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2013 Veteran of the Year Award Finalist Christopher Hillier

My name is Chris Hillier and I’m a long distance
hiker I was very proud to serve in the U.S. Army
from 1986 to 1992 And I started out as a medic, later on I was
a cardiovascular specialist But now a days I’m a long distance hiker I was inspired to hike by Earl Shaffer, who
was also a veteran of the U.S. Army He was the first man to through hike the Appalachian
Trail He did it in 1948, just after the World War
II He inspired me and I also hiked the Appalachian
Trail as well as the Pacific Crest Trail and some other long trails And now I want to be the first to through
hike a brand new trail that Governor Snyder has just proposed that runs all the way from
Bell Isle in Detroit all the way up to the border of Wisconsin in the Upper Peninsula It’s 924 miles I want to do this trail to encourage people
to get out and hike, to raise awareness for the trails here in Michigan, and to get people
to get out and be healthy and enjoy the health benefits of hiking It’s 924 miles and I intend to be the first
person to through hike it My name is Christopher Hillier and I’m very
proud to be nominated by the Governor’s Council as a U.S. Veteran


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