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2011 Grammy Talent Gifting Lounge – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey, this is Amanda Champagne and we’re here at
the fifty-third annual Grammy awards, backstage gift lounge. Looks like there’s a lot going on over
there, so let’s go check it out. So is there someone, an artist here you’re really hoping to see take home
a Grammy? Maybe a friend or someone you think really deserves it. Drake. Drizzy Driz. I wanna see Drizzy. We’re doing the Turbo Tax guide to the Grammys and
we want to know if you guys had kind of a guide, young in your career. Someone
who really pushed you or influenced you before you made it big. I was always influenced by what I love. I was influenced by Run DMC. Tupac was one of my biggest for sure. Digital Underground. The humpty dance is a dance, do the hump. Who doesn’t love that song? Do the humpty hump. We’re doing the Turbo Tax, basically the guide to the Grammys all this week and we want to know, is there
someone who kind of like guided you guys in your careers? Someone who was really an inspiration as you were coming up. For me it was Justin Beiber. No it wasn’t. [laughter] Yes it was. It was all the Bieber fever got me where I’m at right now. I’d love to see you actually meet Justin Bieber. I think I look better in a meat dress than a Gaga. Right now you can’t tell, but if I was rockin’
the meat dress Gaga wouldn’t even show up. She’d be like, oh my God, her limo would
pull over and she’d wear like a squirrel. Is there an artist up there this weekend that you’re
really hoping to see take home a Grammy? Is John Mayer up for a Grammy? Yes. I’m sure he is, yeah. I always root for John because he’s a friend and he’s one of the best. He’s incredibly talented. Yes, he is. Is Dave Matthews up for a Grammy? Yes, yes he is. I hope Dave Matthews wins a Grammy. That’s excellent.
Is Mick Jagger up for a Grammy? I don’t, know. Let’s hope Mick Jagger wins something. He’s up for an Emmy. He is up for an Emmy? Yeah. [laughter] How has your Grammy experience been so far this year? It’s great. We’re obviously getting off to the right
start here with all this nice fun stuff. It’s kind of a jovial atmosphere and everybody’s having a good time. You know, this is a nice way to kick things off for sure. I definitely agree with that. Free stuff, who’s gonna complain? Is there a fellow artist out there you’re really
hoping takes home a Grammy this year? I’m up against one of my heroes, Buddy Guys,
a guy that I look up to. What does that feel like? Well, you know, it’s a lot of pressure. I mean, you know, obviously he’s one of my idols. So, I feel like he deserves to win,
but I’d like to win as well.

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