2016 Trophy Awards 🏆 The Top 10 Hardest PS4 Platinums of the Year

welcome back the 2016 trophy Awards in the last video we took a look at a top 10 best overall trophy list which is basically the trophy hunter community's version of game of the year now it's time to get serious as we take a look at the 10 hardest platinum trophies to earn from games that were released in North America in 2016 you guys nominated all these titles and I just simply ranked them using a platinum completion percentage from PSN profiles calm which tells me what percent of tracked trophy hunters have earned the Platinum the actual percentage of platinum owners shown on your ps4 would be much much lower if there's a game you think that should be on this list that's not or if you have any of these Platinum's let me know in the comments below now before we jump into the top 10 I want to give a shout out to a few games the first is Dark Souls 3 it was the second most nominated games game when I asked you guys and it actually doesn't even come close to making this list as 18% of the track players have the Platinum it's a series that I myself am not very good at and was surprised so many have the Platinum I also want to shout out NBA 2k 17 which really does deserve a high ranking in this list for the year but it currently has a glitch trophy which no one has ever earned so hopefully that gets fixed but even without the glitch trophy it would be exceptionally difficult not included are also psvr titles that are difficult such as Eagle flight and battlezone now one last shout out and it would have been number 11 on the list so let's start there just missing the top pen is call of duty infinite warfare this has a platinum percentage of 1.83 percent this is actually the only game on the list where the percent is not really going to show us how difficult the game is or isn't that's because many gamers only play the competitive online multiplayer in this series or the zombies mode which won't even a lot of people won't even play or touch the single-player campaign at all which would dramatically affect the completion percent but the game is still isn't the flat with most of the challenging trophies coming in space land the new zombies map those trophies will require you to complete several Easter eggs and defeat the alien boss and recover the soul key good luck number 10 at one point seven seven percent fury kicks off our top 10 it's a combination hack and slash sword fighting game with twin stick shooting made up entirely of boss fights with the trophy list just as difficult as the game itself earning this platinum will come down to three trophies if you can defeat a boss without getting hit do a speedrun under one hour 29 minutes and 56 seconds and for the game's most rare trophy called that was insane you will have to get an s-rank on the game's most brutal difficulty level this game gives you bosses that are harder or this difficulty mode rather gives you bosses that are harder to dodge harder to hit and they're less predictable so to get an s-rank you're going to have to complete the game depending on which ending you choose in under three hours without getting knocked out more than 30 times and have taken a total of 600 or less total hits number 9 overwatch with this platinum percent of 1.54 was the game that received twice as many votes from you guys and every other hand on this list combined the Platinum may take you well over a hundred hours to achieve as you need to grind out to level 50 and get 50 unlocks for one of the playable heroes there are two trophies for each of the heroes and some of them require great skill to achieve or a lot of luck the combination of skill and luck and a lot of dedicated time is what makes this one of the more rare Platinum's of 2016 thankfully overwatch is a very good game so slowly working your way to platinum will at least be a fun journey tricky Towers at number 8 is definitely a tricky platinum to earn the low 1.27 platinum percentage isn't what sticks out most to me of the 50,000 tracked game owners the average total completion of all the trophies is only 7 but that's mostly because it was a free ps+ game which tends to lower completion rates this is a Tetris like physics based puzzle game but instead of clearing rows you will need to build Tower so it's basically reverse Tetris it's going to take a high amount of luck and skill to get all these trophies you'll need to complete all the trials build a 99 brick tower in endless survival without losing hearts for two rare gold trophies both of which could result in you wanting to throw your controller at your TV we head into the sub 1% territory starting with number 7s XCOM 2 at 0.95% will be multiple playthroughs on some of the hardest difficulties you'll need to do a speedrun complete the game again with no deaths another with no upgrades and an Ironman mode on commander + difficulty Ironman mode eliminates multiple save files so if things start to go bad you'll have to start over doing all that is hard enough but you'll still have to complete the game on legend difficulty a task that few have completed if you're a fan of tactical turn-based games the ExCom series is for you and if you earn this platinum my hats off to you we have another turn-based game with the darkest dungeon at number 6 this is a hard game with only 0.8 1% of people earning the platinum platinum for this game is mostly tied to your ability to beat the game on New Game+ in fact all but one person who has completed the game on New Game+ has the Platinum much like Dark Souls expect to lose many of your battles there is a frustrating random number a number generator kind of working against you that will cost you many lives if you're daring enough to go after this platinum you probably might be best served keeping some saved files after an encounter or before a boss fight in case you lose a valuable party member which you will number 5 on our list is another 100 plus our platinum that carries with it a point 6-1 platinum percentage it's a 100% online MOBA that you will need a grind in order to get all the trophies you will need a master 70 different playable characters called gods which is where you'll spend the majority of your Platinum run the rest of the trophies are primarily for getting specific types of kills so you also want to get yourself a good team together online if you want to kill the fire giant in conquest before the clock reaches 10 minutes in 30 seconds you'll also need to kill 5 enemy gods with a single ability so smite is not necessarily a hard game the platinum it's mostly just something you'll need to devote a shit-ton hours to complete you can't have a top 10 hardest platinum list without including at least one fighting game and we get one this year at number 4 with Street Fighter 5 with a point 5 to completion rate this game combines difficulty and grinding you'll need to grind out 1 million fm or fight money which you will get by playing several hundred games across the many game modes but one big challenge will be completing survival mode on extreme difficulty this mode requires you to complete 100 fights with a single health bar on the highest difficulty now while you can refill your health from time to time it could be a very tough challenge and take you quite a while but that might not even be the hardest trophy for you that would belong to let's fight someone strong and you'll need to reach the Golden League in ranked matches they gain points when you win you lose points for each loss as you climb leagues you'll fight stronger online opponents so you'll need to be really good at this game as you'll fight players who probably are going to be better than you at some point number 3 belongs to burden at 0.45 percent this has 14 trophies that have been earned by less than 1% of tracked players it's a game designed for hardcore shooter fans who enjoy hardcore modes a lot of the trophies even those that hadn't been earned by many players are for grinding certain achievements such as 5000 headshots or playing the with the same friend 250 times the majority of your platinum run will be trying to all the metals in the game ten times apiece some of the medals are for having the top scorer and longest killstreak fewest deaths highest multi-kill most headshots most shots without even missing a single shot this hardcore shooter is going to reward only the best players with the platinum trophy we now head into the nearly impossible territory for our final two games in fact number two here is actually going to probably be more difficult than number one now granted I'm not a ladder I'm not a large number of players have played this number two entry which is called crypt of the necrodancer but it isn't an impressively low point zero five percent platinum rate with difficulty said to be higher than Super Meat Boy you will not get this platinum track players have only managed to average getting six percent of all the trophies this game can be best described as a dungeon exploration rhythm game with a great soundtrack as a dungeon crawler it would be difficult enough but adding the fact that you need to move in rhythm with the beats or you'll become impaired one of the trophies requires you to complete all zones with coda which is impossible hence the name of the trophy being impossible right if you just if you miss just one beat you'll die and the beat is double speed only hint that a handful of players have ever done that and that's including all platforms now that's not even the rarest trophy there's one for doing a run with all characters without picking up any items or using any shrines this might be the most difficult platinum on the list but because there's not a lot of players there's one with an even lower platinum percentage and that is MLB 16 the show this takes the title for being the hardest platinum trophy of 2016 with only point zero four percent of the players having earned the Platinum this was a bit of a surprise for me because the past several years this series has had easy Platinum's in fact me personally I have every MLB of the show platinum since 2010 this game ended that streak there are only two truck top trophies in this game the first of which is for reaching legend difficulty in challenge of the week for this you need to get 12 consecutive hits if you get a strike the streak ends every three hits will increase the difficulty until you get to legend but the most difficult trophy is called victorious for this you need to win 20 games with a single draft class in the diamond dynasty Battle Royale you'll draft the team and have to play against other players online in three inning games the challenge of this trophy is that you can only lose one game to get this trophy you will need to go undefeated or twenty and won against players online who are really good at this much like real life you can run in the tough luck if you hit the ball hard to towards defenders but sometimes a small hiccup with server lag can cost you a game either way even if you're really good at this game there's a good chance you'll run into a player or two who is better so that's it guys that is the top 10 well technically 11 hardest platinum trophies from 2016 if you have any of these Platinum's let me know in the comments below love to hear from you thanks for watching guys day tune it's coming up soon is the top 10 easiest platinum trophies of 2016


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