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2017 Long Island Imagine Awards Promo

Hi, I’m Ken Cerini of Cerini and Associates, Founder of the Long Island Imagine Awards. For as long as I can remember, nonprofit organizations on Long Island have inspired, educated, and impacted everyone that lives and works here… but in recent years that’s changed. Government regulations and budget cutbacks are depriving these essential organizations and have restricted their ability to pursue their important missions. You know a lot of us take what they do for granted but all of their meaningful endeavors have an immensely positive impact on Long Islanders. I fear what would happen if these organizations vanished and how all of us would be impacted. That’s why we created the Long Island Imagine Awards; an annual event showcasing 24 of the leading nonprofits on Long Island. You know there are a lot of great nonprofits out there including previous winners, like Best Buddies, which aid students with disabilities by matching them with their non-disabled peers so they can make friends in middle school high school and college; COPE, a grief in healing organization dedicated to helping parents families and siblings live with the loss of a child; and the Interfaith Nutrition Network (The INN), which addresses the issues of hunger and homelessness on Long Island, providing 14 soup kitchens and 22 homeless shelters. Their volunteers serve over 300,000 meals annually to both children and adults. Did you know that 70,000 children go to bed hungry every day on Long Island? These are just a handful of the incredible organizations that make a difference on Long Island everyday. Imagine what role you could take right now to ensure that these critical organizations continue to innovate, lead, and inspire all of us and the future generations of Long Islanders. Just imagine. Please consider becoming a sponsor of the 5th Annual Long Island Imagine Awards. We can all really use your support.

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