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2015 UX Awards Highlights

Welcome everyone to the fifth annual UXies. We’ve got a mission here and we’ve got five key points to our mission the first is to evangelize the essential value of UX and the second is really to show the impact of UX by to demonstrating its value through exceptional examples. We also want to honor the best in the industry practitioners, companies projects lead by example through these examples, and evolve the discipline and craft through our group discussion so we can learn and be inspired. I know it making enterprise software sexy is our biggest challenge of designers and you guys rock it nicely done. and I wanted to see if I could make some a book that was very practical that gave people things they can pick up and do right away make stuff good luck we’ve got eight judges as you can see two from the UK one from Seattle, three from the Bay Area and two from New York are we ready to find out which finalists 11 and 2015 and see some awesome work so now we’re moving on to our grand prize winner. Designing all those tools for all those people to keep the world running and the world operating efficiently. I appreciate the way in which the new medium of digital we cross you a head into the solution spending time with kids using this um what what was the surprise or what something that they taught you it looks like something you would play with and as soon as somebody is playing with some things you’ve really succeeded. Identifying potential careers challenging. You’ve done some how you were really able to be inspired by the venue by opera itself and infuse that into the design. And like they did right into the environment by the way the gaming is called […] It’s something that your customers want they’re using is helping them with their business and helping you with your business. The Metropolitan Police mobility projects creating an effective digital service with police and public, so our next hour will mention Moving through Glass for Mark Morris group – Method for its Vivi head mounted display system. SAP Splash for designing better experiences huge for their mobile makeover of brazil’s most respected newspaper homie for the collaborative recruiting. SAP’s tennis analytics for SAP Global Sponsorships of technology with tennis association. Graphics Mints UX renovation of Zarion Allocate Mobile Majority for their end-to-end mobile advertising system. AIBI Annaphylaxis Prevention System for Children. Know It All – l the easiest way to find workshops in the bay. So let’s keep a round of applause to our sponsors. [And] thanks to all for coming out so now Finally we can go and celebrate.

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