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hey guys it's me hams Plains more clash of clans today I'm at my builder hall for I'm almost maxed out I have my artist hours left to upgrade and I also got the gem mine and one guard post and then I can move on to build or hold five today I'm going to try something new I'm going to do some live battles for you guys but in clash of clans hope you guys enjoy this kind of concept leave a comment down below if you do I'm going to show you guys a strategy that I use to get over 2,400 trophies and it's with the Giant and the artist behind there are some key things to think about when you're using this strategy and the first thing is to always deploy your archers first because when they are deployed they're going to be invincible for a couple of seconds and you really want to take advantage of that so if you can clear some outside structures with your archers while your giant is having the aggro it's going to be free way for your archers to just go for the defense's right away it will both save you time and health from the giant also I always want to attack from the opposite lane from where the crusher lies because the crusher actually kills my giant in two shots so I always want to push on the opposite side and then I want to put in one giant first just to bait out any traps or bombs or anything like that anyways let's jump into some battle to see how this strategy actually works alright so we found our village this looks like a pretty easy base actually the crusher is on the right side so I'm going to attack from the left side I'm going to use this army setup I have six archers and sorry I have twelve arches and six giants so what I want to do here first is go with some archers I'm gonna zoom in a bit and like this BAM there we go and then I go with one giant and then I go with everything else because I know that I know they will have the agranov so now I'm going to put down my single archer right from the other side so I can actually get the crusher perhaps let's go now she's going to be invincible for like seven seconds hopefully which she will target the crusher I don't think she will be able to but as you can see my artist is doing some serious work the the giant is closing into that crusher guys so hopefully the artists will take care of the crushers come on this is this is my vid so one hit come on to it it actually survived for two hits so yeah looking good guys one giant is still up the artist is doing to clean up so as you can say pretty easy pretty easy strategy nice clean up that's a hundred percent pretty easy a base as well but still anyway that's the strategy let's jump in the one more battle or actually let's see if I win this battle right guys so let's see his attack in our village I know how it ended up but you guys don't so let's see the replay it's going to take out some outer structures with archers so I don't think it's a good idea to like just go with or just only because they are pretty fragile I really really do think that you need a tank but then again I don't know let's go with double speed because I think you guys already guessed how this battle is going to go but let's go double speed he's gonna take some structures and I don't know what what is he doing this was a real long replay guys might be quite boring let's just go for going at a corner for speed I think he's just going for percentage here he wasn't able to get so much done he was able to get 50% Oh so let's jump into the next battle guys so anyone else recognize themselves searching the clouds I mean this is what you get for paying a lot of money in this game waste time acute right so we're in our second battle now guys this looks a little bit harder he has these crusher down on the south-southeast so I'm going to go from Northwest yeah Northwest I'm sorry yeah so what I'm going to do here is just take out the clock tower and all the small things and then I'm going to go like this just to spread out I'm going to go and try and take care of the EM I'm going to try and take care of the double cannons as fast as I can because they are also very powerful and now I have four four left here so ah I don't know Jesus come on take care of that channel this might be a bad idea guys this might not go as well as planned the crusher is going to I'm not getting in guys Jesus and now now that giant is going to go although all the other way around oh well we gotta have to do this just to get the townhall because we're not going to get a hundred percent so let's focus on getting a to star here because the Giants they didn't even get they didn't get past here wall there for some reason I misplaced a bit but still we got two stars hopefully that's going to be enough we will see we will see what our opponent is going to do to us 59% we're going to get one more one more there we go 63% that's going to be it let's see what he does I'm going to go double speed here just because I don't have time to waste so let's go double speed he's just gonna go in he's just going to do my tactic archers and the giant full outs in the top corner yeah and it's doing quite well he has the exact same army setup as I did I think and I was falling a mess sound yo I'm in a recording this is like a super common thing now or about that it's the jump into 1 1 means the hanging thing I'm going to spin until I find a village no ok we have a village we have a village oh I seriously can't see a thing he wants us to go in wow the south direction I'm actually going to I'm actually going to go for it guys I'm going to go with one and then I'm gonna go with all I'm gonna take care of the that was really bad wow that was really bad please yes there we go we took care of the crusher pretty early and I can see clearly now again so let's see if this is going to be enough I think it will I think it will all the artist is doing some really good cleanup my my Giants doesn't have so much health though but it's going to be enough for sure we already got like 64 percent 69 73 this is looking really good guys let's see if we can get another wing here I think so I think so pretty pretty easy pretty easy actually I just spammed all the cards in one place and it worked so let's watch his we play if he was able to beat up okay – Adams okay let's alex is going to go with all the Giants from the North North West and all the others behind it's going to do the same tactic as me but I use my artist first and he uses his giant first I think it's better to use the artists work because because of the fact that they are actually invisible the first like seven seconds so you really want to take advantage of that and then do giant can save some health and your artists will be faster on the defense's so that's a really good tactic that I think you guys should apply to your gameplay if you're playing this strategy let's just speed things up and do one last battle guys for today yeah that's it last bad for today guys hopefully it's going to be a win we will see he's gonna have the crusher on the right sort of sorry on the bottom there so I'm going to go in from the other side so let's just he's going to have some outer structures here as you can see I'm just going to put some stuff there and I'm also mined here so there we go now we can actually start the attack let's go Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam and then we go with the Giants right here and then giant right here and I'm going to go in this side and hopefully that's going to be enough to walk inside and boom as you can see the archer tower is not targeting the archer right here so we want to wait a bit here until the the Giants get closer so they will get agra from that tower actually actually is going to be enough I might actually have to go right here because we already have ultrasound himself so yeah the the giant is climbing their way inside I actually went for the last Archer on top because I wanted to take the town at the builder Hall but I don't think it's going to be possible guys we have too little firepower here as it seems oh my god we have 60% at the moment 66 one more we didn't get the townhall sorry the Builder hall let's see if this this is going to be enough we have two wins one loss so far let's see if we can two wins one loss it should not be on the same hand let's see if this is going to be enough for win I'm going to come to battle here 69% let's see what he gets yes yes he's gonna have maxed out maxed out big dragons baby dragons for the win let's watch this replay this is what I mean guys some people just jam up their defenses he's gonna have a battle machine already maxed out baby dragons I wonder if I should do that as well because baby dragons are like the most Opie troop in the game at the moment look look how they just go rampage and he has five more to go guys this is so ridiculous this is insane I don't want to I don't wanna watch this hope you guys enjoyed today's episode be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you did watch this replay in Gong it in two times speed before I don't know check out the other video right here and now we'll be back with some more gameplay we'll see I think it's going to be clash well next episode so yeah just


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