1987 Whitbread Trophy Handicap Chase

but they're lining up over the pizza and coming to the first of the egg fences with W again one of the first one of the to engage in the National coming to it in the lead from Straus leader the field are reduced to 15 15 by the absence of a butcher bar W again pity right up there on the inside between horses uncle Mac Straus leader right off with a minute for Tina's Express as they come down towards the second route birthday on the far side on the right on the left and he lands at the lead from w again they're all safely over there and now coming down to the chair which is the 15th in the national number three this time and brews pretty the favorite in the lead from uncle max W again on the near side just been behind them come up landing board and Straus leader for Tina's Express of course hunter then comes crown low and they're all safely over the chair and running down to the water and it's Bruce petty in the lead from uncle axe has gone second then comes learning board for Tina's expression for hunter then W again and Straus leader behind their project motivated on the inside then short rate then tack Roy and pen are taken em comes beyond or even Crandall Oman Center attraction is the back marker of the 15th as they make their way down now across the melting Road whispered a as a commanding advantage from uncle max learning board course under on the inside for Tina's Express is next followed by W again and over to John Hamre long run still to the fifth fence which is the first national fence a new pet AAA still in the lead from uncle max W again then call Santa on the inside towards the outside Strath leader and Shore trade but they're at the fifth now and group s a jump badly to the left but still in the lead they're all over that at all 50th standing as they come defense number six Landing board improving in the middle with Strath leader than fnatic in from the extreme left but roof at a still in the lead from landing board uncle Mac Strath leader by the race is taking place order and of course hunters right there as they jab the big ditch mistake by course hunter but they're all PR again short rate refused that is in fact short rate refused but over the next it's room pet a in the lead and over the children Wilson and they all cleared that one routes Petty's do our uncle max Wharton Center Landing board game world is cracked by man re floors yards on his stress leader as they come with wonderful features Joe ruse payday uncle max was the center of the courses landing board then stress leader going really well and they all care that one as they run down to Beecher's Brook for the only time in this race Bruce paydays door leader from landing Bronx translated Ward's the outsider said your feature all over and course hunter made a bad mistake and tech but every single one is jump beaches as they come down the ward will be the 23rd sense in the ground national still bruised petty who's made every order the running Johnson made from landing board Strath leader towards the outside uncle max behind that course hunter there on the inside and 14 is Express running win since the sixth place behind this is manna reef behind him is Pan Arctic and rohban as they come to the canal turn still loose petty Strauss reader on the outside landing board is third and uncle max and course hunter then Cortinas expressed in cannot defend mannery from the outside of row been and crammed oh mercy John Valentine's Brooke Bruce Betty stores grass Peter on the outside coming under pressure there is uncle max on the inside going well is course under then an arctic and all still standing as we rejoined on Hannah Strauss leader took the lead at that one from Rupert a their uncle max then comes course hunter landing board for Tina's expressed wrath leader then royal jet man Arif as they jump the next raft leader aiming the lead in the fall of there was of course hunter but with three two jump straight leader is in front of Roo better than uncle max centre attractions being pulled out Jets going up on the outside W against being pulled up and after jumping the third now it's Rupert a from Strath leader then pan Arctic Roger for dunes Express battle max that proud moment a cry and over to Peter Sullivan I'm still wide open race leader Andrew spending disputing it but very closely packed behind him a royal jet behind royal jet is Pan Arctic for Tina's Express is coming there to uncle max is holding his place as they run down towards the next and it's strapped lead on our stress leading it up marginally from royal jet who's challenging uncle max on the outside for Tina's Express just in behind Ruth better on the inside with Pan Arctic as they jump the next it's going to be very close between strength leader Monroe just trust Lena just lands in the lead roughly two returns from on the near side your royal chair jumped in behind them for Tina's expressive the Jeep Skinner's men also teach you know power the far side fantasy brothers monarchy but it's strong leader strands leader the top way I went back through the air ticket ticket for Tina's Express racing on Awards the opal strength leader from can Arctic unfortunate experience track leader by about six rates inside the final circle from Arctic and dirtiness Express finishing world but stress leaders get ahold of a zoo make up the border line string chaotic okay let's close between 14 is a tribal just gets up to his neck in a panic spread leader 1406 crowd panicking and forth with mana reef that's the one two three four first number one straw leader owned by mr. t befell been trained by John Edwards had written by Tom Morgan who rides burnin or the national second number 1014 is Express owned by mr. Peter filler trained by Arthur Stevenson written by Chris grant and third number six pan Arctic owned by mrs. Harville trained by Tom bill and written by Peter Scudamore fourth was number 13 man Arif

  • Poor Chris Grant – second over the Aintree fences again! I don't think I've seen this since the day of the race itself. Thanks for uploading this and all the other great races you've put up.

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