2015 Trophy Awards ► Top 10 Easiest PS4 Platinum Trophies of 2015

welcome back to the ps4 trophies 2015 trophy Awards now we're going to close out this noodley series with the top 10 easiest Platinum's in games released in 2015 now there are so many easy Platinum's and I'm going to actually make this a top 12 list now many of you guys have tweeted me some really great suggestions that didn't quite make the list I want to give some honorable mentions to goat simulator Grim Fandango ether one need for speed which a lot of you guys tweeted me and Tesla grat now let's kick things off with number 12 which is going to be the best ps4 exclusive game of the year and that is until dawn until dawn is a game that you really can't fail if you start the game you'll make it to the end now the trophy for this game are divided between finding all the collectables and making specific choices as with any of these games in the list we're assuming that you're going to be willing to follow a guide so check the description for links to trophy guys for each of the games that are in this list now in this one knowing what choices you need to make throughout the game and knowing where the collectibles are will make this an easy platinum number 11 returns us to the world of trying with the recently released trying 3 the artifacts of power now this is a short platinum trophy in a game that is 10 times easier than the previous one in a game that I'm actually predicting may ultimately become free for PlayStation Plus members in the future don't quote me on that I just have a suspicion now all you need to do for this Platinum is to complete the easy game and then find all the triangles which are collectibles now there are 1,050 of them but most of them are easy to get to and with a guide you'll find any of them that you can't that you'll miss now making it to the actual top 10 rocket League is the most popular response that I actually got on Twitter and when I asked you guys obviously as in the case with all of the names in this list the trophies are going to be very easy the only annoying part is how much of a grind it is to collect all the items and then driving 500 kilometers on a single set of tires of course just because it's a grind doesn't mean it's difficult now because this game is so good and because it was free for PlayStation Plus members when it came out it is one of the most common Platinum's you'll see amongst ps4 gamers the order 1886 is our ninth easiest platinum trophy 2015 this was the first real easy platinum trophy of the past year now say what you will about the gameplay of the story the length of the game one thing is for sure is that it's a lot of people's first ever platinum trophy on ps4 the only challenging trophy is really for finding it the collectibles most of which aren't that difficult but the few that you can't find can easily be gotten with a guide you know for example over at PS board row fees so I lied about there being twelve games on this list there are 13 and that's because I'm putting in both lego dimensions and Lego Jurassic world in at number 8 both of these games are some of the easiest Lego game Platinum's to date now lego dimensions will be a little bit more costly than a typical game due to it having a duel at being a twice two life game but it does feature quite a lot of paid add-on content in the form of level packs each of which includes three simple trophies by the end of Lego dimensions life cycle I predict it will be the game and have the most highest number of trophies available if you include all the DLC of course that'll be quite expensive coming in at number seven is Adventure Time Finn and Jake investigations this is the first of a few point click games that you'll see in this list this will be slightly more difficult than the others because there are eight missable trophies all of which you'll have no problem if you're following of course a proper guide again I'm linking the guides in the description so go ahead and check those out if you decide to get this game this is a game is based off a kid's cartoon so if you Platinum profi you either have kids or truly our diehard trophy hunter now with already a couple really good games in this list we're going to add another one here at number six and that is everybody's gone to the rapture this is one of my favorite games in the past year and unfortunately for me a much much more difficult platinum trophy since I had no idea where the large number of collectibles were now since I've made a video of all of their locations it becomes a really easy platinum trophy for you and since this game features no combat at all all you need to do is walk and collect your way this easy platter number five is an IP based game Snoopy's grand adventure obviously a cash-in game with the release of the movie Snoopy's grand adventure game is designed really for children but there is some enjoyment for kids of all ages myself included now you'll need to have a second controller for this platinum but beyond that all you need to do is basically run through the game as quickly as possible and then go get all the collectables next up on our list at number four is skyscrappers a game that I had not heard of until I was doing research for this video it's a very quick platinum and for a fighting game it's actually quite easy it's being so short actually contributes to the fact that 80% of tracked trophy hunters who have this game have the platinum now granted that's a relatively small sample size due to its much lower number of overall sales and because this is a fighting game you do need some skill but not a whole lot of skill to get this completed next up is another great game life is strange comes in at number three this games trophy list is basically one long collectible list where all you need to do is take ten optional photos in each of the five episodes now this is a telltale like game but it has actual one mode that I really like is called collectable mode this is a chapter select option that will allow you to go back and take photographs again the collectibles needed for trophies without impacting the story's outcome it's a great game with an easy platinum and that should be on everybody's profile which means myself included have to go and play this eventually number two is another game that will prove to others that you might have a trophy addiction and that is goosebumps the game this is a visual novel that looks and plays poorly at least based on the research I have done now if you want a quick platinum fix then spend two hours following a detailed walkthrough in this trophy a platinum trophy will be yours you can choose to do it without a guide and still get all the trophies probably in under five or six hours but it'll be slightly more difficult so if you want to trade in fun for quick and easy then this is your game number one and yes I technically lied again there are now 14 games on this list because we are going to get both telltale Game of Thrones and tales from the borderlands the number one spot even though episode 1 of tales from the borderlands technically came out the very end of 2014 you guys know the drill this isn't our first telltale rodeo they continue against my own judgment to give us games where all you need to do is beat them get to the end and this isn't like a Dark Souls difficult to game here it's very easy it's a point-and-click make it to the end earn your platinum trophy game simple now I'm convinced they know that easy platinum increases game sales so I want to know if anyone out there has purchased a telltale game simply because of the easy platinum trophy let me know in the comments and that will wrap up the 2015 trophy Awards check out my channel for the previous videos in the series or to take a look back at 2013 or 2014 winners so until next time happy trophy hunting


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