what is that guys white lighting issue would be here within the clash clans video and I'm sorry I missed yesterday's upload I was very busy I was in San Francisco that I drove down to Monterey an hour in Monterey in the Monterey area and we're back still at twenty nine hundred and fifty nine trophies in still 48-37 so we've got a lot of attacking to do on both accounts but today we're focusing on this main account collecting our gems will donna321 throw that by this account we need to get to 3,000 trophies that's got to happen right now because where's the top 200 local top 200 us is now all the way almost at 3100 and we're still way down in 2900 so we really need to move our way up and start doing some attacks we also still have 11,000 gem so we will be using some gems this video and we will be maxing out some defenses because we still have a couple that we really really really need to max out including our mortar over level four actually you know what let's let's start it off with that let's start off doing our mortar over to level four I feel like we should definitely get the defense's upgraded before we go on to an attack because high level defense would help you defend obviously so let's start off with this mortar going down to level four in three two one BAM that is a two day upgrade all the way down to level 4 that is a lot of gold as well 1 million gold for that upgrade and it's 749 gem and we do that by there we go level 4 mortar right there awesome and to get it over level 5 it's going to be one point two and three day but we're going to wait on that for now we might actually want to hop on a double cannon upgrade because these double cannons they're freaking beast when they're higher level oh you want for now we'll do an attack and then we'll come back and do one upgrade so let's finish these bad I shouldn't use boost twelve-minute free boots let's get this going whoo this just 2569 this is to get us one rate away from 3,000 trophies this will be a big one right here and it's going to be against we got rocky top okay rocky top woodsy okay so it's this space this space is definitely depending on who you are and how good at attacking you are the space is pretty tricky and I've seen its base beaten in some just kind of low-key ridiculous ways like really just spamming troops in and getting a really really high percentage 2 or 3 start on it and I'm very very pushed just to go with baby dragons all around the base and then throw are oh man the battle machine in right there but I kind of want to talk this strategically – you know he doesn't have a maxout mortar I've got faith in us we're going to attempt to take the space out strategically so let's get we're going to wait man wasting for archers just for a percentage but I guess it's not that much of a waste but then we know a bunch of giants in right here we have some artists flowing behind with our battle machine and then we're going to wait we know what we need get into these walls real quick here so two bombers in and they're going to rock the Bombers another bomb right there okay so now we're going to move towards the center so it's going to be up to the Giants here to just completely go up and tank for everything although we are only down to a couple Giants left so let's hope our battle machine can get an F we do some damage while the Giants are taking because they're already pretty much dead well that didn't last long okay well we got we got it one Archer doing some work we got our battle machine with this ability and we do have on that archers gonna die we got our bomber though so that's good battle machines can go straight towards oh he's gonna right through the crusher no he's gonna die he's gonna get a rock battle machine ah is he buddy ah yes Oh kill it kill it ah no oh so close so close let's look like a 62% two-star definitely not a good range right there he probably could have done a heck of a lot better just spamming in the baby dragons oh my gosh please tell me didn't rock me he's done with the attack yeah it's gonna be oh we won nice got a 59% one star that'd be 26 trophies 110,000 each and we're now at 29 85 previous one away from 3,000 cups I'm going to choke this and I feel it already alright now we're going to come in and actually fill our goal again and remove a double cannon upgrade because again double cannon is a really good strong defense well beard this guy right here over 1205 in three two what BAM there we go we're going to finish up in three two one BAM awesome that is a maxed out level five double cannon our first ever matched eligible can which is dope so we'll definitely see him on the replay the guy does use air or ground this next attack and speaking of this next attack let's do it guys this is for 3000 trophies if we hit it we've got to get a big 3,000 likes but it go down like the video if we win this battle all right here we go oh my gosh a little bit nervous here I'm nervous because I've got a bad track record when it comes to coming in clutch and this is a good base you know what we're going to do we're going to go air we're going to all err on the space we can just use the Baldacchino and just take out this the belters Builders Hall and then we can use that to distract one of those so that Archer towers we can get an even farther and I think we can just really play the percentage game on this battle which is going to be a-okay I'm debating using minions even using minions at the top here to help distract a little bit how many main is going to hold like an old six minions I think we're in rule six minions you dig and then nine baby dragons so the minions are just going to simply be up top here just to grab all this percentage and then I'm going to put some baby dragons in behind them even though the baby dragons won't be raged because they don't get raged if you don't want tell you some baby dragons to distract some of these arrow senses I think I can I should've done that a long on that way later okay well bake or the baby minions minions going to go in and do some damage here that's got to happen they're going to go to this Tesla we'll put on a baby dragon right there and then we're just gonna kind of surround this base or this side of the base ellee's with the baby dragon so let's see what kind of damage we can do on this I think we should be able to get pretty far in you're definitely should be able to pretty party by don't you even go in I should put the valve machine in earlier so that this Archer tower here would have been distracted but I kind of messed that up but we're definitely doing a-okay right here so the oh man set Archer towers still targeting not the battle machine which is kind of what I want here but we should be able get this bomb guy down let's get it oh I should have put that dodge and put him right there or whatever whatever whatever we got you actually we're doing pretty good right here we got the cannon down now we only have two Archer towers and a crusher to worry about and the battle machine though he's going to have to this is gonna be tough that's be close guys we're gonna get a very very high percentage to star so that's good but we're going to have to basically get him in here he's got to kill this Archer tower like first and then he's got to get all the tiles back and then go against this max out level crusher I think that's a max that level crusher but he needs he literally needs full health people to do that and he's not going to get full health if he doesn't hit that fricking Archer tower please why are you gonna wait to the last one hit the Archer tower okay so now we're going to have the issue of we need we need his ability to go up against that crusher otherwise he's going to be in trouble oh this is going to be really really ridiculously close once he breaks through the wall I'm using the ability right away he's gonna go straight towards that crusher and then hopefully okay oh there we go ability use he's got half health gonna be a specialist one two come on sorry guys wow that's gonna be a three star right there so either we're going to tie in being a okay where we will get three thousand two three let's see it this is going to be a guidance for three thousand what's gonna be we're gonna be Oh three thousand talk has nothing throw like chairman I'm not much of that excited nice 3012 Toby's right there we had a hundred percent this guy with with all David dragons and the battle machine and he only got like 60 something percent in a one-star which is phenomenal so it's kind of see how he tackled this base just here's a strategy of just surrounding the base and baby dragons and then throwing the battle machine and hoping you grab that two or three star which is exactly what I did except this base is very very geared against baby dragons so I'm glad that it works so well and yeah it just pushes all the troops around funnels them to the side and then completely rush them so that's gonna be all she wrote for his raid god we attack a pretty Godfather we've literally three start the Codfather in order to get to three two comes in trophies so that is it right there 3012 black the video and now we actually do have an awesome achievement to grab but we're going to wait to grab that it's a big one because we need to upgrade one more thing and we need to keep attacking you need to go and keep attacking while our boots are still running we click up 5min to boost we will be upgrading one of our cannons over to level 5 in 31 I am that is a six hundred thousand gold upgrade I'm going to finish off for 499 gems in three two one because that is now our first ever maxed out level 5 cannon witches awesomesauce and then now we're going to go and do another attack and keep moving up towards that top 200 because top 200 is about what was it like three thousand eighty three thousand seventy five so were in there okay who's going to be wet shanks all right shanks and it's looking like shanks has a pretty interesting base here actually we're going to play the percentage game with the baby dragons mainly because I didn't have I was thinking too hard there and I didn't have enough time to switch on over to anything else so we're rolling all baby dragons plus our battle machine we're going to try this strategy out so let's see how we can do it gets in some baby dragons in first over on these sides just to grab the percentage this Archer tower will target that baby dragon so we might we might drop another one and oh this archers got that as well so let's see okay let's let's start moving into now we're going to really start we're starting right at pompeii we're going to go in an attack okay let's get a baby dragon up there we got one going over there to make sure that we are targeting pretty much everything we need to target to get in on this base and do as much Joe DiMaggio which means damage as we possibly can so let's go foundation to put that there that was a waste that was waste of a dragon now we only have one baby dragon left so we were going to really have to come in clutch here let's see that baby dragon awesome that guy will target this cannon which is going to help a whole lot and actually be out one on the crusher if that could take on the crusher that's gonna be huge come on baby dragon you guys you got it clutch up what ah there we go that's Oh what are you serious okay well that's just a load of BS okay so we got to worry about the crusher there unfortunately we did get that air defense down if you oh my god that may be driving got one shot off we would have been set for a year for life right there so actually we're going to go in and attack Archer side first just because if we can get this Archer tower down then we're going to be we're going to be solid although what's going to happen here is I'm gonna put them down and go for this okay what if I put them up here yeah exactly going to happen okay so our battle machine's going to go in he's going to take out this wall he's gonna grab these two he's going to come and actually grab the builders hall and as long as we can keep him alive through all of that because he will be getting shot down on by this mortar and by that Archer tower as long as he can escape those shots or at least survive them long enough he's going to be a-ok so we're going to keep using his ability to keep moving towards that Builders Hall and the crusher does have literally he can blow on the crush shirt oh we would be our shower what don't would abate and it was pretty much dead oh my gosh no we got this right in the bag this is I'm not even tripping right here this is a 3-star this is a definite room so here's a big strategy a lot of people use including myself obviously cuz I'm doing it right now if you surround the entire base and baby dragons they go in they take out all the outside buildings you take up as many defenses as you possibly can preferably defenses that only shoot ground and then what you do is you send in the battle machine and he cleans up the entire base and get you that easy three-star and that's what's gonna happen right there though oh wait what what's going on here 48 seconds up where's less oh yeah snaky son of a gun shank view he's got the he's got the army camp in the corner honestly that is a deadly move because in this game mode you do not absolutely do not want to waste troops for any reason except for percentage and by surrounding the outside of the base you do get free percentage but you make people waste troops and that's pretty important so there's other percent now let's see how shanked it shakes we got another one right there you got sixty percent once throughout the 160 cage 32 tobey's we're now at 3,000 in 44 cups that is insane where are we on the local leaderboard we're now at 241 and top 200 is 3072 so we are literally right there we still have okay seven seconds up on the boost that's pretty much it there goes the boost right there we still have six more attacks or three more attacks we can do for loop which is awesome we might take the next video though well that's a huge success for today's video we got 3000 trophies we are like one or two attacks away from top two in the US which we will be shooting for the next videos to make sure to stay tuned on this channel turn your notifications on and subscribe but obviously the main part of this video we've got our achievement for any 3,000 or treatment there we go which is 5,000 XP and 1000 gems oh my gosh champion builder achieve a total of 3,000 trophies in versus battles which we did and again 5000 cut or 5000 XP which is ridiculous and a thousand chance and we will be claiming this awesome reward in three battles please actually please don't say very much every sin 210 107 thousand 3 yeah yeah [Applause] okay going back to the base we're almost 166 and we're back up to eighty seven hundred jams well the most gyms I've ever received in question okay for three there's still a lot more we got to do on these achievements and some of them we have to wait till Builders Hall 8 comes out until the master builder allows us to gear up another building and until we can lock the mega Pekka or super Pekka so we've got a lot more to go on the free gems and the free XP but for now that was just the biggest grand prize we could've gotten which was tough is in gym hey awesome so make sure to leave a like on the video leave a comment down below telling me how high trophies you guys are let me know how many cups do you got tell me and speaking of the comments let us get on to today's tonic question of the day and today's comment question under it comes from focus Adar and question is do you think that the night village is going to end up with most of the same stuff from the regular village or do you think the regular village we'll end up with a lot of the same stuff in the night village why PS love your vids keep up the hard work thank you focus and honestly so as we all know class ruled supercell brought a lot of stuff over from clash of clans over to class trail when it comes to troops and vice versa a lot of class relic stuff came to clash clans they keep they always do that because it you might as well take the same idea and apply it to multiple games or multiple game modes if it makes sense and if it's possible which it definitely is with this new clash clans game mode as we can see all the troops that are in the builders village are already in the normal village everything except the battle machine the battle machine is a brand new hero that we've never seen anywhere in any of the clash games which is very exciting to see so here's the difference though in clash of clans in the normal clash plans obviously all the troops are just kind of normal troops they don't have abilities they just do whatever they do but with the Builders village all these troops have special abilities which is an awesome twist added onto here so even if they add these same exact troops over from clash of clans regular village to the builders village they're going to add a new name a slightly new look and a completely new ability to each troop which I am totally fine with and that makes it so they can reuse the same troops but basically add a little bit of spring a little bit of new stuff on top of it and still be able to have a new fun troop basically recycled from an old troop and that is genius and I completely agree with that and I'm very excited to see what other kind of troops they drop obviously we don't the super Pekka does we know what the dropship does we've seen that and the knight which we know what that will do to all of those troops will come when builders halt six through eight drop and that will probably be now now maybe a month two months from now sometime to summer so yes they're going to bring stuff over from the normal base to the knight base and maybe vice versa but I really really doubt it's going to be it's not going to be the same exact game obviously these two games are completely different the play styles different the troops are different the defenses are different they're going to keep that thing you're going to make sure that both games are they're not the same thing so don't worry about you know them adding you know the same dragons over in the game becoming you know repetitive and boring and it's you know stupid because they're adding the same troops it's all going to be different and it's all gonna be really really exciting and it just makes me freakin even more excited for these updates just talking about it so yes they obviously are going to bring things from one game to the other and from the other games of one but it's going to all have different looks different feels different play styles different abilities it's an all they knew even though it's going to be recycled and again I am down for that but that was today's comic question of the day they youtube focus agar for asking and that is today's video if you guys enjoyed this video which was an awesome video make sure to please leave a like on it leave a comment letting me know two things one what your comment question of the day is into how many trophies you guys have he'll see you on the next video where we hit top 200 us peace out pretty girls in class there they never reply but never say never they never get caught in my mind I'm trying to get better regrets because my better still get better in time person ever and I am Who I am know taking that back of my level well


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