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2011 Grammy Awards Mash Up – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

If you were to create the ultimate Grammy mash up. If you
could see any two artists perform together on the Grammy stage. Yeah, but who would you like to see mash up? Doing a mash up. Any two in the world ever? uh huh. Any two in the world ever? uh huh. And you get that artist with that one and be
like, how did that happen. I love that. To mash up. Everyone’s mashin’ things up. Oh, I’d have to see some good ones. What would be an ultimate Moby and a Lady Gaga. That’s a good match up. Right. They like that. Who would you like to see match up? I don’t know. That’s a tough one. Give me one I’ll match you. Who would you like to see mash up? I think Lady Gaga is always entertaining and someone to watch. I would love to see Brittney Spears and Beyonce. Girl power. Girl power, yeah. Tony Orlando. Okay. I wanna just see Tony Orlando with Dawn. I
want him to get back with Dawn. Alright. Tony Orlando with Dawn back on the Grammy stage. I like country and rap. I’m very diverse. Country and rap, that’s great. That’s brilliant. Who would you like to see together. Oh, like a duet. A duet, anybody. Oh man… I’m a big fan of Kings of Leon.
Who would you put them together with? And me, with a lot of auto tune though. We can make that happen. I have a terrible voice. Who would you like to see a, get together? Oh, I’ve seen some good ones. John Mayer’s always good with anybody. On screen and off. Yes. And what about these mash ups though? I mean, Gangsters Paradise. Who would expect you would be doing a mash up about that? I remember playing Heartless and friend of mine went
ooo Gangsters Paradise might go well with this so we just threw it in there and it worked. But I prefer some guy and some girl in
a room make their own mash up. I’ll give you one, you can match it then. I like Lady Gaga. Kesha. Okay. What would that be? Let’s put the two most famous
people on the planet on stage together. [laughter] It would be like animal farm. Wearin’ meat. Like interpretive art. Just be lookin’ like what are they doin’? Everyone would just
be watchin’, like where did it all go wrong.

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