2013 Tony Awards: Families of Broadway – The Roths – Totally Tonys!

and when all of these people come together and say yes there is theatre the freedom to love the freedom to live and the freedom to marry are still urgent issues we are mother and son I think that's obvious also landlord in Texas I to the tenant actually and had two really big mess on fritz oh come on seriously well this was the perfect theater for kinky boots we really started I think how everybody starts in the theater you start first as fans and we loved what we still armed the theater is something that we always shared our whole family really some of my most treasured memories as a kid are in theaters in these seats waiting for the lights to go down and waiting for the world to open creating that is what draws all of us into this business growing up the tonys with a national holiday can approach it was sort of gathering around and watching something that celebrates what we all love and in those days maybe dreamed we could find our way into but the truth of it is the tony awards for anybody that loves theatre it's the pinnacle whether you come home with an award or whether you don't it's just being part of it and it's feeling the community the strength of the community we always watch the tonys together growing up when I was a kid and then we started to get to go and going together and sharing this night is very special and I hope everybody watching whether with their sons or their daughters or their friends are having same thrill that we are you

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