2 in 1 entertainer and activity table

good morning ladies gentlemen welcome to Elsie's review of baby toys here we go I just put this bad boy together it's called the tune one entertainer and activity table so what I want to show you some of the toys that come along with this here's a zebra you got a little toucan hanging from a tree it does come with sound let me turn it on for you we'll switch back here you can push these button plays the congos or something you can swing the toucan plays music and turn it up for you yeah different little gene anyways that's the to can teach me had a jam in the tropics this little inter seat here if you didn't notice spins around I've been spinning the table but the baby can spin around in the chair rather a beautiful pattern with some triangles and polka dots and stripes and bigger polka dots really challenged perception with different patterns okay if you notice under here there's a little table at the baby's feet go on you can make sure that they're either hopping around with the hippo in the lake or there is another side which is just like a pizza cutter pie diagram not very exciting I rather jam with the hippos okay also if you didn't notice over here there's a little behind adjusters so if your baby is really long you can raise the table just click these in raise the table up three sides you want to make sure you do all three sides otherwise dad one's gonna be a little wonky and the baby's nothing like that okay real quick I'm gonna show you how to turn this into a activity table first time I've done it so hopefully it's quick and easy you decide for yourself first of all you want to remove these little toys okay you push this little button down I really know literally giraffes laughs a zebra but assign yourself okay so which one do you want – oh you got Christie buttons fold them down fold these guys now any spins going beads in there make a beautiful little rings now okay now the table under here does snap see you just undo the straps real quick pull slide the table out to the side set aside for the next step all right so underneath this little seat here it actually converts into a little pocket you undo these velcro straps yeah wrap the seat up so you can latch the pocket this little number here okay just bottle it up latch them something weird like that okay and then what you can do is you can turn this back over the thing that got you take the table you line it up with these little guys over here and it just clicks in okay that's just but if you want to get the baby a little some exciting you can take that little incense your baby's ready transition to stay in tune up on there you go activity table you can take these zebra giraffe and you can take you out all the way now to store it all you gotta do take these little guys huh okay open this up drop them in the seat just my dad bought a big metal moon strap them back down flip it over then push these buttons down close out the legs close out and there you have it they need to just slide it under your table just like this watch scare you dog store it away and that's the tune one entertainer activity table

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