2000th Platinum Trophy Unlocked by world's #1Trophy Hunter Hakoom ( 1st worldwide & WR )

hello everyone it's been a very long time since I've gotten my 1000th platinum and today I'm gonna get 2,000 Platinum's with a game called anthem everybody knows this game it should have been my 1900 platinum but sadly the game was glitched trophy voice and I could not earn my Platinum so I've postponed it to my 2000 platinum the reason I picked anthem was because I like the platinum name I think it suits me well so before I earn my Platinum I wanted to explain some things to some of the people out there who are always asking how can this guy are so many Platinum's when we have been playing for so many years and we only have few trophies or plateaus the answer is very simple guys yes back in 2008 2009 2010 it was very hard to learn many Platinum's every game was about 20 hours 30 hours 50 hours they weren't easy to get and it took a long time but now as you see now look at these games for example look at these games guys these games take between 10 20 30 minutes of platinum 1 hour 2 hours maximum of 3 hours they are very easy games and these technical like like you see have neon junctions 1 2 3 4 4 stacks of the same game this game takes about half an hour 2 platinum so I can to our like a turn for platinum in just two hours for platinum and this game why do we stack 6 times come with another version which is I think down below bouncy bullets as you see this game takes half an hour to plateau some novels novels take between 1 and 2 hours some takes 10 minutes there are games what I'm trying to say guards now since 2000 17 18 19 there have there has been many games out there that just take several minutes to Platinum 5 to 20 minutes so guys like you see in 2008 or 2009 it took me one year to earn 100 Platinum's now in 2019 you can earn 1 Platinum in one week just to one week with stacking multiple versions of games with different regions like you can just platinum one game which takes ten minutes you can platinum that game six times so like one hour we can have six platinum so just to be clear with everybody before I come I want my 2000 platinum I really don't want to see this question in the comments because I have explained that now and this is how people are platinum is very fast okay so let's go and get my platter mm better so I'm not sure if this trophy's gonna pop directly I miss something with reputation trophy so let's see if it's either gonna pop on screen or I have maybe to just play some of us play a bit in the game to unlock it so I'm not sure okay so change completely pop no maybe a trophy will pop no because I have already achieved the stats for the trophy but the trophy did not fall then we catch the game and should fix the issue I guess not the thing which I was missing was yeah the challenge I was missing the faction for this year yeah I was missing this freelancer no 83 this is what I was missing see I haven't completed but I don't have the trophy so maybe if I just maybe if I just play the game a bit know maybe I take admission free mission I haven't played this game for like months and I guess maybe if I collect something or just finish any side quests that's off you would for this I hope some imagines gifts again maybe if I finish this mission I'm gonna I want to know exactly when the trophy would pop which will just pop once I get reputation for the freelancing in your sector ah the coffee pepsin and I can't imagine the traffic cops know maybe not yet maybe after this yes finally platinum grandmaster so finally I have achieved 2000 Platinum's since 2008 it has been over 11 years guys 11 years 2000 Platinum's yes so now I'm gonna sink my anything Grandmaster so finally if I keep the Platinum momentum the screenshot for Grandmaster I just like the name of course I hope you guys liked it too so let's see on screen mm platinum use over 77,000 trophies and I'm still stuck at level 100 Sony when are you gonna open the level cap it sucks oh come on just open it this is my profile as you can see those are my social media links of course you can follow me on Instagram I'm mostly active there I replied to every single person on Instagram don't message me on PSN don't message me on Twitter don't message me on Facebook message me on Instagram and I'm gonna reply to you 101 percent and if I don't reply message me back again I might've just mystery message and of course my youtube channel thanks for watching guys and there will be another video about me if you wanna be a big surprise it's going to be released shortly after this and I'm gonna now show you a mug I have created limited edition mugs if you are interested watch the part after this and let me know if you want one of course message me on instagram if you want thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe and share leave a comment whether it's negative or that it's positive thumbs up thumbs down no matter what it is at least you showed me some interaction with the video and thanks for watching double check if tunable story habit and group ii ii kinda smiley will throw family for much of honor I saw that in high summer Kubis a hairy Google Sahara she slid and Sophie my heart it like free alone mascots and Ian have Bethany so Amir miss criminal coup limited-edition equal haggle collectors top and raha BIA will help mystery can live in a house or a second phoebus me yet had them rock become it's insane man warhead Allah meeya say hella cool raccoon Elsa Harry Rafa kun come sasha be no Romeo comes in Rihanna well howdy because Emma actually not Lamia tree on earth not gonna say her glory banana liqueur limited ooh mob of it an estimate like coriander 1/2 theta method above his quinoa had a mission if our abhi worsen nozzoli it can drone team interchange their own fashion are some alone collectors shaitana Shabaab with a mature for an estimate to be knee-high on an abortion lab I have the simcha Malaysia afterburner will be Kanto period a bad mojo I'll cook nerves


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