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120314 Led Apple Entertainment Dan EP5 [Full] [Eng Sub]

Paju’s Sanmeoru diary – Part 2 The story of Sanmeoru Village is back. HS: ??? is not here~ HB: [omg] Does it taste good? HS: What are you eating~ Don’t eat that! [The attention has changed toward Kwangyeon immediately]
HB: Kwangyeon-nim! [The man with snack meal appears] [Kyumin continues with his drama acting] [But the boys have pay no attention to Kyumin’s drama]
HS: Oh oh ohhhhh YJ: He really looks like a real grandpa HB: Hey since when did you become so old? [Not an oldman]
HB: He really does look like an oldman from far away! HB: I could only see his hair! YJ: He is truly a grandpa! [HS paying attention to Kyumin] HS: This boy really ate the grass HB: Taste good? YJ: You already have dementia? [Not an oldman] KY: Are you guys doing good? HB: What took you so long~ Come faster~ [Village Babo-hyung happily welcoming his return]
[KY: Go away!] [What is that?] KY: Guys I have prepared snack meal for everyone KY: We have muffin for snack HS: Adda we have milk too! HB: Did something just pass by… [Everyone gathered to have milk after a long day work] HB: This milk has the taste of rice in it
[HB is imagining himself drinking Makgeolli=a korean rice wine] [Someone who ate the grass is still coughing somewhere behind the camera] HS: Enjoy the milk! [Cheers!] HB: One shot! If you cant do one shot, you’ll have to make 2 shots! [Gives up his adlib almost immediately] KM: Omae [KM sees something familiar. A Toby….muffin]
KM: Isn’t this Toby muffin? HB: Why are you laughing at Toby muffin? [YJ burst out laughing at Toby muffin’s story] KM: Arghhhhhhh! Too Noooiiisy! [HS: What’s wrong with him…] HB: Kyumin is having dementia problem KM: Arghhhhhhh! Everything is RED! The sky is RED! HB: It’s your hair! Just move away your fringe! [KM blinded by his Red curtain fringe, found his peace] HS: Adda Keonu always enjoy his milk in that way! YJ: Your teeth get weaker when you get old, you have to eat it like this KU: My teeth are weak YJ: His teeth are too weak that he needs to use his gums to chew [-Happy ending-] [LED gathers at the center] YJ: It was a fashion terrorist style HB: Why? I liked yours the most… It was much better than what you are wearing now.. [HB is obsessed with leopard prints clothes that JY had earlier on] HB: The color matched really well too YJ: Really? KM: AnMul! [The tired Kyumin came out with an idea] HB: Anmul…? You were not asked?
[Anmul- no ask] YJ: We have to get prepared to tonight’s performance.
[LED prepares for the show tonight] HB: Yes we should HB: What about?
[Popular song] KM: I suggestHS: We have to singusing girls’ key/tone?
[Is it possible?] [HB sings toin girls’ key]
HS: That’s good! Uri Hanbyul sings so well! YJ: You can just sing them all! Sing it all night
[Make it as Jason Jang recital performance!] HB: You suggestedright? Isn’t that song more like a modern style trot song? KM: Oh ya~ HB: Try to sing a lil bit of the song [KM singing toHB: Pass~ [aka disqualified] [KM: Why?] HB: His facial expression is really bad [Reenacting Kyumin’s facial expression] YJ: What else can we perform? KM: Someone has taught us tips on performing in events HB:, I likeKM: Ah Senior Park Hyun Bin’s song… not, but Ddaengbeol! HB: Senior PHB….. oh wait if people are calling for encore, what should we do? KY:HB: “Omoni (mothers) has V-shaped face and S-line body shape~” KM: They won’t like you calling them Omoni, you should call them Noona~ HS: What about the closing speech? HB: Well we will just do what we have learned YJ: We have learned a lot that day, we gotta use what we have learned. [HB shows his loud greeting] HB: Annyeonghaseyoooo! [Singing his best with high tones] [Giving applauses] HS: Hyung, that’s too much! That is not fun anymore KU: It looks more like a physco [Scary] [Stage preparation, promotion, performance are all Made by Led Apple Entertainment Dan]
YJ: We will set up the stage, promote the event by ourselves… HB: First we have to let the people know about this event
KM: We can divide ourselves into 3 person a group YJ: I think the vocal members should do the promotion
HB: Ah so that we can sing a lil bit to them, like a teaser? KM: Teaser? HB: We will make it like a teaser, you must not show too much to them HB: ‘Gondere~~~’ We’ll be back.. and show ‘Led apple’ at the bottom of the screen. YJ: And Coming Soon~ [Oh well I guess you guys can understand this XD] HB: Who wants to go for promotion? Lift up your hand HB: Just say ‘I want to go~’ HB: Who wants to go~ KU: Well since I am the PR officer of the team… HB: Owh you wanna go? you really wanna go~
[in aegyo tone] KU: Yes I am
[stiff aegyo]Team: Hanbyul, KeonU, Kyumin
Team: Youngjoon, Hyosuk, Kwangyeon HS: Hyung, you’ll to talk more when you do promotion
[HS is worried about his hyung] HB: Okay, let’s go! To promote the event~ [Teaser]
KM: Gon! (???) HB: See you soon.
Don’t touch remote control. [HB, KU & KM are out to do promotion in the dark] [So will they be able to have many audiences?] [KM holds the loudspeaker, their promotion is about to start] KM: Dear villagers~ KM: We will be at GaekHyun-1-Ri…. or somewhere…. HB: He is doing his satoori again
KM: We will do performance at senior villagers center [KM has mistaken the venue for the performance]
KM: We would be grateful if you can come to see us HB: It’s not senior villagers center KM: Ah it’s not senior villagers center, it’s at the Community Hall KM: When you reach there, we will lead you to the hall HB: Annyeonghaseyo~ HB: Please come to our event~ HB: We will have a short performance later, please come and support us
Lady: Okay~ HB: Alright see you later~
[Promise] HB: Did you hear that? She said she has seen us many times
on television. We are the real nation singers. HB: I couldn’t feel our popularity back in the seoul, but I felt it for the
first time here in Paju HB: I can feel the super popularity now! HB: Ah~ So now I am an artist! [YJ, HS, KY setting up the venue] HS: Will all the seats be filled up later? [Diligently] HS: Ah~ Our bulletproof(?) player did Gae-dlib’s Adlib
[Gae-dlib means awful adlib] [Correction]
KY: Gae-dlib is Adlib [A failed attempt] [No people is spotted at this late hours]
[Barks] [Only barking dogs’ are around] KM: There are only dogs around here HB: I think I am a puppy, I have high popularity among the dogs too KU: Hyung, why don’t you try promoting to them too? HB: Okay, I will do it HB: I will bark well for this HB: Excuse me, all dogs there [ps: LOL] HB: Oh there is human! Human!
No no please don’t leave! [The trio arrives at President’s house to fetch him to the hall] HB: Annyeonghaseyo~ KM: You are getting ready because we have asked you to come? President: I am ready to go now HB: We enjoyed the blueberries very much President: Let’s get down there and fetch another people too HB: Alright, understood~ President: We must get that person before we go to the hall [YJ, HS, KY fixing the PA system] [Ah ah~ HS testing the microphone] [Flips through] KY: They don’t have our songs KY: We will have to work harder [Playing the teaser] HB: ‘Look at me look at me Gwisun~’, you can watch this later.
Teaser, Led Apple We’ll be back HB: This is what we will have later
KM: See you later~ HB: Have a safe drive~ [Bows] HB: Grandpa~~~~ [The man running to grandpa in slow motion] KM: Annyeonghaseyo, grandpa~ HB: Nice to see you again, how have you been
in the past few hours? HB: We did some works in your blueberry farm and we have invited
you to our event, we came here to fetch you Grandpa: Ah~ Thank you I am very happy for that~ HB: You really do look happy HB: Let’s go now~ [Done with set up, the trios are waiting for the PR team] [HS has immersed in his Rock spirit] [The set-up team sparing some time] [Finally, HS’s singing] [YJ passionately plays his guitar] [Hyped up atmosphere even before the event] [Almost the time for performance] [The seats are getting filled up] LED: Annyeonghaseyo~
[Ledapple enters] [Villagers welcome them with loud applause] LED: Annyeonghaseyo, we are Led Apple! HB: Annyeonghaseyo, we are ledapple. We are very grateful that
everyone is here tonight. HB: We will do our best for the performance, I hope that
everyone will have great time together with us. Right kyumin? KM: Yes~ of course! [HB spots someone]
HB: Oh she’s so pretty~ Kid: Annyeonghaseyo~ [KM is about to hug her.. but rejected]
(ps: lol poor maknae) [KM is totally embarrassed] [Second challenger – HB]
HB: Annyeong~ [Kid: I don’t like this oppa too] [HB: gives up] KM: Kwangyeon-hyung should try
[Kid: rejects] KM: She is the ‘cold-hearted village girl’ HB: Next challenger
[YJ dare not to approach the little girl] KM: Surrender, gives up! [KU takes the challenge] KU: Annyeong~ [KU: Successfully received a kiss from the little girl] KM: He is too handsome HB: We have prepared 3 songs, we will sing more songs if
everyone likes it HB: We will still sing more songs even if there is no response
from everyone Grandma: You guys had your dinner? HB: Ah dinner? My dinner is the love from everyone [Grandma: He’s pretty cute] KM: We have prepared one of our songs too, but it is not found
in the karaoke menu KM: So we will do a short Live version of the song KM: 3, 4~HB: It’s the song like thisHB: Everyone sing~
[KM: Why is that hyung……] HB: Yea we have song like that too HB: Many people know our songs too, we didn’t even have to
sing it ourselves KM: Oh he’s all excited, probably he likes our songs very much KM: We are band group that does music, we have our own
music instruments.. and we are a band.. KM: But today we have prepared all Trot songs HB: Ah we cannot leave out trot songs for sure KM: Event is all about trot songs [KU tries really hard]
KU: Everyone likes trot songs right? Song chosen by KyuminSong chosen by Hanbyul[Tries to hype up the atmosphere with dancing] [Couple dance] [The perfect song to hype up the atmosphere] [Atmosphere UP UP!]
HB: Southbound train! [HB spots people coming in]
HB: Oh please come in! Please come in! [Young fans who are here after they heard the news] [Girl: *gasp* It’s real!] [The last song] [Hyped up] HB: We are sorry that this is the last song for the day, but
we still have one last special event to do [Lady: What’s that?] HB: Everyone has the chance to hug one of the members here,
a member that you like the most HB: You can choose your favorite member, you can come out here
and hug them! HS: Mums, please accept my heart and hardworks for today [The first lady has chosen Kyumin] [KM’s forever noona]
KM: Noona! (Does the ILY gesture) [Grandma: Me too~] [One vote goes to Keonu] [One vote goes to Hanbyul] Grandma: I will choose the Paju boy! HS: Why no one chooses me?! [The grandma who has chosen Hanbyul hugs Hyosuk] [Keonu gets second vote] [Second vote for Kyumin] [One vote goes to Youngjoon] [Keonu gets his fourth vote] HB: Keonu is popular!
KM: Keonu-hyung actually has many older (noona) fans too! HB: I will come to your blueberry farm again!
[HB begs for a vote] HS: Abeo-nim (Dad), who do you like that most? [Grandpa gives HS a hug] HB: The Paju boy is chosen~
Everyone is choosing the Paju boy [Current result: Kwangyeon & Keonu have the highest votes] HB: Oh!
[Hanbyul gets one more vote] [HB: I have a great life] [However the old women still go for KeonU] HB: He is the noona-killer! HB: Who will you choose? Anyone? No you cant do that HS: I called you out just now, so just choose me [HS gets one more vote] [Two votes from the Paju girls] [Another 2 votes for Hanbyul]
[HB: Ah~ my life is great] [KM finally gets one vote from teenage girl] HB: Kyumin’s popularity just shoots up! KM: You girls are going to be great person when you grown up~ [KY: Please come to me]
KY: My hug is ready for you [The lady has chosen Kyumin instead of the Paju boy] [Current result: No.1- Kyumin, No.2- Kwangyeon] HB: Last vote~ [So who is going to get the last vote?] [Kyumin leading by one more vote, will he win?] [Each of them gets one vote]
(ps: ehhh?) HB: So who is the winner? HB: Kyumin! Kyumin is the winner! KM: Noona! It’s all thanks to you! [The event comes to an end after the voting session] Omoni: I am really happy Girl: I am deeply touched by their performance [Giving little present for the audiences] Grandpa: I had a great time Girl: They are the best~ [Doing fanservice till the end of the event] Lady: They are handsome Girl: They are totally handsome! They are so handsome!
[HB reappears for a hug] [The event gets to end happily] [Led apple gathers in the room]
KY: We had our performance today, the response was good,
especially when we did the ??? KM: Owh I seriouly thought that was good, we had great times with
the elderlies KY: There were people who shared lots of fun with us too KM: I think we made some great memories for them KY: But I think we should make them into our fans HS: That’s right KM: I am sure that they know us by now KY: When I was standing in front, someone said “Wow, it’s led
apple!” And I realized there are people who actually know us. [KM: Jjan~] YJ: What’s that? YJ: Oh yea he got No.1 right? But I had the least votes, I don’t
want to talk about that HB: But today.. Keonu.. We talked a lot right? And Keonu
was just standing there, but he owned the popularity YJ: Because he is handsome, it’s for sure KM: He looks Cu-
[Gwi-eop=cute in korean, KM says Gwi=ear] HB: He looks Gwi-ti
[Gwi-ti=noble, but HB actually meant Gwi-ti=obvious ear] YJ: Oh~ one more thing! Kwangyeon did headbanging without
his guitar! KY: And suddenly Youngjoon-hyung came to me and said
“Don’t do this, you look weird without the guitar” [Kwangyeon with his passionate headbanging] [YJ: You look weird, don’t do it]
[KY: Okay hyung -.-;; ] KM: Ahhhh~ KM: My leg cramps! [Doctor Jang comes in]
(ps: Oh right! Hanbyul is a medic student!) HB: Ah Smell~~~ [YJ: It’s funny] [Hanbyul saved Kyumin but he got his hand rotten]
HB: My hand has rotten [Ulzzang pose]
YJ: Everybody, sleep tight~ HS: What’s with that cheezy words? HS: Do I look good here? I can only see my eyes.. [The morning comes] [LED’s Wakeup song – Time’s up] [Blur]
[Hanbyul-ah, we will protect your image] [Current time: 9AM. The members have to do a morning mission] PD: Please do the mission out there [HB & KU get up first] [Protecting Idol’s right – The members’ faces are mozaic-ed to
protect their rights.] [But the mozaic effect will be reduced everytime they make
wrong answer] [Keonu, the first challenger]
PD: Please have a sit PD: Just try to guess what’s on the paper KU: I have to guess this? PD: You are given 3 seconds to look at it [A4? Brand? Type? Size?]
KU: I have to guess what is that paper? PD: There is a character on the paper and you have to
guess what it is [Answer: Thresher]
1, 2, 3… KU: A machine in Jo-seon dynasty… [Wrong!] [Kwangyeon & Hyosuk – The maknaes are getting up] [President Kwangyeon has his notebook with him
all the time] [Hanbyul is still half-awake] 1, 2, 3… [Hanbyul could not try a guess]
[Wrong!] [All Ledapple members are here! (Except Kyumin…)] PD: 1, 2, 3……
KY: What is thissssssss~ [Wrong!] [It’s Keonu again] [Answer: Kaonashi] KU: It’s in a Japanese animation… it’s… [Wrong!] PD: You have to tell the name of the character HB: Ohh~ 1, 2, 3..
HB: The spirit! [ Ehh? ]
HB: Ahh! [The last person to wake up – Kyumin] [Hyosuk’s first try] [Answer: Eeyore] HS: Donkey!
[You have to tell the name… Wrong!] YJ: Donkey
[It’s wrong….] KY: Babo Donkey PD: Wrong! [The mozaic effects get weaker] [Answer: Spinning wheel] HB: Fishing… stage? [Points for the humor, but still Wrong!] HS: I can’t see really well… HS: A harp!
[It’s not a music instrument, Wrong!] [Will they be able to finish it today…] YJ: A bat
[Wrong!] [Kyumin’s first try] [Answer: Wang Kyung Tae] KM: Harry Potter [Wrong!] KY: Youngshim’s friend
[Wrong!] [It’s from the 90s cartoon, it’s too hard for them] HB: Inspector Gadget, Gadget [First person to get it right, he’s safe from showing no makeup face
and granted longer nap time] [HS is left with one chance before all mozaic effect is removed] [Answer: Maetel] HS: Galaxy Express 999!
[That’s the name of comic, Wrong!] YJ: Maetel!
[Correct!] [YJ hurries back to the room] KU: Michael
[Correct!] KU: Woohoo~ KY: Tigger!
[Correct!] [HS: What is that?]
[Answer: Don-deck-man(?) Created in Y1989] HS: Wait, cant you show characters from our generation?
[HS was born in Y1993] HS: This is a character from B.C~ What is this…
B.C’s robot!
[We are sorry but.. Wrong!] [KM is still half-awake] KM: A machine?
[Wrong!] [Answer: Douno]
HS: Kkan-dda-bbi-ya~ [Wrong!] [KM: What is that?] KM: Ddochi
[The friend of the actual character] [Wrong!] HS: Cultivator!
[Correct!] [HS finally get his victory] PD: You have lost the game KM: I have to stay here till the end?
PD: Yes, this is the punishment [Punishment: The no makeup will be revealed] KM: What time is it? PD: 9.30AM
[Too early for people at Kyumin’s age] KM: (yawns) [Sorry that we couldn’t protect you, you have to do
the punishment anyhow] KM: See you guys next time~ [Visiting the center before leaving Paju] President: You guys have worked for this 1N2D LED: Ah It was nothing much~ President: We are very glad that you guys came, you guys have
to do well and grow bigger HB: We will work hard~
[Clap clap clap~ Thank you] Grandma: We will pray for you all too HB: Thanks to all the elderlies of the town KM: Noona~
Grandma: Have a safe trip~ HS: It’s cold out here, you can just stay indoor [The boys have bonded so much with the elderlies] Translated by: [email protected]


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