1,000,000 Subs Special and Awards! WHO STOLE MY YOUTUBE PLAY BUTTON!?

welcome to the 2019 semi-annual 1 million subscriber combo Panda award celebration extravaganza here's your host tombow panda welcoming you to the Cobo panda shrinking 1 million subscribers showcase you know because my channels had 1 million subscribe I know I know isn't it awesome yeah I mean it thank you thank you all for showing up your unit without further ado whatever I do is on to our first avoid the best guest appearance and the nominees are Ryan and icebreaker good job Ryan GG Brian McGill and jailbreak oh yeah we got to the chopper to the chopper what do you guys still doing here please get to the chopper now a nightly routine there you go pack Gus in tag with Ryan oops and the winner is yeah I won uh yeah I can't believe this this is so exciting okay okay now I want to thank the entire Gil gang and I want to thank you what are you doing we're not giving speeches dude oh okay well can I at least shout out my little bro sure shut up in something category [Applause] presenting since they embody miss category so much please welcome to the stage you didn't tell me I was presenting an award combo this is so exciting I hope I don't mess up okay now for the most epic fail award Hey you really think I'm epic oh gosh and the nominees are getting over it with Bennett body and should I say and the winner is getting over it making truly was an epic failure of an experience at least watching combo playing it was I'm just joshing we like to have fun here we like to have all right all right off the stage penguin boy maybe a gaming channel but honestly my first goal is to always make you all laugh yeah that's a good excuse for why I lose all the time this is the funniest moment annoyed and the nominees are I'm sorry it's the only way wait we could try fried chicken fried chicken where we got our best deal ever for just $4.99 you can get a bucket with chicken in it what a deal please that combo spelled with a k actual container we're very may or may not be actual chicken doctor real partner look at camp you guys have to stop by Taco Bell on the way here man they forgot my hot sauce I'll be right back funny thinks the others can do with me in my videos well all of those were really banger jokes the winner is son Hedgehog Mike you'll be drawing of Sonic has come such a long way so is he gonna like run up here really fast and grab the wine or shine higher charge Bundy a war chard still not real bargain argh lick at him and can be wow what a way to pick up and avoid combo thank ya know that we're halfway through our would shown it's time for the ultimate combo panda halftime concert performance of a lifetime with your headliner combo Panda now I'm free all right Neville in the halftime show we got awards to get out yeah and that was just as good of a transition to the next avoid which is for the most awesomely awesome moment in combo Panza history this is the most combo bunker epic moment avoid and the nominees are winning while losing in and the winner is that was the worst moment and I should have at least been nominated for best guest appearance I got tons of you down evil and I'm not going to nominate you for best well I'm not some placeholder to control their anger category is the best in the nominees are [Applause] now I will deliver this avoid by tossing it with as much anger as I can muster up okay here we go I would like to take a moment to reflect on the combo crewmembers we've lost over the years in video games you'll be rip to the girl he didn't make it riperoni and cheese rust and spaghetti never forget e-type a blade riperoni and cheese rest and spaghetti never forget e riperoni and cheese resident spaghetti never forget e ok ok that's slow motion black and white and everything thing is making this take too long that's not all the fun but you get the point okay now quick a moment of silence for them ok great let's move on you know combo crew on to our last category for the night let's find out what the best roblox game is the nominees I get crushed by a speeding wall flee the facility and epic mini-games and the winner is get crushed by a speeding wait I got to get crushed by speeding wall yeah the pretty seriously telling me over my headset that the spinning wall is on vacation with his family in Guam well we'll just mail him his award when he gets home come on boat crew misses been the cop out panda shoo ain't get 1 million subscribers okay so where's the surprise [Applause] combo ever it is golden play button buck who what is that mysterious call belong to Peck ever stop singing oh gosh all these questions and more will be answered on the next episode of combo Panda now you want to join the combo crew be sure to hit that subscribe button if you had fun watching this video don't forget to leave a comment so we have a piece I should play you can also check me out around the ancient Greece channel anyway catch you later copper crown


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