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2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Winners

COMM: The results are finally in for this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.
Now in its second year, the awards hope to raise awareness about wildlife conservation
issues. This year saw a staggering increase in the number of entries. With over 2,000
photos to choose from, the judging panel were overwhelmed by the standard. Not only from
a technical standpoint, but also in terms of showing the humorous side of wildlife. COMM: Five category winners and an overall winner were chosen from the 40 finalists on
November the 9th and here they are. COMM: The Overall Winner and Winner of the Land Category was this incredible nose-diving fox. COMM: The Animals in the Air Category was won by this
unlucky pelican. COMM: The Underwater Prize went to these two frog fish. COMM: 15-years-old Thomas Bullivant won the junior category with his snap of these playful
zebras. COMM: One of the toughest categories was the portfolio section – this year won by these
whimsical owls. COMM: With such a high standard this year, the awards will be back in force in 2017.


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