2013 Tony Awards: Families of Broadway – The Rosenfelds – Totally Tonys!

hello I'm Emily and I play Molly and Annie on Broadway and this is my family Emily from very early on was always an entertainer and she always just loved singing and dancing at one of Emily's dream rules was to be Molly and Annie and she auditioned and here we are I love being a nanny because all the actors are so nice and it's just so fun being on that stage with everybody we've always watched the Tony Awards with the family it's very exciting because it's such an honor to get nominated and it's just gonna be so fun well for us this is really incredible this year because being that Emily's gonna be able to be in tune with the tonys that's really something and it's gonna be really incredible and we're gonna actually get to be there in the audience so we're really looking forward and I got to wear a black tie instead of my pajamas hahaha kids love the Tony Awards because if they can't find a time to go to a via Broadway show you could turn on your TV and watch it and little clips of each part of a show and it's just amazing I think as parents there's so many amazing family oriented shows on Broadway so especially this year there's just a tremendous plethora of shows that we can take our kids to and we definitely do take our kids to shows quite often


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