanted to make an event to celebrate that as well as to provide opportunities
for the residents to learn about other programs that are available that’s why
we forged this as a partnership with, now 12 but 13 originally when it started,
environmental organizations that in order to show all the different ways
that groups are out there trying to highlight what they’re doing and to
provide new opportunities to help us clean our waters clean our air will help achieve lower climate emissions and to just be greener in general We created a comprehensive stress management program for the Department of Corrections, to help correctional employees build resilience and resistance to distress and recover from
traumatic incidents which are unfortunately a regular part of working in a correctional environment. It helps the County, because it creates a
resilient and strong correctional workforce. Programs like this help to
reduce absenteeism, sick leave, turnover and all of those things are very costly so our program helps to save the County taxpayer dollars So the name of this program was Building Bridges During Crisis. Specifically it’s related to
the Long Branch fire disaster we had at the Flower Branch Departments. I think
the county benefits from this program because it does what we are asked to do
which is to provide service to the community So when we wake up every day and we go and and open those doors and we open the library we are providing a space for the communities to begin when this disaster
happened we were there every day opening library seven days a week just like we
always do and one of the basic things we did that the county provides and can
provide is a sense of normalcy. The other thing we also did was to make sure that the County was in involved as best as we could be. So we provided programming, we
were in the room with the victims of this terrible disaster helping the
children like play games and watch movies, read books we wanted to make sure that they they they felt as normal as they could I am a dental hygienist with the Dental Services portion of the Maternity Partnership Program, and it provides oral health services both treatment and education to an underserved population
of pregnant women in the County. We had difficulty in getting the pregnant women to actually come into the dental clinic for services and we overcame this
challenge by reserving blocks of time for them and by going to their
orientation appointment and making the dental appointments for them at that
time and it more than doubles the access to care. The name of the program is Route
301, it serves the Tobytown community as well as the surrounding community in
Potomac Well one of the greatest challenges was being able to provide fixed route service to the community. The infrastructure just didn’t allow for a
40-foot bus to enter into the community. So we partnered and contracted
out or smaller bus to serve the community and it worked it’s was a
win-win for both. I feel proud. I feel really good about what we did. I feel very proud about this project. I take pride in the work that
our staff does. Personally I’m amazed. This is an incredibly rewarding project. We’re really proud to be part of this program. I feel like it’s really been a
benefit. I’m excited I’m always excited. I’m always excited. I feel really great about the program. In all my years in transit I think this is probably one of the most rewarding. I think it’s a great program. It is very gratifying. It’s a great feeling. I feel like we’ve added value. I feel great. Well very rewarded. Well I feel really gratified . It feels great to be able to help Montgomery County residents. It makes me feel really good inside that the County residents are safer it’s just incredible fulfilling. I can’t imagine doing any other job I love
that this County gives me the opportunity to do what I love. As a 2017 NACo Achievement Award
recipient, you and your department have been recognized for creating an
innovative county government program. Your efforts not only make Montgomery
County a better place to live, they also have a positive, meaningful impact on the daily lives of County residents. Thank you for your valuable efforts and contributions!

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