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#1 Site: Watch NEW Online Movies for FREE – (NO signup) 2017

Hello, guys welcome back um today I just
wanted to share a website where you can watch online movies for free and the
website is as you can see on the bottom
left hand side on the screen and right here I’m just going to be showing you an
example of a movie it actually works so right here I’m
just going to UM type Madea Halloween the movie that came out on last year and
umm just click on the name pretty much and umm wait for it to load before that
happens press cancel for some reason I’m not seeing any pop-ups but if you happen
to see one um just try to go back to the screen that you’re seeing right now
and if it’s not loading just press server one server two etc. um so yeah
the best way to watch a movie obviously would be on on your TV so I recommend to use a Chromecast or on your ps4 it actually works and um right here as
you can see the movies actually playing and I’ll just show you like parts of the
movie and for the Chromecast I just basically use an app um is should be
appearing anytime soon there it is is tvcast right here there is just an
example of how it looks on a ps4 now everything in this video is actually
true I’m not trying to create something false and
anyways thanks for watching make sure you subscribe if you’re new my social media
links are down in the description


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