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2017 Mirror Awards: Tom Brokaw Tribute Video

[ Music ]>>Well, the time is here. We’ve been through
a lot together. Good evening. I’m Tom Brokaw with
NBC Nightly News.>>I think a lot of things
made Tom incredibly successful.>>He understood intuitively –>>His values.>>It’s about the viewer.>>There was that sense of
earnestness and sincerity.>>His patriotism.>>Giving a voice to
those who don’t have one.>>His love of country –>>He basically is the
American work ethic.>>And love of family.>>A mentor and a
friend to so many of us.>>Now you add to
those qualities –>>Good character. Good personality.>>Great intelligence.>>You know, we all
know what is –>>An intellect.>>And we think we know
what ought to be –>>A wealth of experience.>>But Brokaw’s reporting
always told us what was.>>A perspective that
you can only get –>>He’s done something
that’s really difficult.>>When you’ve worked
tirelessly.>>Tom has made his luck
not just received it.>>And all those
things together –>>You get a curious person
who is a great storyteller –>>Are what made Tom –>>The journalistic heart
and leader of NBC News.>>You know, I grew up in
a working-class household. We were early devotees
of Huntley and Brinkley. My home state of South Dakota –>>What separated him from everyone else was he
never really left South Dakota.>>I love going up here.>>Tom has always had
a degree of humility.>>So to begin this
journey of reflection –>>I wasn’t talking
to the Harvard Club.>>He’s not one of
those ivory tower guys.>>I wasn’t talking to the
Upper East Side of New York. This is my favorite
place in Washington.>>He tried to be an honest
broker of information.>>I was talking
to middle America. The news is so shocking and
so unexpected it is difficult to absorb it even
as we report it.>>Something he used
to say around here is that we could never
be above the news.>>An obligation not to be
just me speak, you listen –>>All the money in
the world is sitting on a stool in a studio at NBC.>>But I hear you as well.>>But all the fun is out there.>>Frankly, it’s more gratifying
to get out of the studio.>>I just loved watching the
world through your filter.>>Whenever there was a
story somewhere in the world, I was going to jump on
a plane and go cover it.>>If something was
happening, Tom was there.>>They’re coming across
the wall right here.>>Berlin, for the
fall of the wall.>>It was his vision to go
there, to do the reporting.>>He climbed up on that
wall and did a newscast.>>South Africa, won’t that
just set back your cause, for the release of Mandela. Iraq one. From NATO to Moscow. Iraq two. Philippines
for the elections.>>He’s gone to the
places that a lot of other people didn’t
want to go to.>>Here in Nicaragua —
walking through the jungles of Central America
when El Salvador and Nicaragua were in play. Good evening from Beijing. China for Tiananmen Square. He was fighting within
the Chinese military. They got on a bike with a camera and showed the country what
it was like for the first time that it had ever happened. Who gets into America? I did two documentaries
on immigration. These people are not only — healthcare to why can we
live together racially. Would it bother you if
your daughter came home with a black boyfriend?>>Probably.>>To the gangs of Los Angeles. What we’re seeing in Los
Angeles goes well beyond fires and senseless deaths. To AIDS. AIDS is terrifying. I wanted to give our
audience a longer look at something that was important. World War II and the
greatest generation, it was like an eureka
moment for me.>>And he gave so many
heroes a voice again.>>Ozakowski of New York.>>Paying attention
to this generation of people who saved the world.>>Abernathy of North Carolina.>>And he gave them a
reason to be proud again.>>And they were all heroes.>>That was a gift
he gave them –>>And was their voice.>>This country was built on the
backs of those people who came out of the depression.>>A gift he gave the country –>>To write the greatest
generation –>>And then fought the
greatest war in the history of mankind and came home.>>And the gift he gave me as an aspiring journalist
reminding us how it’s done.>>How does it look to you?>>Peaceful.>>And for that I salute Tom.>>Attack on America.>>I’ll never forget on 9/11 –>>A day unlike any
other in a long course of American history –>>When it seemed the world
was really falling apart.>>As this scene played out in the nerve center
of this country –>>The historical
references he made –>>Is one of the
darkest days in America.>>His ability to kind of capture the terrified
mood of the nation.>>It is a massive
and ugly legacy.>>This is why Tom
Brokaw is Tom Brokaw.>>Don’t get the impression
that you aroused my anger.>>You covered Watergate
so brilliantly.>>President, Tom
Brokaw of NBC News.>>Even though he would
ask tough questions of the Nixon administration –>>Aren’t your statements to that matter historically
inaccurate or at least misleading?>>President Nixon would ask
Tom whether he would consider becoming Press Secretary.>>Mr. Brokaw –>>It was extraordinary.>>My obligation,
I felt every night, was to give this country a fair, accurate assessment
of what was going on.>>This is the heart and
soul of what Tom has created for NBC News, The NBC Nightly
News of the 21st century.>>This is NBC Nightly News.>>Tom brought all of us
together in this room one way or another, for me
over the last 25 years. It’s got all the
bells and whistles that technology can
come up with these days. But what it’s really got
is the mind of Brokaw. And when we think of Tom
here, we like to put folks in touch with this wall. This is the Brokaw I heard so many times say it’s
easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher
to make a difference. [ Applause ]>>I am simply the most
conspicuous part of a large, thoroughly dedicated and
professional staff that extends from just beyond these cameras across the country
and around the world.>>I thought when he
stepped down and retired as anchor, it was unusual.>>Tom left the nightly
news at the top.>>It’s not the questions
that get us in trouble, it’s the answers.>>Most people have pulled
out of that anchor chair. He gracefully slid out of
that anchor chair on his own.>>And just as important, no
one person has all the answers.>>I think you can sum
Tom’s legacy up in one word and that is excellence.>>No one has a keener eye or
a bigger heart than Tom Brokaw.>>So I’m just proud
to be able to be here, to call you my friend.>>If there’s a Mount
Rushmore of journalism, he’s one of the heads.>>I think Tom Brokaw will
forever be the gold standard for journalism.>>His lasting legacy
is storytelling.>>Whatever the story, I had only one objective,
to get it right.>>You’re a huge role
model for me and I know for countless others as well.>>Tonight, we’re marking
a pretty special milestone for a guy you just
might have heard of.>>Congratulations, Tom.>>Congratulations, Tom.>>Congratulations
on this award.>>Tom, congratulations for reminding people what
journalism is all about.>>And a tip of the
Stetson to you.>>And it is, in that
spirit, that I say thanks.>>That’s Tom’s legacy here. That’s Tom’s legacy
in journalism.>>That’s Nightly News
for this Wednesday night. I’m Tom Brokaw. And I’ll see you along the way. [ Music ]

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