1200th Platinum Trophy Unlocked by Hakoom 🇧🇭 🏆

hello everyone today I have earned my 1200 platinum and I will show it to you on video it's been a long road for me since 2009 with my hundred platinum video back in 2000 since the last video you've seen my baby today he's grown up became thick hello everyone today I have earned my 1200 platinum and I will show you how I have obtained it it's been a long road for me since I started back in 2008 I've posted my hundred Platinum video by the by that time and today we are in 2017 and I have unlocked my 1200 platinum oh and the game I've decided to make it to my 1200 button was near it's a really hard game tough game around like hundred hundred fifty hours to platinum so don't say anything just easy games they're all the tough game for me I would also like to thank my friend bullet Kuwait for assisting me in the game and being my partner was really helpful and enjoyed playing the game with them sam-i-am Shabaab has Robert Aquila common borrow a concave palette and alpha Matheny platinum four o'clock Arroyo Elfie notice I want a Latin met/met platinum with video modular YouTube Willimantic infinitive attached or not a lot information later electorate neo Levison solder will level up set about a reversible pilato unsolvable rush capsule if a bullet quit like Waco whose honesty oh sorry from there Vania well the Hammond roof gave a lot of platinum hello everyone today I'm gonna get my 1200 platinum or the game called neo of this game really an amazing game a really tough game I enjoyed playing this game and I picked it for my 1200 platter because it was really a tough game I have not used any glitches or anything in this game I played it straight and as you can see in the screen now he has my profile you can follow me on instagram this is my instagram ID and to show you my trophies here yeah this is my trophies as you can see on scale I have 1199 Platinum's and neo will be my 1200 platinum so let's go and get my water it'll look better so finally I have beaten the last boss to get the last item to unlock the last trophy for collecting all the items and getting my platinum skipping a cutscene because I saw it already and I hope I get the trophy now after picking up the item which is so what is those things I think it's this all upscale so once I pick it the platinum there we go Neil Platte 1206 percent it's sinking now and 100% neo Platt and this is a screenshot of me running it that's as you see so thanks a lot for watching and see you in my next video

  • Если так читерить можно, то я тоже так буду делать а то игры столько раз уже надоело переигровать

  • Вот такие люди как Хакум читерят сохраненками в ПСН и все трофей получил как считернул сделал

  • Как будто трофей получить проще простого. А вы попробуйте пройти всю игру на безупречно несколько раз да и еще столько игр купить вот и посмотрим, кто читер а кто честно все делает

  • What a sad life to live. Half those games you didn't even enjoy most likely.
    Sure, happiness is subjective, but almosy anything in life taken to the extreme is incredibly sad.. Funny thing though, is that you are clearly upset with the lack of acknowledgment from Sony. Seems even they think it's sad

  • You are a legend, i havent seen anyone this dedicated in a long time. When i play games i always go for platinum but there is always that one trophy that gets in the way, and you dont let that one trophy get in the way. People like you can do whatever they want in life as long as they want it, you inspired me man.

  • This is to everyone who says he has no life, he does and it’s called gaming to the extreme, dedication, and I respect it.

  • My first platinum trophy what i earn was in Minecraft 😀 It took me 10 minutes to earn..

    Why 10 minutes? Cause one friend helped me get it 😀

  • Puedo estar seguro que muchos trofeos que el posee no los a sacado el…como es posible que se haya pasado el tlou en el modo mas dificil y los trofeos de completar la campaña y campaña + los tenga al mismo tiempo?? Eso es imposible ya que no pudo empezar en partida + sin antes pasarselo en partida encallado normal, por eso creo que uso savedata o algo así

  • اخي لو سمحت لما تكلم انكليزي حط ترجمة لكلامك تحت لو استطعت وشكرا
    وشي اخر اريد اجيب بلاتنيوم انشارتد4 ممكن تساعدني

  • Wow keep it up man👏😊 and i just want to tell you that With all of these trophies that you are so proud of i dare to say that your son is and will be the best trophy you would ever have so make sure to take care of him ( not saying that you dont but just sayin😸).

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