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10 Dumbest Ways People Died! Darwin Awards!

Hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and
today we’re going to be looking at the dumbest ways people have died the Darwin
Awards are based off of Darwin’s theory of evolution Darwin Awards are given to
people who were kind of stupid and have passed away some of these are silly
accidents while others are cases of Instant Karma
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bill to coming up first we have grenade nowadays everyone likes to look cool in
selfies many people passed away actually from taking dangerous images but that
usually involves falling off a cliff or skyscraper while taking a cool selfie in
this case that the Russian man was just ridiculous one day 26 year old Aleksandr
Sasser check in had a grenade he wanted to pose with the hand grenade and take a
selfie now that would have been risky but not as stupid as what he did he took
it to the next level and took the pin out of the grenade to pose with it
he sent the picture to his friends showing the pin had been taken out his
friend then said where are you are you ok another friend responded saying
listen don’t do stupid things where are you now he thought that as
long as he didn’t throw the grenade it wouldn’t go off but of course anyone
with basic knowledge knows if you take the pin out of a grenade it’s going off
whether you throw it or not yeah it’s not like the movies where you can cling
on to it for ages before it goes off the russian cops investigated the explosion
and released the text messages showing the photo he sent to his friends I do
feel bad for the guy but this is still one really dumb death next up is
planking let me take you back to 2010 in 2010 planking became a viral trend
it consisted of simply lying down like a plaque sometimes people would do this in
an unusual location and take a funny photo or at least it was funny back in
2010 planking actually started as a trend in Australia and was biggest there
well on may 5th 2011 in Brisbane Australia a 20 year old decided to do
some planking he then attempted to take a photograph of himself
this on the skyscraper he stretched himself on a railing over a skyscraper
but of course on the railing he lost his balance and he failed seven storeys yep
this guy really passed away all thanks to a viral fad it just goes to show if
it sounds like a funny trend at the time chances are it actually isn’t next up is
anti helmet rider in July of 2011 a motorcycle helmet protest took place in
New York New York were implementing a new law which meant that motorcyclists
had to wear a helmet at all times now many people did not like this
because helmets are bad I guess they thought they didn’t look as cool on
there Harley Davidsons while having to wear a big helmet so to protest this new
law many rode their motorbikes through the city without a helmet but while
doing this one helmetless protester flipped over his handlebars he then hit
his head and it took his life the medical report later concluded he would
have lived if he was wearing a helmet the 55 year old had been riding helmet
list for 30 years so it’s kind of ironic that the one time he falls off his bike
and passes away was during an anti helmet rally next up is window test now
this one really does sound like it’s out of a comedy movie but no this actually
happened in real life one day Canadian lawyer named Gary hoy
was determined to prove his 24th floor story windows were unbreakable he said
the windows were so strong reinforced nothing could break them so to prove
this he ran at the windows and slammed his body into the glass at high speeds
now he proved his point as the window didn’t break but for whatever reason
that that wasn’t enough so once again he ran and smashed into his window with his
body but this time he was not so lucky as the window gave way and smashed the
lawyer then felt 24 stories and did not make it out alive
however Gary was actually kind of right the window really smashed when it hit
the ground it wasn’t Gary’s body that shattered the
window instead the window simply popped out of its frame so Gary did prove his
point but not in a very good way as it resulted in his death I know an lawyers
job is to be persuasive but this taking it way too far next up is wife
tosser this is one case of Instant Karma in the
form of a diamond award and this took place in Buenos Aires Argentina one day
a married couple were having a dispute in their eighth floor apartment that was
when the 25 year old husband picked up his 20 year old wife he then trucked her
off the balcony of their eighth floor apartment but she didn’t hit the ground
instead she was tangled in the powerlines below
enraged that she was okay he then left from the balcony himself towards his
wife but he totally missed the power lines and instead hit the ground the guy
obviously did not make it out of the situation alive but the woman managed to
swing off the wires onto a nearby balcony like James Bond
luckily the 20 year old woman saved herself and the 25 year old wife tosser
did not this surely is one case of Instant Karma and I think the moral of
this story is don’t throw your wife off a balcony
I don’t know that just seems to be a pretty good rule to live by next up is
elephant dung one day a zookeeper was helping an elephant with some digestive
problems normally you would just wait for these things to sort themselves out
naturally but the zookeeper had a unique idea and decided to give the elephant
some laxatives he then waited for the laxatives to work on this elephant
however while he was waiting he stood behind the elephant for some reason the
elephant then relieved itself all over the zookeeper but the force of it was so
powerful it actually pushed the zookeeper onto the ground the zookeeper
was buried in 120 kilos of elephant dung and this ended up actually taking the
zookeepers life this happened at a zoo in Paderborn
Germany it was said that the sheer force of the elephant’s tongue knocked the
zookeeper onto the ground the zookeeper named Stefan then was buried on top of
all of this elephant dung he lay there for an hour
underneath the dung and unfortunately by the time someone came to rescue him he
had suffocated next up is loud music this is one story you should show to
your friend who plays their music way too loud in their headphone
in 2010 a man was walking on a beach in South Carolina USA he was listening to
his ipod with the volume on full but that was when an aeroplane smashed right
into him when it made an emergency landing the guy in the red shirt had
been listening to music so loudly that he didn’t hear the roll of the plane’s
engines behind him the man was wearing a bright red shirt and many said why
didn’t the pilot just move out of the way of this man allowed anywhere else in
the beach but I guess the plane was so out of control he had no option but to
land right on top of this guy I don’t know what song he was listening to so
loudly that he couldn’t hear the rule of a Jets engines right behind him but
sadly this guy was hit by the plane and did not make it out okay next up is
Wi-Fi hotspot we all know the terrible moment when you connect us in Wi-Fi and
the signal is super slow maybe you only have one bar of Wi-Fi Internet and we
all know that when this happens the first thing we do is stand on a table or
a chair and wave our phone in the air this often doesn’t work but we do do it
subconsciously to try and get a better Wi-Fi connection well one day a guy in
Spain was trying to find a good Wi-Fi connection on his cell phone he couldn’t
get it in his apartment so he went out onto his two-story balcony he climbed
around on his balcony waving his phone in the air trying to get a good signal
but as he did this he fell from the balcony and passed away I don’t know
what the 23 year old was doing which made it so crucial he had to get a good
Wi-Fi connection but trust me guys nothing on the Internet is worth risking
your life over except maybe top tens but is cellular
dated really that expensive in Spain this guy had to climb into his balcony
to get a good Wi-Fi connection and finally on our list of Darwin Awards we
have video gamer do you know someone who seems to be addicted to playing video
games well they’re not gonna beat this one guy from South Korea South Korea is
said to be the video game capital of Asia and there’s actually many gaming
cafes in South Korea where people spend hours at a time gaming one day a South
Korean man went one of these gaming cafes the 28 year old decided he was
going to play a game it called Starcraft for 50 hours straight
didn’t stop to do anything except use the bathroom every now and then
however after 50 hours of gaming he passed away from dehydration and heart
failure I’m not sure why he got so sucked into this game but many say that
people in South Korea get addicted to video games
sadly in real life there are no respawns so never spend 50 hours playing a video
game guys it’s not good for your health but now it’s time to make your voice
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