10 EASY Platinum Trophies You Can Unlock In Under 5 Hours

trophy hunting has always been a surprisingly controversial spot no matter where you fall on the spectrum though if you think it's a waste of time or an essential part of the modern gaming experience there's no denying that putting in the work and seeing the reward of the sweet sweet platinum trophy finally popping up is pretty damn satisfying the problem is though the effort required to unlocking certain plots can be at best far too exhausting and at worst make you actively hate the games you loved enough to attempt to go for that 100% completion fortunately I've got you covered and have rounded up the easiest ps4 Platinum trophies that'll take you five hours or less to achieve even better I've tried to stick to only relatively good experiences as well so don't worry you won't have to slog your way through an abomination like Terminator Salvation just for another notch on the bedpost I'm Josh from Rock culture comm and these are 10 easy platinum trophies you could unlock in under five hours first up an honorable mention slide at one point during the writing of this list slide was the number one pick technically it's the fastest and easiest platinum you can unlock with it being possible to nab all of the trophies in under 10 minutes the problem is it seems almost entirely designed to appeal to the inner trophy obsessive inside players so it's cheating a little bit in fact the developers of the title frustratingly stylized five-star 1000 top rated came under fire because it was essentially selling trophies to players for a quick book not even that in fact it cost less than a dollar and had you sliding through a few tiles and then boom you were the proud owner of a new plot in under a minute unsurprisingly it didn't take long for it to be delisted slide is essentially the same game only here the requirements for popping all the trophies are slightly different even then all you have to do is finish a puzzle a medium difficulty and you're done currently it's only available in the EU again for less than a dollar limited Lara Croft Gore and hitman girl although they were initially viewed as me at mobile fodder Square Enix's various gore games have become little diamonds in the rough they hitman version in particular became a surprise hit followed swiftly by Lara Croft's on outing a title arguably was better than the big-budget sequels the publisher was pumping out at the time both a brisk fun times and now that they've been ported over to the PlayStation 4 make for a duo of platinum trophies that are actually incredibly enjoyable to achieve even better you can probably unlock both before you even hit the 5 hour limit if you know what you're doing but even then you're looking at three to four hours max on each game to get everything you need both titles are worth playing in their own right especially if you're a fan of their respective franchises and the easy Platinum's are just the icing on the cake number 9 The Walking Dead a new frontier all telltale games come bundled with easy platinum trophies all you have to do is complete each title which is admittedly sometimes easier said than done given the litany of bugs these adventure games shipped with and then you're aware the only issue is that the games can vary in length usually averaging about ten hours of pop The Walking Dead a new frontier however is slightly shorter than the developers or the output ad can be beaten relatively easily it's not quite of the same quality as the previous two seasons but a new frontier still a pretty good time and the remaining telltale members will hopefully be able to tie the series up in a way that lives up to the promise of that very first outing even in spite of their tragic closure number eight a whole bunch of VR games yeah you know it's not Josh list without PSP are being brought up at least once but with it being a pretty experimental piece of tech there are a bunch of games designed be more like tech demos than full games for the platform and that means there's plenty of opportunities and now Platinum's in less time than it takes to watch the average superhero blockbuster even better a lot of these small releases are actually some of the best games you can find on the platform the effortlessly charming job simulator should be a first part of call a hilarious physics based title which has you jumping into a bunch of different careers and throwing hot dogs and robots all you have to do is finish each scenario and have a few easy to find secrets and then you can rack up a platinum in less than two hours oh there's like Batman Arkham BR or From Software's Vera seen Derek keen Dara oh my god all from software's latest VR release nailed it oh just as enjoyable and just as bite-sized and even better a pretty decently priced as well number seven full-throttle remastered like telltale Double Fine's releases and remasters of older classic adventure games are always good for easy platinum trophies a lot of their big hit is from the LucasArts tears might feel a little archaic now if you're picking them up to dip with Grim Fandango as more obtuse puzzles reminding everyone just how frustrating the game could be but full throttle is absolutely worth any deadpans to revisit a murder mystery about framed leader of a biker gang air care the best kind of murder mystery Tim chef is titled losses with style and wit when it's near future setting making for some still impressive steampunk character and world designs initially it might look a little daunting with 40 trophies 16 of which are miscible but pretty much all you have to do is play through the story and make sure you hit every interaction unlike some of the other entries on this list you'll probably want a walkthrough enhancer you don't miss anything and have to replay the whole game over again but as long as you've got it planned out you should be able to add full throttles trophy to your collection in around 3 hours number 6 jazzpunk at a glance jazzpunk has a lot in common with Tim Schafer's adventure games but rather than focusing on the actual puzzles the main draw here is in the comedy and the strength of the writing there's also a far more freedom on the players part as well as you're given the option to explore open areas before tackling a specific objective meaning that unlocking the platinum trophy can take a little bit longer and some of the other games on this list still even if you take in your time and don't want to resort to a walkthrough jazzpunk earns its spot heave of being just so damn good while it actually started off development is a rather serious straightforward experience the devs eventually just thought screw it and through every mad idea at the wall they had and didn't even mind if only a few of them stuck even if you just want to enjoy the game without the pressure of racking up trophies there's only a few that you might not automatically hit and that can be solved with a quick chapter select it's only a couple hours long but jazzpunk deserves your attention in the 5 donut county donut county shouldn't work it's a game where the player controls a hole in the ground which grows in sizes it continues to devour items in each level it's so simple yet the great puzzles and charming art style make it a total joy to play with a gambler becoming kind of infectious to the point where each screen becomes something you need to solve straight away most trophies will come naturally through playing a while a couple of the descriptions are a little vague like the one telling you to stock up on gamma fuel it might take you a little bit to figure out what you need to accomplish there hardly that difficult to decipher consequently even if you take in as much time as possible it shouldn't take you more than three hours to pop bat plot and you could be guaranteed to have a great time doing it before coffin Dodgers as mentioned earlier are trying to stick to games that wouldn't be a total slog to get through for this list but coffin Dodgers comes the closest to completely tanking that idea the cart race they're about a bunch of retired aware peas attempting to escape the clutches of one mr. Grim Reaper who's moved in down the street by the way mechanically speaking isn't all that great but it does have a lot of charm even if it's jokes are obvious and increasingly limp there's nothing really all that inventive here but like a good dad jerk it is surprisingly comforting it's going to require a full playthroughs before you can unlock the platinum trophy though one is a pensioner and one is death and a couple more just for fun but fortunately for you that will only take a couple of hours but charm might have worn off by then but mopping up those remaining unlocks mostly relegated to the crazy granddad mode will be a breeze m3 everybody's gone to the rapture everybody's gone to the rapture received quite a lot of backlash when it first launched the Chinese rooms first game dear Esther had been instrumental in popularizing the walking simulator genre as we know it today but it was very much a starting point this follow-up not counting amnesia a machine for pigs was certainly more ambitious but there was a general feeling that the story was kind of a missed opportunity that said time has been kind to everybody's gone to the rapture and its evocative plot about exploring a town whose inhabitants of all mysteriously vanished is absolutely still worth checking out especially now let's dropped in price maybe it's just their beautifully rendered English countryside that's blinding me to its problems but honestly that's setting alone is practically worth the price of admission you have to enjoy the game enough to play it twice but for the second playthrough you can just stick on some music or a what culture gaming video plug plug plug plug and the trophies you couldn't NAB the first time through let me – Blackwood crossing there being plenty of narrative-driven games in this list but you were quite as charming as Blackwood crossing the premises genuinely brilliant tasking players with taking control of two kids Scarlett and Finn both of whom are passengers on a train the two siblings across this surreal dreamlike journey attempt to come to terms with that past and essentially grow up coming-of-age stories are relatively rare in video games but Blackwood Crossing is one of the better ones using its simple mechanics to deliver a surprisingly emotional story even better now all you have to really do to pop the Platinum is just to enjoy the game most are related to story beats while the rest involve inspecting tsardom items in the world you might need a guy to make sure you don't miss anything as there's no chapter select but even it allegedly Pierce you're looking at a great story and an easy set of trophies all wrapped up in a neat three-hour package number one my name is male the recent influx of what I'm calling right now as Bunter games undoubtedly thrust into popularity thanks to titles like gods simulator taking over twitch is perhaps in its peak with my name as male all you have to do is click the screen which is filled by a jar of mayo in various different costumes ranging from banana peels to sexy leopard print underwear and actual boobies and then you're done in the game's over the brilliant thing is though each trophy requires you to rack up milestones of clicks up to ten thousand and no cheating either you have to press the button individually each time and then wearing each costume which you guessed it are unlocked by even more clicking the entire goal is to eventually Poplar platinum just know it's going to cost you ever looking the same way at a Jerald male ever again that's fine for me it's the worst condiment it's a solace let me know in the comments down below if there are any easy platinum trophy diamond stop here because seriously I really really want them in while you there could you give us a like share subscribe and head over to Oakland smallest news like this and we've seen dad eating each other ib josh thank you for watching this video and i'll see you soon goodbye

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    You can literally get every trophy in one playthrough, in about 2 hours, depending on how long each set piece keeps your interest.

  • InFamous Second Son was the easiest and most fun platinum I've got, just need to complete the good story and evil story then you just have a few trophies to get.

  • Deracine is indeed an easy platinum but no way under 5 hours. Maybe if you use a step by step walk through, but I personally advise against that as the game is easy enough and a fun and interesting story.

  • When it comes to easy platinums there's one go-to all the trophy obsessives flock to, any game published by Ratalaika Games. They are infamous for shoving out loads of mediocre games with platinums that can easily be completed in under an hour (without even needing to finish the game). They also intentionally make multiple separate trophy lists for each region the game is released in so the trophy whore 'whales' will buy the games multiple times in each different regions store, it's not uncommon to see trophy hunters with like basically the same platinum 10 times back to back on their trophy list. These days someone could rack up 100 platinums in a week, it's not what it used to, back when games like Terminator Salvation and the occasional kids movie tie-in were more or less the only easy platinums around, and even they would likely take a full sitting to finish.

  • Only under 5 hours plats I have are: Storm boy, Burley men at sea and both Go games. Hope we get Deus ex go soon.

    TT games usually take me 6-10 hours.

  • I found undertale’s trophies to be quite easy to get, just play pacifist until you reach papyrus date him so you have access to his house and go to the sink, there you’ll find a shrine, it might take a while since you can only donate 1 G at a time but after filling the donation box for around the 30th time you will get half of the throphies, and hen you just proceed through the game in whatever route you choose, except genocide cause you already fucked that one up just for all the throphies, and grab some random items for the extra throphies

  • Sexy brutale is an absolutely amazing game in my oppinion and you can platinum it in about 4-7 hours but it is definitely worth it to play the story is pretty great

  • Infamous second son is rather easy, yeah it's time.consuming but it literally only requires 2 playthroughs and one 100%. Plus the games fun, it was my first and I think my only plat

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