2015 Trophy Awards ► Top 10 Hardest PS4 Platinum Trophies of 2015

hey welcome back to the 2015 trophy Awards in this third part of the series we're going to take a look back at the hardest platinum trophies from 2015 my research includes data taken from various polls from Playstation trophies org where trophy hunters around the world have voted on games difficulty and forums from many other sites as well as your input on my Twitter at ps4 underscore trophies which by the way follow me over at Twitter because I'm going to ask your input on what some of the easiest platinum trophies of the past year were now there are a couple games that had impossible trophies due to a glitch such as toy soldiers war chests and those won't be included in this list also not included are games that re-releases of a game released on a Playstation system prior to 2015 such as Street Fighter 4 skull girls skull girls second encore which are very difficult Platinum's into themselves so let's kick off things with what is going to be a controversial choice and that is blood-borne blood-borne by the numbers only averages out to about a seven point two four out of ten difficulty which would put it well outside the top ten most difficult Platinum's as voted on by trophy hunters but it actually has a higher combined number of individual nine and ten votes than any other on this list we can disagree whether the Platinum was difficult or not but we can all agree that this was a great game and the only one in this list that was a game of the year contender number nine is hand of fate this game does something with trophies that I've actually never seen before they released an update and DLC that added trophies to the base list which requires you to now have DLC in order to get the Platinum of course that doesn't necessarily mean the Platinum is difficult what makes it difficult is the very difficult final match and unlocking of all the equipment and encounter cards making a surprise appearance on this list is number eight call of duty black ops 3 now there hasn't been a difficult Call of Duty platinum game since world at war now it's the trophy personal decorator that requires you to earn all the decorations which is going to be what stops a lot of platinum runs some of the more difficult decorations include completing every mission I'm veteran difficulty without restarting from a checkpoint which by the way is best done in coop completing the game unrealistic difficulty in completing all 176 accolades during the campaign a few of which can be a pain in the ass coming in at number 7 is ally ally – welcome to Hollywood there are a large number of difficult trophies in this skateboarding game but none more difficult than completing rad mode to earn the chosen one trophy of course unlocking rad mode requires you to beat every challenge for the certified professional trophy which will require a large amount of perseverance on your part in this extremely difficult and frustrating game in one of the most confusing Platinum's of 2015 divinity original sin Enhanced Edition comes in at number 6 the game is hard to begin with but even more difficult when going for the never-say-die trophy when you have to play the game on its hardest setting honor mode but what makes getting this Platinum even more confusing is the twenty nine miserable trophies one of which called sister of mercy requires you to make eleven correct conversational choices throughout the entire game an plus plus kicks off the top five hardest Platinum's of 2015 and this is a tough game where you're going to die off and in fact die 5000 times for just one of its trophies but the challenge is going to be for beating all the expert rows for the ninja trophy and that's assuming you can beat the middle and bottom rows where most players are going to find themselves permanently stuck now for those of you who did complete this feat but was stuck on the glitched enlightenment trophy you'll they happen to know that was recently patched in now you just have to finish all the solo levels including intro and legacy levels and then switch the enlightenment on from the options menu number four is NBA 2k16 now quick disclaimer this game is currently impossible to plan due to a glitch with the how much you got trophy but let's assume that functions as intended you still can't earn the fortune hunter trophy because EA needs to add historic players to get rooms in fact EA has historically made their trophy list active means to force people to participate in micro transactions Oh shame on them now let's just forget all that nonsense and talk about the actual real difficult trophy and that is the perfection gold trophy for winning all 10 games and greatest of all time this is an online mode that can't be boosted it will require you to win eight out of ten games to move up to move up division and then once you're at the top you'll need to win all plan games a very difficult trophy aimed at the best of the best players now EA you win the worst trophy list of the Year award and this is not the first time from the developers that brought us a crazy difficult platinum trophy in surgeon simulator is the third hardest platinum of 2015 I am bread where most games will have a couple really difficult trophies I am bread has mostly impossible trophies throughout completing the levels is hard enough they get an A+ plus rating and every single one of them is so difficult that you'll be convinced the game it's cheating especially on the cheese hunt levels you may very well break ten controllers in getting this insanely difficult platinum trophy Super Meat Boy comes in at number two and was the most popular response I got on my Twitter at ps4 underscore trophies Super Meat Boy has an even more impossible trophy list than I am bread and the trophy hunters average trophy completion percentage is a ridiculously low 2% so for an entire trophy list top to bottom this is by far the hardest probably of all time now this platinum trophy in fact all the trophies in this game are so unfair the lucky few that have accomplished this feat had to beat all of the worlds without dying all 20 levels in each world in a row without dying crazy now this in a game where death occurs so often that it might as well have been listed as a feature on the back of the box the hardest game the platinum in 2015 is Elder Scrolls online it is hard to imagine a game more difficult to platinum than Super Meat Boy but Elder Scrolls online manages to accomplish this feat with one absolutely disco think trophy easily the worst idea for trophy ever a trophy then I'm going to just say you will never earn the questionable trophy well is called Emperor with every game on this list prior to this one you could with many hours of practice and extreme muscle memory fight and claw your way to the Platinum Elder Scroll online requires you to be the number one ranked PvP player in your Alliance of course being the number one ranked player isn't enough as the top player in your Alliance and just to reiterate this is not a feat any of you are going to accomplish but once you become the top player your alliance must capture all six fortresses which and of itself is no easy feat so yeah this is the hardest game of 2015 the platinum and that will wrap up this list thanks to all of you on Twitter who tossed out your ideas the ps4 underscore trophies and we will see you next week when we take a look at the top 10 easiest platinum trophies of the past year


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