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#194 Blaise founded Make A Difference Entertainment

So, I’ve always wanted to do different things. When I was younger, I wanted to be a vet, like an astronaut. All sorts of things. And it just changed a lot. I think that’s to do with my attention span. And I think… I decided… Well, I kind of came to the realisation that filmmaking was what I wanted to do. Because if I think back, I always used to be the one with the camera. I was quite shy and I’d withdraw within myself. I’d watch films, I’d watch TV, I’d be quite content at being isolated. And use these films and TV as a way to really get a window on the world. So, I decided I wanted to do something similar, a way to share my stories. Even when I was younger, when I used to play with friends, I used to be the storyteller. Or the one that would direct them and do little plays and everything else. And always have a little camera with me as well when going to weddings and stuff. Like, rather than interacting with people, I’d just spy on them with a camera. And just zoom in and out and capture things and make funny video’s out of it. So, that’s always been there. The point that it clicks, was when I was about eighteen, nineteen. I just was disconnected from academic studies and just decided: hey, this is what I’m gonna do. And hey, I’m here now. MADE in Hayes, particularly is a project that we do with young people from the Hayes area. So, although we don’t necessarily focus too much on diversity, it is a theme. However, we do focus more on them coming together, forming friendships. For them to kinda use the sessions as a way to develop new skills. But also, to develop new connections and links. Because, outside a session, I know certainly a lot of them have actually got together and come up with ideas. But also, filmed things together. And that was purely from the back of making new connections that they made here at the project. So, the idea itself, I think, evolved from my own observations, but also doing research. I went out there and asked people, you know: what are some of the stereotypes that you wanna challenge? What are some of the stories you wanna tell? And from this primary research, I was able to gather enough evidence and enough support that, in my head, said: ok, yes, there is a need for this organization. So, MADE is a charity. So we have trustees and trustees actually act as governors in a way, to oversee the organization and ensure that what we’re doing, is actually of public benefit. So yes, although it was an idea that I had initially thought of, it was about collaborating with other people. Other people who had ideas, other people who had different skill sets. Really getting them on board and getting them to buy into the idea, but also sharing the vision that I had.

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