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2016 Oscar Nominees Nail Tutorial | #OscarsSoWhite

– Hey, friends. So this week the 2016 Oscar
nominees were announced, and I decided to do a
nail tutorial inspired by the talented men and women
who are vying for a shot at Hollywood’s most prestigious honor. My first look is inspired
by the incredible women nominated for best director this year. I’m using clear because clearly women just aren’t good directors. That’s why there’s only
been one female winner in the Academy’s 88-year history. I’m just gonna lay it on real thick kind of like the excuses
that are used to justify why women are not being
nominated in this category. So this next look is
inspired by the men and women honored in the best actor and best supporting actor categories. Now, this year I’m not using
any black or brown hues because we don’t have any people of color portraying slaves or women
of color being abused or playing stereotypical,
subservient roles. If only Creed had been a slave movie. Maybe Michael B. Jordan
could have stood a chance. Instead, we’re going for a look that I like to call ombre beige. First, let’s start with the best supporting actress nominees. Rachel McAdams, Spotlight. Rooney Mara, Carol. Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Hateful Eight. Kate Winslet, Steve Jobs. Alicia Vikander, The Danish Girl. Who knew beige could be so diverse? And the top coat is going to be the best actress nominees. Brie Larson, The Room. Cate Blanchett, Carol. Saoirse Ronan, Brooklyn. Jennifer Lawrence, Joy. Charlotte Rampling, 45 Years. Now, since this nail
represents Jennifer Lawrence, I went with a really quirky color that just always keeps it
real and speaks her mind. I’m also gonna add a
little bit of gold sparkle because she’s probably gonna win. And for my left hand,
once again, the base coat is gonna be best supporting actors. Mark Ruffalo, Spotlight. Sylvester Stallone, Creed. Tom Hardy, The Revenant. Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies. Christian Bale, The Big Short. And the top coat is the
best actor nominees. Michael Fassbender, Steve Jobs. Bryan Cranston, Trumbo. Eddie Redmayne, The Danish Girl. Matt Damon, The Martian. Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant. Now, not quite sure who to add gold for, but I’m gonna say Eddie
Redmayne because the Academy loves it when cis dudes play trans woman. (groovy music) And I’m gonna finish this look
off with a top coat of clear because clearly Hollywood
needs to do better. So this is the finished look. As you can see, it’s both
traditional, predictable, safe, and yet grossly disappointing. If you were looking for
diversity and representation this year, you are sorely out of luck. Now, maybe it’s just a
coincidence that people of color and women continue to be
underrepresented at the Oscars, or maybe it’s a result of the
almost 7,000-member Academy being 94% white and 77% male. The world may never know. Make sure to join me next
week for my nail tutorial inspired by the film Gods of Egypt, where we learn a technique
I like to call whitewashing. Don’t forget to subscribe and
I will see you when I see you. Bye! When I’m not making
videos on this channel, you can find me all over the Internet. I host a weekly series for
MTV News called Decoded, and I most recently did a
collaboration with Refinery29 called The Naked Truth. You can click on screen
to check out those videos or in the video description box below.

  • And this is why we can`t have nice things anymore,. Because you people make it all about WHAT you are, not WHO you are. When all the artist have been bullied out of art, all the fun has been expelled, and every truth has been twisted, you will figure out that PC live is not worth while. 🙁 this will be a very sad day for all of us 🙁 . you should be ashamed you contribute to the downfall of all what is beautyful, for your own selfish greedy gain.

  • Another classic case of someone caring about Equality of Outcome more than the Equality of Opportunity in society. You. Are. Stupid. The fact that everyone regardless of race or gender has the same opportunity for these awards, does not mean that people of all races and both genders will win or be nominated.

    If you had any form of intelligence at all, you would have at least presented some women or, to use your term, people of color, that do deserve these awards more than one or more of the people that were nominated, and also explained why. If all you care about is the race and not the skill, then you are a racist. Similarly if all you care about is the sex and not the skill, then you are a sexist. Good day to you mam.

  • So, who would you have nominated for each of these awards? What was their best work from this year to warrant a nomination? Who would you remove the nomination from and why? What makes your recommended nominee better than the actual nominees?
    Seriously… answer these questions. If you can't justify your opinion with support, whether based in fact or based on reasonable opinion, you don't deserve your opinion, and your opinion. (If you think their work in movie A was nomination-worthy that would reasonable. Saying someone deserves the nomination because they're black or because they're a woman is unreasonable, though. This is an award based on merit, not race and sex.) You need to give a reason if you are trying to actually make change. Otherwise you're just whining, bitching, and moaning, which is the height of weakness.

  • Guess what! There's no rule that says "the winners must be White." Does it make you salty to know that these White people were successful? Because if it does, then that makes you a stupid, racist bigot.Skin color doesn't matter, but since you don't have any skills or talent, that's all that matters to you.

  • So, all I see is you being a bigoted racist here. By the way, who and why is anyone laying on "thick excuses" for anyone not nominated for an academy award?

    What bothers me the most about this video is the smarmy, self righteous smile you have on your face the whole time. Triggered my gag reflex.

  • The oscars isn't some kindergarteners competition people aren't gonna get nominated just because of their skin color just to make you dumb fucks happy it's baced on talent not race get over it

  • 2:34 You are such a fucking imbecile. Let's say there is a guy that did an amazing job in the best movie of the year. Now, there is also a girl who did an ok job in a different movie. Most of the representation is filled with dudes so far, so to create diversity, you would screw over someone who did great just to be diverse. That is your logic. Educate yourself instead of whining all of the time.

  • So if I put a lot of hard work and talent into a movie, I won't get nominated cause I'm a male?!


  • Franchesca here is what happens when you put people in the spotlight for their skin color instead of their skill and talent. just about every person who opts to do social commentary videos on their weekends puts out better quality commentary. i have literally seen better videos and commentary from unskilled teenagers using phone cameras.

  • Very Hypocritical infactual    video……your  argument is full of holes and a child of 10 can  show smore integrity and wit ….!!

  • and i dont understand why this is important to you? the oscars is nothing more than a bunch of rich people jerking each other off. why is this so important to you?

  • What a dumbass, she is almost as racist as the ducking KKK. Who cares about diversity, your kind has never worked hard enough to make it. Dumbass.

  • OH NO! NOT AN AWARD BASED ON MERIT! :000 I'm absolutely appalled by this terrible award that doesn't have people nominated to fill some sort of diversity quota that chooses people by skin colour and identity. It's almost like people who are different should be given special privilege instead of working hard to earn the position! We can't have an equal playing field for the award where these people aren't given special privilege to make up for simply not being good enough or noticed enough to be nominated.

    Yes, this is sarcasm. If you agreed with any of this you are an asshole, fuck you.

  • Do an award show that strictly uses stats to nominate and select ambition in thuggery and murder, reflective of race representation.

  • What is this dribble. Your as bad as lacy green. You make an argument then don't suggest any constructive ways to solve your problem or any evidence that you are correct in the first. If you had any logical thought process, that if you are going to make a statement which you did via the method of nail varnish? you will need to back it up. Your sort of video needs to stop until you create content that is considered to be based on real thought and facts.

  • Haha you're really funny,ever considered being a comedian?I think everyone would find your stupid opinions hilarious.

  • That's some good looking nail polish hope you make it look that good next year :). Thankyou for the tutorial on how do correctly apply and celebrate those delightfully beautiful shades.

  • There is no mention of Alejandro Inarritu who is a minority for best director, but who cares about Mexicans right? I myself am Mexican and have been nothing but proud of Inarritu, not to mention Cauron. For the past three years the winners for best director have been Mexican.

  • Dang girl. You have a lot of hate and you have officially became one of he reasons why people aren't seeing us blacks as smart, hard working individuals but as lazy. crazy and uneducated people who thinks we deserve all that is good without hard work. Congrats!

  • You should watch the response to your video. they make some good points. It would be good for you to answer the questions brought up. Maybe a dialogue could be opened and we could see what could be done about this inequality? =-)

  • Okay so since the world is starting to understand how stupid the SJW movement is. My only question to this chick and it's in two parts. Since you complain about diversity in a nominee of 5 best directors In the WORLD. Who do you think out of those 5 directors who worked hard and deserved it, should be replaced by a deserved person of color or gender? Please #real logic, not just stupid SJW trendy bullshit….. Fuck this chick is stupid… I couldn't bother watching until the end.

  • I hope you realize that Oscars nominate the best, not just random people based on gender and race. It's like you think we can magically get 10 black women with no training whatsoever to get an Oscar smh.

  • I believe the Oscar should be politically correct. Content , acting, or story line substance should not be a factor.
    We should nominate as many black actors etc to keep it equal to whites. And awards should be presented equally
    to blacks and whites. After all ability and content has no place here……..

  • Typical SJW bollocks. You seem to think that equality should mean equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity. Nominating black actors and female directors for awards just for being black or female instead of on their merits as actors or directors is stupid.

  • Is this girl serious? If you think the candidates are wrong atleast give us some options on who would have been better and why. Otherwise the video just makes you look ignorant.

  • ya i bet a person of color would love to be told that they were going to take away one of these guys award for the hard work and give it to a person of color just because of the color of their skin….

  • When people put diversity over talent is when we have a problem. Did you ever stop to think that maybe no women were nominated for best director because no one thought that a woman was the best director? If you think that makes people sexist, you're even dumber than I thought

  • this video is really dumb and you miss the point of an award ceremony… should not want "equal outcome" as it is for best of the best not sjw nonsense.

  • You know what's REALLY racist and sexist? Insisting that people should be nominated solely based on their genitals or skin color regardless of talent. The irony is fucking unbelievable. The only people who see racism and bring race into everything these days are the ones claiming to be anti-racists. Go fuck yourself honestly

  • 😂😂👍 what a whining, sniveling little racist. (I mean racist toward people of color… not toward whites because OBVIOUSLY)
    This moron wants affirmative action at the oscars! Mind you she doesn't put forth anyone she thinks did better than the oppressive whites that got nominated… she just vomits out her sarcastic anti white drivel. I guess she agrees with those picks actually representing the best Hollywood has to offer but wants a "people of color quota" because FEELINGS!
    🖕🏽🖕🏾🖕🏿how's that for diversity you twat.


  • Seems to me like she wants women and people of color to win prizes just because they're woman and/or people of color. That's not how it works. You're only hurting yourself you dumb bitch.

  • Black people win more Oscars percentage wise then they are represent population wise. so there was 1 year where only 10% of the population didn't get a nominated. get over it. seriously you are to racist for me to handle.

  • Aww some white people making accomplishments…How unfair !  LOL  We need to fix that but first, let's work on "balancing" the NAACP leadership  They look like they need a few more white people.  Can we count on your help since you are all supportive of equality?  I won't be holding My breath…We both know you don't believe in equality…you just are to ashamed to admit you believe in supremacy.  Its ok…we can see right through the fakery.

  • Blacks are only 13.6% of the US population, so blacks are actually OVER represented in Hollywood. Directors and actors win based on merit. What difference does it make what race or gender they are? Are you really that concerned about race and sex?

  • The thing about hashtags like "Oscars so white" or "Disability too white" is that now white actors (who can probably stomach that because they can console themselves with loads of money and attention) and white disabled people (most of whom probably cannot console themselves in the same way) will feel bad for the attention (or oscars) they received.
    This will probably not hurt the actors so much but it will disabled (white) people who will silently crawl out of what small limelight they received because they are "too white".
    Instead, these hashtags and discussions might have centered around who should be in the limelight, who should receive Oscars.
    Diversity or the lack thereof is not always bad (see safe spaces?!) and individual people should not be made to feel ashamed because THEY are not "not white", they do not bring enough diversity to the table. Especially concerning disabled people who used to be invisible, too, and now are made to be ashamed by that hashtag to be recognized but unfortunately while having the wrong skin color for deserved recognition!

  • how does it feel to be a professional victim and making a living by hating on white people? oh, it's not racist when directed against whites…riiiight

  • I don't get black Americans, why can't they just acknowledge the fact that they are failing in society. They are underachieving against the general population in almost every way. They do not value education and glorify crime and materialistic things. I know this isn't relevant to the video that much but I just needed to attack chesca, she needs to stop embedding the victim culture into black people, it's doing more harm than good :/

  • You're a racist who thinks that skin color and ethnicity should be the determining factor in who wins Oscars and other awards.

  • Dear Academy, please start nominating more black people and woman even if they don't deserve it because you people are clearly being racist/sexist. Thanks!

  • The only ones that notice color are the racists. Not a lot of whites in BET but thats just me taking what you seen and looking prospectively.

  • About the directors: only 7% of successful professional directors are women, so it seems about right that 5 males would be nominated.

  • Hello Stupid,
    Reasons why Oscars are SO WHITE and why is there no females is because :
    – The movies that females directed aren't that good
    -Because people of color aren't good enough actors
    Also, why don't you ask why MALES aren't nominated for the best makeup?! Because WOMEN are. Women are better at doing makeup for movies than men because they have experience. Also, why aren't MALES getting rewards for costume as WOMEN?! Oh wait, it's why WOMEN have more experience at that category. Also movies that WOMEN directed aren't that good.

  • 0:32 SAY IT! SAY IT! WHAT ARE EXCUSES?! WHAT ARE THE FUCKING EXCUSES?!!?!?!? I am loosing brain cells while watching this.

  • Well, maybe there would be more female directors nominated if those dumb cunts actually made good movies instead of lame ass rom coms

  • well i mean in 2016 who would you nominate for best female director? your bitching about it so go ahead give me one

  • it doesn't matter if your black white male or female if your movie is shit your movie is shit. if a female was behind furry road the reception wouldn't be any different

  • So basically if you're not a white person or have a vigina, you automatically not only deserve to be nominated…but also to win an oscar!!!??? Wow!!!, thank you for opening my eyes!!! 😂

  • You're trash. U can't force minorities and women to be nominated if they aren't good enough. This isn't affirmitave action

  • Okay, then tell me who should have been nominated instead. It would be great if more women got nominated but the reason why they were not has nothing to do with sexism, women just made terrible movies that year. There were five amazing male directors, each of them would deserve the award but from 2015s movies, I have not seen a good one directed by a woman. They dont give the nominatons for gender or race, they just give it to the best people and all of them happened to be man this year. If you told me someone who directed a better movie than they did, I wouldnt argue but no one obviously did

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