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120321 Led Apple Entertainment Dan EP6 [2/2] [Eng Sub]

[YJ & KY are holding back the laughter because of HB’s scary acting] YJ: Don’t record this~ [HB’s naughty hand] KY: What is this~~~~~
YJ: I cant do this with this kid, change! [Eventually, HB as Lee ByungHun and KY as Songhyegyo] HB: I will give you a room, do you want to stay with me? (bright tone) [KY’s acting is not affected by playful HB, his acting continues to flow] [The girl will look at the boy and the boy will walk near to the girl] (They look into each other and then hug together,
camera will go round and round shooting the hug scene) [HB’s naughty hand 2.0] KM: They have Ronaldinho in Brazil
[KM tries to imitate the character]
(thanks Moiatashi!) HS: What else is in Brazil? KU: There is a statue of Holy mother Maria, but I don’t remember exactly
the name of the statue. Is it ‘pin???” something? KM: Billl~ You have feeling? [Bill sounds alike with Feel]
KU: Yes, the feel is coming HS: This is the one!
KM: Yea right! [The flag resembles Italy’s flag] KM: So it is Italia! HS: This is not Italia? Wa~
KM: Please approve this (that it is indeed Italia) PD: It is not, the stripes are horizontal [We approve your wittiness]
[Continue to search for Hungary] [Realizes something special]
HS: Oh oh! There is KU-hyung’s rock statue! [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] HS: They really look alike!
KU: Do we really look alike?
KM: Oh yea! For real! HS: The side profile really resembles a lot?
Oh they really look a like~ [KU met his flesh&blood in Miniature Theme Park] KU: Isn’t this Thailand?
Ah It’s Thailand! Thailand: Bang Pa-In Royal Palace
(correct me if I am wrong) KM: We are now at Thailand!
PD: Do you guys know? BangPaInBeol Palace? KM & KU: Of course we know
HS: Ayuta and royal family.. [HS tries to be smart]
HS: It is a secondar…….. KM: Ahmeurisshireuohkkaberikkaddoohbeurisiggaohbeuriah [Final shot decision: YJ & KY as the actors] Yj: (calling out the name cooly) Sooyeon-ah (Sooyeon stops when
he calls out her name) YJ: The only thing I have now (thinking) is only the house
with sad memories (thinking again), are you okay with that? [KY, with his scary concentration] YJ: I will give you a room, do you want to stay with me? KY: (With tears rolling down, look at the guy for a moment,
and nods her head) (They look into each other and then hug together,
camera will go round and round shooting the hug scene) [HB the cameraman singing Live with the OST of the drama] HB: CUT! PD: OK! Mission success! KY: Mission Success~ HB: So today’s Seobjikoji….
KY: Our main course meal in Jeju island (excited) HB: Ah This is not the end yet, please hold on.
So our mission in ‘All In House’ is a Success! HS: Can we run? Are we being too carefree? KM: I told you! It’s France!
[KM made the right guess] [France’s Basilique du Sacre-Couer] KM: Let’s quickly take a photo and move on! PD: 1, 2, 3~ [Run Run~]
[10mins before time’s up] KM: Ya~ this 10mins! [catching breath]
HS: OK! Let’s take a photo, faster take a photo [Romania’s Biertan church] HS: That one that one that
Trio: Hungary! HS: Take a photo fast fast! KU: Buda Castle [Hungary’s Buda Castle]
HS: Bwing bwing~ HS: Yes it is the eagle, Egypt! [Egypt’s Sphinx] KM: Oh Brazil, Brazil!
HS: Oh it’s right over there!
[4mins before time’s up] [Brazil’s Christ statue] HS: The end!
[Completed the mission 3mins before time’s up- Success!] [But] PD: What did you take photo with in France? KU: In France.. that’s what we called.. Shak..
HS: Sharkfins! KU: Ah no no wait wait.. that Masquera-…. what was it again.. PD: I will give you 5mins to remember all the places that you have
taken photo with, and you guys have to guess it right later KM: Ah what did I capture just now? [Sharkfins HS running fast] KU: Ah it is Biertan church for Romania [Brain member KU doing diligently for the game] KM: (from far) KU-hyung, Fighting!
KU: Fighting! HS-ah, Fighting! HS: I think KU-hyung will find them all, I am going to take a rest KU: I have finally found the answer for the question that I got confused with KU: Ah it’s called Sacre-Couer. (repeats) Sacre-Couer KM: Do you want to have some coffee?
[youngest member who let the elders to find the answer] [Look alike] [Younger brother No.2 – Photogenic HS taking his own sweet time] [HS works hard for phototime while the eldest KU-hyung works his
best to look for answers] PD: OK, are you guys ready?
HS: Yes, we are ready~ PD: First give the answer for this first country.
1,2, 3~ [Hungary – Buda Castle] KM: This is….
HS: You know it right? KU: (remains silent) Ya~ We are in great trouble
KM: Isn’t this Thailand? HS: This is Romania, Romania
KU: No no.. [Will they fail this?]
KU: Buda Castle [Correct!] [The younger ones are happy with their hyung’s correct answer] KM: Oh why did you try to scare us~
You knew the answer didn’t you~ PD: This is the second question.
1, 2, 3.. [Thailand – Bangpain royal palace]
KM: This is Thailand HS: This question is easy~
[Eventhough HS says it’s easy, but both of them looked at KU] HS: I don’t know the answer KU: Bangpain royal palace
PD: Correct! PD: Did you purposely to answer it at the very last second?
KU: You guys played around when I was running around to find the answers? KM: No no no we did not
KU: You guys knew I would be running around to search for answers
so you guys had some fun time KM: I remember Romania’s Bertan church!
KU: It’s not Bertan, but Biertan PD: Ok, the last question.
1, 2, 3~ [KM burst out laughing]
[Romania’s Biertan Church] HS: This is really easy
PD: Ok 1, 2, 3. Trio: Beirtan Church!
PD: Correct! [With the help of brain member KU, mission Success!] [Go go, let’s go!]
[To have the previously promised meal] HS: But what are we going to eat? I don’t remember anymore.
[HS has forgetten things that happened an hour ago] [Anyway, let’s just have fun, Let’s go!] [The rain has stopped, the trio can now enjoy the car ride with open roof] KU: Let’s run~
KM: Ah~ It’s hot [Luxury open car only for the trio]
Let’s go! KU: I am the King of Quiz! [At the same time, the other team is enjoying their meal] HB: I like to eat sashimi, but I have not tried Hairtail fish sashimi before YJ: Ah~ It tastes good! [Sashimi lover Hanbyul tastes it too] YJ: There is no way to describe the wonderfulness [At the same time, KU, HS & KM in open car] [Although they are on luxury car… but the wind is too strong] [KM uses the Hanlabong box to block the cold wind]
[KM: It’s… cold] [The trios finally made it to the destination] [Ta-dah!]
[Ultimate huge hamburger] [It’s really big!]
KM: The content is really daebak! [After a long day games, the trios finally get to eat] KU: Oh this is too delicious~
Fantastic~! [YJ leaves a video message to another team]
YJ: HS, KU, KM-ah, I heard that you guys are eating hamburger, I don’t
know if you guys are watching this… YJ: But this is too delicious. While you guys are eating hamburger,
we will continue to eat this awesome meal. Annyeong~
KY: Peace~ YJ: You guys only have hamburger in Jeju Island… [Finally the 2 teams meet up again]
HB: Ah it’s nice to see you guys again~
KM: Oh the losers~ [YJ: Nice to see you guys~]
HB: You guys had a great time? KU: It was totally awesome.
HB: Why why? What did you guys do? KU: We did very well for our missions
HS: As for now, we are same-same (2:2)
[both of the teams completed both missions] HB: It cannot be same-same, we still have the last round of mission.
What punishment should we have this time? HB: Let’s make it something stronger
[What would be the punishment this time?] HB: If we win this time, KU has to talk for 1 minute non-stop
KU: Euhahhahahaha KM: The odd fashion punishment in airport today was too easy for
YJ-hyung, because that’s what he usually wears. HB: His fashion was really cool….
YJ: I even pulled the pant up until my chest! KM: That’s not true, when I looked at the photos I thought ‘why
is this hyung wearing his usual style clothes?’ HB: His fashion (in airport) looked so much better than the clothes
that I usually wear
YJ: Ya Didn’t you see how I pulled my pant really high? KM: Alright, as for the punishment, you will have to wear it and walk
around Myeongdong street..
YJ: Oh I am totally fine with that KY: You have to wear it while doing free hug event
KM: The winner team gets to wear formal suits HB: Alright, formal suits, but not this knitted ones…
KM: The real suits HB: Or should we make this as the punishment? (wear the colorful clothes)
KM: This can be the punishment too KU: We will reveal the result of the mission soon!
KM: And the winning team is….! Coming soon~ HB: Don’t touch remote control! [Who will be the final winner of Jeju mission] [The winner will be revealed soon!] [Basically each team needs to find 10people who can recognize and
tell the name of the group] KM: Who are we?
Lady: Led apple! Lady: Led Apple! Ahjumma behind: Led apple! Lady: Led apple~ Annyeonghaseyo~ HB: Do you, by any chance, know who we are?
Guy: Led apple! 2 Ladies: Led apple! Girl: Time’s up up up… [Final score 5:4]
[YJ, KY & HB team Wins!!]
HB: We are truly the nation singers.. there is no one who doens’t know us Letter:
Keonu-ya, we are sorry.
There were only 2 people got captured on camera and some people
did not make it on camera… Only if the other people were captured too, your team could have been the winner…
We are really sorry… And now you have to speak for 1 minute non-stop….
Our heart aches but still cant help to tear even when we laugh… KeonU-ya.. we are really sorry PS: But you would still do your punishment right? [HS is voted as the new President]
HS: Every vote you guys make counts in, and now you can see more
sides of the members [B.U.T.]
[all in a mess] [What did just happened?]
[It seemed like tornado just attacked the office] [New president election=Disbandment of LED?] [Anger]
YJ: Where is Kim Hyo Suk? [KM: Is this a dream?]
HB: *sighs* [Depressed] [Unbelievable reality]
[LED members get speechless of what’s happening] [What should we do now…?] [Will LED end this way?] [At the same time, what is LED’s President HS doing now?] HS: Hello [in a more formal way]
I am the new president of LED, Hyosuk. HS: As the new president, I think our company should no longer
be in the same way we had before. HS: I have decided to take a short break. HS: I have made the decision in order to improve the company,
please understand this. HS: Please have some anticipation on us, we will be back with a
better image. HS: And again, I am LED’s President, Hyosuk.
[Annyeong~] HS: We will be back after 2 weeks, please have lots of anticipation~
KM: We will be back with a stronger image! HB: Don’t touch remote control, for 2 weeks.
HB&KM: Please watch only SBS MTV for these 2 weeks! After 2 weeks, LED will be back with new image
Coming soon~ Translation by [email protected]


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