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10 Most Expensive Movie Flops

10 most expensive movie flops number 10
Heaven’s Gate it’s probably not a great sign when your film is best remembered
as the movie where they blew up a horse following the success of the deer hunter
United Artists gave star director Michael Cimino a long leash and 44
million dollars to make his passion project that project was a 200 19
minutes west and epic based on the Johnson County war of 1893 but when it
comes to passion projects people tend to be quite well
passionate shamino massively over on his budget with endless reshoots the film
should have cost 11 million dollars it ended up costing four times that on top
of that when shamino finally delivered the film it was five and a half hours
long the studio forced him to cut it down to three hours and 39 minutes but
in doing so made the film incomprehensible and plotless the movie
managed to drive away even more potential viewers Arthur it was revealed
that while filming one of the battle scenes the crew had ice identity blown
off a horse a shot that is supposedly still in the final cut of the movie
animal rides boycotts and the general badness of the movie led it to only make
three point four million dollars of the box-office that’s a loss of 37 million
dollars or in today’s money 144 million number nine
The Lone Ranger The Lone Ranger is a classic part of American pop culture in
the same way that you don’t need to be a fan of Superman to know that he stands
for truth justice and the American Way the lone Ranger’s catchphrase of hiyo
silver away has become ingrained into the national consciousness
unfortunately for Disney and the crew of 2013’s The Lone Ranger that didn’t make
much of a difference maybe it was because of a limited audience appetite
for westerns maybe it was the controversial decision to cast Johnny
Depp to play a Native American maybe people just looked at dead prancing
around with a bird on his head and got the impression that this movie might not
be that good regardless when it came out the film barely made 89 million dollars
domestic against a 215 million dollar budget it eventually reaches
– another 171 million dollars worldwide but factor in the film’s 150 million
dollars marketing budgets and this is still a movie that lost is the cool 140
million dollars a lost of the mouse can of course afford but maybe that’s why
they’re focusing on Star Wars and Marvel these days number eight
legends of Oz Dorothy’s return in 2006 Ryan and Roland Carol started
fundraising for their new film legend of Oz Dorothy’s return seeking investors to
hand over $100,000 each the Carol’s made some ambitious promises they told
potential buyers that they could expect a return on investment of over 1000% and
that this film was expected to make as much as two billion dollars at the box
office that would make it the sick highest-grossing film of all time behind
freaking infinity war while some would of course consider these claims
ludicrous the government considered it blatantly fraudulent the Carol’s were
actually banned from raising money in six different US states still over eight
years they did managed to piece together a seventeen million dollar budget as
well as an impressive cast including Professor X and Frasier Crane it
probably won’t surprise you to know that this film did not make two billion
dollars in fact it brought in only 20 million a hundred times less investors
lost their entire stake and everyone lost money on the project well except
for the Carol’s who pay themselves are called fifteen million dollars for
directing number seven The Adventures of Pluto Nash for all of his films Eddie
Murphy has offered us more than his share of big-screen bombs imagine that
me Dave and I spied poor lost money although to be fair even some of his
hits and as many jeers as dollars nor bet anyone well in 2002 Murphy hit an
all-time low with The Adventures of Pluto Nash one of the biggest flops of
all time the film featured Murphy as a nightclub owner living on the moon in
the year twenty eighty seven which may also be the year people finally forget
just how boring cliched and painfully unfunny this movie proved to be Warner
Brothers sunk 100 million dollars into making police
– and millions more spent to market it this movie only pulled in seven million
dollars in the box office don’t get me wrong I’d love it if this video made
seven million dollars all with YouTube D monetization even seven dollars but for
a studio like Warner Brothers that is gonna stick a professional actor even
Murphy couldn’t Bluff about a dud acknowledging in an interview with
Barbara Walters I know two or three people that liked this movie really
Eddie number six 47 Ronin box-office bombs are often the result of a studio
betting two highly honored directs or a concept letting the budget balloon out
of control and then interfering with the finished project in a vain attempt to
recoup their money and what better example of this kind of studio bungling
could there be than 47 Ronin with the title that evokes the Japanese
historical epic of the same name this film follows a group of masterless
samurai making one last stab at redemption starring breathtaking human
meme Keanu Reeves the studio was so confident in this movie they gave
first-time director Carl Rinsch over 100 million dollars but so this was way
before John wick when everyone remember to the T Keanu Reeves is awesome with no
other star power behind the film Universal got increasingly worried and
involved studio mandated reshoots delayed the movie and push the
production budget up to 175 million dollars a budget of the film could never
outperform 47 Ronin actually did well at the box office
pulling in 151 million dollars but with production and marketing budgets so high
this film still lost 152 million dollars number 5
stealth now you might not remember rob coen by name but – although certainly
remember his movies or their star Vin Diesel Coen directed both the first Fast
& Furious movie and xxx which makes him at least partly responsible for the Vin
Diesel era currently living in buzz Coen hasn’t always done success in this so
Dom it’s amazing subcategory of action movies this 2005 release stealth
followed a group of trained Air Force pilots as they try to take down a
corrupted AI control jet basically it seemed more like a science fiction
parody of Top Gun than the garlis masculine
reven tone of currents more successful movies Stouffer did grow 76 million
dollars but with a price tag of 135 million on reproduction it needed to
bring in a lot more than that with marketing costs factored in this movie
lost a staggering 111 million dollars maybe with diesel on board the movie
might have fared better as it is stealth seems to have snuck by me because number
4 Nutcracker in 3d it’s the Christmas present that nobody wanted for some
reason the Nutcracker has proved irresistible for movie makers the famous
ballet has been translated to film nine times and by far the most extraordinary
adaptation was 2009 The Nutcracker in 3d with Russian movie man Andrey
Konchalovsky in the director seat the film was given a budget of 19 million
dollars which is mental who honestly believes the Christmas flick based on a
ballet was going to make action movie money still that’s nothing compared to
the craziest choice made on this movie for reasons best known to himself and we
decided that a festive movie about living toys was the perfect place to
drop in a world war 2 analogy the villains are clearly styled after the
Nazis and their plan is the route of all the children’s toys in the country and
incinerated yeah that’s extrordinary choice was
probably at least some of the reason this movie only earned 20 million
dollars at the box office that’s a loss of 17 million dollars and proof because
apparently this was something that needed proving the actions of the Nazis
make for bad kids movies number 3 Justice League oh boy
I cannot wait for the comments from angry DC fans when a Zack Snyder Joss
Whedon and DC films released Justice League they were hoping it would prove
to be their Avengers a massive movie bringing together all their beloved
characters into one glorious team-up though not the journey into the ninth
circle of hell that Batman vs Superman turn out to be Justice League failed to
capture audience attention critics found it about as charming as the average OJ
Simpson vlog yeah that’s a thing now and DC’s recent cinematic record stop fans
turning up in the numbers Snyder at hopeful
although it made 600 million dollars on the box office that wasn’t enough to
match the production and marketing costs the film lost 60 million dollars and
through the DC extended universe into even deeper trouble number 2 mortal
engines do you remember the mortal engines movie no don’t worry no one does
based on the young adult books of the same name mortal engines takes place in
a post-apocalyptic world where cities have become mechanized and literally
move around the wilderness as giant vehicles not only that but the biggest
cities literally consume the smaller ones with an interesting premise a
pre-existing fanbase and a talented crew including Peter Jackson this film should
have been a hit but when it came out critics gave the film a resounding no
well no one denied but it did look good the story just didn’t grab people add
that to the fact that the last of the mortal engine books came out a decade
ago and we aren’t exactly short of young adult dystopian and this film failed to
stand out it made only 83 million dollars worldwide and lost Universal
Studios just under 175 million dollars which is a shame because I really want
to see some city chow down on London that’s what you get for always delaying
the Northern Line when I’m late for work number 1 John Carter yet another
American classic bombing at the box office
Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars may not be as well remembered as The
Lone Ranger but it has been way more influential
Burroughs work has influenced everything from Star Wars and Star Trek to parts of
the DC Universe but that actually worked against the movies favor when it came to
putting jcots to the big screen unlike the Lone Ranger
which sucked because I had Johnny Depp in a bird wig John Carter sucked because
it was so influential that it looked like it was ripping off stories that
were actually directly inspired by its original story the reality may be the
other way round but that didn’t stop the public from avoiding a flick that look
like achieve knockoffs of their favorite franchises Disney sunk three hundred and
fifty million dollars into John Carter’s Mars bear adventures making it one of
the most expensive movies ever made but when it came out in 2012 the movie only
managed to recoup 285 million now that sounds like a lot but
when you include marketing and other expenses that means the film lost are
you ready two hundred million dollars that makes this movie comfortably the
biggest box-office bomb of all time so that was the ten most expensive movie
flops of all time do you think all of these deserved a bomb let us know in the
comments below and if you enjoy this video check out the next Alton tens
video which is on screen now


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