2016 National Book Awards – Katherine Paterson (Full)

I mean great pleasure to introduce katherine paterson thank you what feels like what you'd say Larry but I don't know and thank you lease on your wonderful staff for this great celebration it's my privilege to present our it's at a brothers height right now it's my privilege secular is my privilege to present our panel of judges for young people's literature real Alexander Valerie Lewis Ellen oh and Laura urban no chair could have asked for a more wise hardworking and at the same time congenial crew and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart the good news was that this was a good year for young people's books the bad news was that this was a good year for young people's books our choices were painful ones far too many truly deserving books had to be left behind as we came together for a long list and then to the final list that we are honoring tonight our deliberations considered four distinct categories of excellence how does the book appeal to the head in the intelligence and craft of its construction how does it appeal to the heart in the richness and honesty of its emotional evocation how does it appeal to the ear and the quality of its voice and finally how does it appeal how does it contribute to the vast conversation that is literature written for children and young adults in other words is this a book not only for our time but a book that will stand the test of the years we believe that we have chosen those books and now it is with admiration for the strength the beauty and the timely and timeless truth of their accomplishments that we applaud their creators kate dicamillo for Ramey nightingale John Lewis Andrew Eden Nate Powell for March book three top shelf productions ID w publishing grace lin for when the sea turned to silver no ground books for young readers oh shet book group Jason Reynolds for ghosts happening athenaeum books for young readers simon & schuster Nikola Yoon the Sun is also a star Delacourt press penguin Random House and the 202 2016 National Book Award for young people's literature goes to John Lewis a foul march three


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