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2010 Grammy Awards After Party – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey guys, it’s Michelle Marie coming to you
from The W Hotel here in Westwood. One of the hottest Grammy after parties, for Universal, Motown Republic Groups. I am with Colbie Caillat who is a winner tonight. How excited are you? I’m so excited. I have a Grammy. I can’t believe
it. I’ve dreamt of this night my whole life. and now it’s here. Oh my God. Well you
were dominated for a few and you got it for Best Pop Collaboration with Jason Mraz, for
Lucky and you’re a lucky girl for that. What was the moment like for you on stage? Oh my God. You know, everyone always cries and I
just didn’t think I was going to cry and I of course walking up there I started crying,
and like I couldn’t even really speak because I, you know when you’re so emotional, but um
wonderful. I’ve had an amazing day today and I’m so proud of Jason and my friend my friend,
Tim Fagan . We wrote the song together. Do you have a place for your Grammy? Do
you know where you’re going to put it? I don’t. Probably my bedroom, because that’s where I am most or my parents house because they might want to look at it every day more. Well, what was maybe one of your favorite performances tonight that you saw? Beyonce always. I got to meet her tonight First of all, I seriously almost started crying. I went up
to her, I was like, I love you so much. But her voice is beautiful and she’s such a sweet woman. I just, I love her. You look gorgeous tonight. This
is a beautiful dress. Tell me what you’re wearing. This is Nicholas Jabran and I found it at a gifting event like a couple days ago. Fell in love with
it and he let me borrow it tonight. So what was it like preparing for tonight, getting ready and all of that? Did you have a full day of pamper yourself? Full day, it started early. My make up and hair guy, Full day, it started early. My make up and hair guy, he came over and did my hair and make up and
everyone was in my room helping me get dressed. Painting my toenails and just doing all that fun girly stuff. How you feelin’? How was the Grammys? Ahh, so far, so great. Like, I’m happy. It’s so exciting. You know, you were the first
when I first talked to Lady Gaga she was just saying how you just made her
the freaking girl. Oh look at that. I love that shirt. I like it. Can you believe just the success she had over a small amount of time? I mean, it’s a blessing period. I seen and watched her work so hard. from here all the way up to super stardom now. It’s
like, it’s a joy just to watch her be successful. So what was exciting about the Grammys tonight? Who did you love? Well the most, I mean the tribute for Michael
Jackson that was like the most memorable part outside of watching Lady Gaga perform with Elton John. Yeah, so insane. You know what I mean? I am with Jay Sean once again. Who’s here? Who’s here? He’s actually part of the team now. I’ve officially made it. Yeah, I’m going to be you, I’m bored. Hi everyone. What’s up? This is Jay Sean with young Hollywood of course. We have a very very special guest in the house. I
love the outfit and who are you wearing right now? I’m wearing French Connection and everybody seems to love it. Colbie Caillat said she wanted the dress. There you
go. This is wonderful, this is wonderful. And what do the Grammys mean to you? The Grammys mean
that it’s the best time of the year because, music is my life. Wow, amazing. There you have it. Backstage at the Grammys post party, Jay Sean. Now who was maybe one of the best ones tonight that you saw? Beyonce without a doubt. Really? She gave me the chills man. When she sings there’s no voice on earth that I can hear that can blow like her. The music, her voice is incredible. It’s just incredible. Jay Sean, you guys collaborated on… He’s here, he’s inside. Let’s see if I can get him wasted. We love that guy. I mean, he’s been like back and forth to young Hollywood. He’s definitely had like a big year this year. What
do you see like workin’ with him again? We are actually, I was tryin’ to get him in the studio while he was here to jump on a record, so.
You need to go get him right now then. We ain’t gonna work tonight. It’s all about partyin’. What’s the best part about the Grammys? There’s so many
award shows, but what is it about the Grammys? You know this is LA, it’s always good to come to LA and like what I like is when you network. You meet people you never would have met before. Like, that’s what the Grammys is. You go
hang out with some country western people or some Latin people. Like, you know what I mean? You
go hang out with all types of different people. And sometimes that’s how you create beautiful friendships and create some new music. Great, and just respect all the other genres
and you guys all come together. Exactly. How ya’ll doin’? Support ‘Lil Jon. Hollar at me on twitter @liljon and um it’s comin’ it’s comin’. Yeah, young Hollywood, LA town. At Turbo Tax we’re all about making taxes easy, like Snap Tax. I’ve got the magic in me. Every time I touch that track it turns into gold. Everybody knows, I’ve got the magic in me. I’ve got the magic baby. Every time I
touch that track it turns into gold. It’s just one more way you can choose easy.

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