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120229 Led Apple Entertainment Dan EP3 [Full] [Eng Sub]

[Keonu who is getting ideas for group publicity from the magazine] [AB blood type Hyosuk sharpening his pencil for then 10th times] [Kyumin who is drawing his members] [Youngjoon – making nicknames for the members] [Hanbyul, who has interest in girl idol group] KY: This is seriously not what we should be doing now. KY: Let’s check out the event invitation post we made earlier. KM: Ok! Let’s do it! [Bread’s ready when President lifts his right hand] [Assistant Keonu not making any complaint] KM: President, can I have that sausage bread? HB: President, may I show you an interesting game? HB: First, please bite the bread. [Attacks] [Hanbyul who shocked President with his tactic] [Slaps] Oh there are many requests received There are really a lot of requests, there is even a request from Busan. HB: [Fans] Just come to my house~ HB: Of course we can go to your house, isn’t this a good idea? KM: Oh? This place is good KM:[Fans] If you guys are coming to HyeHwa, you guys can talk[Hweehwa] really well right? kkkkkk KY: There is a person who gave really detailed information to us [reading an address with direction guides] Is he/she asking us to go to an elementary school? KM: Oh oh? We must go this place! KM: [Fans] Oppa, if you are not coming to my house, we will get married. KM: Let’s go! YJ: We definitely need to go this place HB: [Fans] Please come to AnYang Girl highschool’s graduation ceremony on 9Feb~ YJ: We should go for this one HB: We have three 3rd year senior students in our group [ps:OMO I didn’t know! O_O] HB: This is going to be a really meaningful event HB: You can join and graduate with them [the girls] YJ: Alright, let’s keep this as one of the final choices HB: Ah, Keeping HaeDuo [means he’s keeping it -.-;;] [Hanbyul never forgets about the camera shot] HB: President, this is pretty good too [KY reading a fans reply] YJ: Oh this fan is giving us support even she’s far away from here KY: She came all the way from Busan to Seoul for her degree studies KM: Congratulations!
(to the fans maybe? -.-;;) HS: [Fans] Please do a Sign event in Yang Ju [name of a place] HB: Yang Ju? Isn’t a name of alcohol?
[Yangju=name of a place/alcohol -.-;;] HS: Yea that’s right HB: Ah~ In Yang Ju… KU: You drink a lot of Yangju(alcohol) right? HB: Ayy ya-ak..
[He’s satisfied with Keonu’s adlib] [KU: I did it very well right?] HB: ….Johnny walks in there [Yangju] KU: Euhahhahahahaha [Keonu burst out laughing at walker Johnny walking in Yangju]
(ps: the boys need psychology counseling -.-;;) [Other members get confused] [Keonu super satisfied with Hanbyul’s adlib] HB: He will get the most expensive alcohol drinks… KU: How about wearing a hat? With his staff (walking stick) [President who understood the story later] HB: He will be walking on the road with his walking stick HB: and he stops after every step he made [Keonu giving supportive reaction at Hanbyul’s adlib story] YJ: As for now, the first event that we can do is…. the graduation ceremony, I think this is really good HB: Since graduation ceremony is kind of meaningful to
some of our members… KY: It’s going to be even great if we can graduate together
with them.. [Nyam nyam~ Kyumin finally get to taste sausage bun] HB: I have a good idea HB: We are not telling them (the students) about this They will be with their friends during the ceremony right? KY: Surprise~ HB: Yes! All: Ahhh [Hanbyul receiving good response since his adlib story] YJ: So this will be Gorrilla (surprise) graduation congratulatory performance? HS: We will sing songs there YJ: We will sing it ourselves HB: This is not our first time doing this kind of performance But still I am a little worried about it KY: Dear brothers, let’s do this well~ [native accent/satoori] [What is this……] HS: Which region is that satoori from? [Maknae kyumin with his sudden aegyo, unidentifiable satoori] YJ: This is very really embarassing JY: This is our first time organizing events… We have worked hard to make this happens.. YJ: But let’s just do our very best together HB: Let’s do a fighting jinx! [Bread joins in too] 1, 2, 3 Fighting! [First preparation for LED performance] [Secretly come to Practice room] (KM singing a graduation ceremony song) YJ: Oh that’s the only song that I know KM: There was a song by Senior 015B[Singing to the song] YJ: Yea that’s one of the songs, it’s pretty good KM: Shall we try listening to this?YJ: Probably more people will know this song?by 2AM HB: They (2AM) are the popular group, I don’t think there
are many people who don’t know about their songs HB: This song seems to match the latest trend pretty well HB: The song is nice… HS: Are we going to perform it live (with the instruments) ? KY: Of course we have to do it Live HB: We have to look good in Live performance KY: Because we are a band group KY: We are now on our way to Anyang high school right? YJ: Yep, Anyang girls’ high school HB: How do you feel? You are meeting your fans HS: I am really happy to do this YJ: This fan really likes Hyosuk HS: I am really happy that we will be there for graduation ceremony [Yep yep] KY: We are graduating with them, aren’t we? HB: You don’t know how she looks like right? HB: And I saw her details just now 1. She’s wearing Pink Padding (down jacket)
2. She has a bob hair
3. Height 155cm, wearing glasses YJ: It wont be difficult to look for her right? HB: No, it’s not difficult at all KY: Pink padding can be easily spotted HB: And most of the students will be wearing black gown
at the ceremony It’s really easy to spot pink padding YJ: We have 6 members, we can find her really fast [Arriving at the school] [Finally, here it comes the first event by LED] [KU: Annyeonghaseyo, we are Led Apple, led apple~] YJ: We have to search for today’s heroin YJ: This picture is all what we have for now KY: Does anyone know Maeng Hyo Im (MHI)-sshi? [who is that?] HB: Does anyone know MHI? YJ: Nobody knows… HB: We are looking for a girl with bob hair, glasses and pink padding [Celebrity?] HB: She is 155cm tall HB: We are looking for a mini-size girl Ms. MHI, please come out~ HB: She’s is Year 3, Class 4’s [Y3-4] student Girl: She’s is from Y3-4! HB: Oh really? Please stay there! Members: Come back here! HB: Please help us to look for this girl Girl: No I am not from Y3-4~ HB: There are more people who know her?
Alright, thanks~ Take care~ Girl: Pink padding! [They found a girl with pink padding!] HB: Ah that’s a mink jacket HB: Ms. Maeng Hyo Im~ KM: We are looking for a girl who looks like this~
A girl with an interrogation mark! HB: I have a feeling that we are getting near to the girl We are looking for Ms. MHI~ [Students who gathered to see Led apple] Anyang Girls’ high school Y3-4~ [Here’s a girl with pink padding!] KY: Could it be…. HB: Height 155cm, wearing glasses
[Pretended did not see the girl] HB: Does anyone see her? Anyone knows her? Girl: Here here~ HB: Oh? Annyeonghaseyo! 1, 2, 3 Annyeonghaseyo~
We are Led Apple! HB: I heard that you really liked Hyosuk? HB: Oh? Don’t cry! Please don’t cry~ YJ: Why are you crying~ [MHI’s friend who is also a fan of Led Apple] HB: Who do you like? (MHI’s friend) Girl: I like all of the members HB: Do you really liked Hyosuk? Girl: No, I like all the members [Girl asking for a hug from Hanbyul] HB: Congratulation on your graduation! HS: Congratulation! [MHI receiving flower bouquet from Hyosuk] Girl: I don’t get flowers? HS: You can steal her flowers [President Kwangyeon with his congratulary band(?)] [You’re still my fan after graduation, and forever] HB: MHI, don’t stand there, please come here~ HB: You are the heroin of the day Hyosuk, please say a few words HS: Oh today is also my graduation day,
but I came here to celebrate it with you You feel grateful right? MHI: Yea HS: So just listen to song that we’ll be performing now,
and again congratulation to you~ HB: Congratulation! HB: This is a song for your graduationHS: Let’s wave our hands~ Led Apple is awesome! Led Apple is awesome! [First event – Success!] Oh where is this? KY: Oh paper scissor stone!
(ps: I cant handle his randomness -.-;;) KM: Are we meeting our fans here? KY: The fans didn’t know that we are here, so we are giving them a surprise~ KY: Those who are coming are actually my fans HS: Let’s plan how to make the surprise
[Hanbyul who has more interest with the interior] KY: First, the write (scriptwriter) will be meeting the fans here
[Hanbyul with his own alcohol gag] KY: While they’re meeting here, I will come out to serve them food KY: So I will be hiding at the sides..
[HS: What is he trying to do…?] KY: And I will serve the food..
[Hanbyul stealing things for LED company] KY: And they will go Oh-Uhhh! (surprised) [10 minutes before the start] [Fans for the second event coming in] PD: Welcome~ Please come in~ [The fans who were told to have meeting with the producer team] Writer: You girls have heard about this meeting right? [The members standby-ing] [Fans ordering drinks] [Prepared to serve the fans] Fans: Oh?! Fans: Why why? What is it? [Ta-dah!] [Part-timer appears] [Fans who are totally surprised] [The man who is satisfied with his surprise] KY: Annyonghaseyo~ KY: Members~ Come out now~ Fans: What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? Boys: 1, 2, 3 Annyeonghaseyo!
We are Led Apple! KM: We saw the reply on our fancafe and we came here to look for you girls KY: Have you ever thought that you all would be chosen? Or you girls think it’s impossible not to be chosen? HB: Who’s that heroin came from Busan? Fan: My name is Lee Yoo Jin HB: Your name is so beautiful!
[powerful reaction] [Fan started crying] HS: You are 20-yo? We are chingu! (friends at the same age) HS: Nice to meet you~ HB: We have just established our own company We would love to gather the fans and to know what do the fans wish for HB: What kind of wish do you have? Fans: Please sing a song~ HB: But we have been performing song on stages Fans: Live live performance HB: Ah~ live performance? Fans: We want to have live performance, right here! HB: What song? Fans: I wish for [Amazed at the fans’ adlib] KM: Oh we have found a friend here~
We should do more gags KY: Oh well, we are doing our performance here, Young joon-hyung.. YJ: Yea
[The romantic vice president with his guitar] KY: Youngjoon-hyung is not going to play the guitar if he doesn’t hear
loud cheers [Fans cheering] HB: The song that someone has suggested just now.. HB:A really good, a nation song, no one doesn’t know this song HB: We had shown our singing by the vocal team We don’t actually get to see the other members sing right? HB: This would be the first time doing it!
[they actually had it once] [This is when we get to hear from non-vocal members] YJ: Shall we sing together? KY: This is specially for fans who are here today HB: For fans and high rating of audience… 98% of the audiences [The man who feels absurb after saying those words] YJ: We will start now HB: Actually I really wanted to try this instrumentby LedApple HB: Bread Dduk! HB: This is the bridge part YJ: It’s my turn! HB: But why are you not singing? (Youngjoon) […] KY: We are still at the bridge part.. YJ: It is indeed the bridge part, please be patient [Second event ended perfectly] [LED moving on to the last event mission] KY: Hold on, is that the girl? that one?
front front, at the front KY: She’s wearing the red jacket KY: Oh, she’s not, that was a red scarf..
Eyyy… it was a scarf.. Oh there! Where where where! It’s again red scarf…. KY: Why are there so many people wearing red item~ Oh? oh? This is the right one! Red jacket! KY: Get down get down get down!
Fast faster! [Members ran to the red jacket girl] HB: Are you both couple? Fans: No we’re not [The members reconfirming the fans’ identity] KY: She’s in the cafe right? [Giving surprise to a fan who is currently doing part-time job
in a cafe] HB: Walk slowly walk slowly~ [The members came with food for the fans] HB: This is the one! HB: Are you Hyosuk’s fan?
(-.-;; he asked the owner of the cafe) [Fan realized ledapple] KY: Someone has fainted there~ KY: Annyeonghaseyo~ KM: We have found her! KY: Are you xxx? HB: Girl with permed hair, we found her! Fan: Annyeonghaseyo~ HB: Congratulation~ HB: First we would like to present you some food [President has contributed his bread] HB: Congratulation! Since you have received the bread, we
don’t have to get married now. HB: You said if we are not coming, we have to marry you. KY: We should make an agreement that no mentioning of marriage
will happen again KM: [Agreement] From now on, I will not mention about marriage. KY: We have to show this to the camera [Approved!] [Another meet up in office] YJ: When we first established this company, when we were
choosing President, it seemed like we had simply made the decision. [Speechless President KwangYeon] KM: Re-election, I Agree! HB: Personally, the reason I don’t like the President is because… YJ: It seems like you really disliked the president.. HB: It has a really simple reason to it.. [Q: What is the reason that Hanbyul dislikes the President?] A: Because he looks to old, his hair is all white
[The man who has prepared the adlib] [Speehless] KM: We were just playing around with the game when we were
choosing the president YJ: Since we have to reconstruct the goals of the company,
why don’t we have another election of President [To do an official election of President] KM: And fair! KY: I think it’s going to be me again
(ps: not sure about this) HB: It has to be fair
HS: Using hair! HB: Hair? HB: Oh It looks pretty here no? [Kwang! Mohican’s anger] [KeonU anger Stage 1]
KY: Keonu just coughed YJ: We have done this during elementary school KM: Making pledge? YJ: “If you choose me as the class rep…” Isn’t this what we did? YJ: Something like election campaign KY: Why not we let the fans to decide who will be the president KM: Well, everyone just try to do your best KM: We are now competitors, chingu(s) KY: To our JYP-nim & SM-nim.. KM: Come here! HB: We will do this fairly, are you okay standing next to him?
(KM is much taller than KY) KY: Aren’t we suppose to stand up? HS: You are standing now YJ: But why are we standing? KM: To shake hands and make an ending HB: We are on the same side, please do not misunderstand KM: Let’s see who is going to be the president! YJ: Everyone please help to vote for us~
We will do our best KY: To show more love KM: Just like my red burning hair, enthusiastically HB: I will do Free Hug event! KU: My nickname is xxx
(sorry, couldn’t understand this) YJ: If you want to see the good things of our company HS: Every vote counts.
I love everyone~


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