hey guys go back to another class reals nao and today I'm taking a look at a really interesting double prints strategy that I've been seeing gaining some popularity recently right here is basically the meta version of giant double prints but you now have the Royal Giant in there instead of the regular giant and this combination of our G double prints has been like I said guys gaining popularity recently currently one of the top performing decks in Grand Challenges and doing very well on ladder as well so I figured I would try it out today and see overall how the RG performs in place of the regular giant that way at the end of the video after you guys watch it you can let me know which one do you think is stronger giant double prints or royal giant double prints now let's go ahead wish our friend some good luck oh yeah yay I got to tell you guys I've been noticing something recently I've been noticing there's a direct correlation to a having lightness belt in your deck and facing barbarians I might just crazy was that is there a correlation there I don't know I think I'm just crazy guys all right giant skeleton barbarian bait it's gonna be interesting dude I haven't seen anything so far that he has that gives us lightning value that is rather unfortunate wait for it he Barb's prints here dude with card loading times evident takes so long everything's so delayed he Barb's and Barb's in a deck nasty sauce confirm didn't go barbarians here probably horse gar me his Barb's I'm okay with that I'm okay with that indeed cuz now here's plan boys we're gonna pull them over with to the right lane with the RG if he hasn't front our I cry but our bar bill for this is the plan and then we go up mega meaning for this this is the other plan the our g shook at some work done cuz i don't think it's back to wizard am i am i had 4,000 trophies did i teleport trophies there's no way we're at 6k right now he's got a bars wizard what is this this isn't 4k this is a 4k what is this jazz he was he here Yass take that you a wizard young nub all right we good nice this here little this for the giant skeleton the question right now is what in this world is this guy's deck that's my question you guys can ask your own questions if you want but that's my question what is he doing giant skeleton double barbarians graveyard what in the world is going on today guys in clash Royale did I wake up in an alternate universe is this an alternate dimension what in the world is going on today somebody please tell me don't you dare not say one tower will go down does it go down it has to what does he got he's got something zap arrows oh by the way guys this is my new second favorite emote this one's the best right here this is the best emotes this one this is the second best emo in the in class rail the reason I say that is it's the be most BM the BM iasts BM of all emote c-class rail if I had to rank top 5 most BM emotes in clash Royale this was number one by far there's nothing in this game that irritates me more than this emote when I'm losing this one makes me rage that's the only evil in class real that makes me absolutely rage it's the e wizard laughing it just drives me absolutely crazy so if you guys are looking for some good BM definitely go evil laugh because that's the number one BM hands-down it's not even up for debate like don't even don't even try and tell me down below in the comments but there's better ones because it's not even up for debate it's been already written down in the history books that he was or will forever be the number one was BM emo in class real barrel right here given late probably has a bait deck Oh ze wizard what you're saying it was bats something do and I'm betting he's got pack up ah Z which stupid which more lightning spell here take her downtown nice gold or pretty stupid night good night being all night even stuff now if I go a mega menu right here and we go some snowball right here do you think that opens up a potential push for the Royal giant I told you guys I told you I knew he had pack it in there you know how I knew because I never faced Pekka all morning until it threw our G into my deck and it's been I spent Pekka all a day long since then I told you guys now he's gonna go which right here I told you guys I knew he had Pekka man I'm so smart not really but uh sometimes you can dream a graveyard again dude you know why I'm facing these matchups he said I don't have a good greater counter that's why telling you guys something's weird in the universe I woke up in a weird universe today guys because literally we have lightning spell it's been not really fun so far in terms of matchups nice by Barry gets one shot I just won just whoa I really hope this dude goes uh something there what you got dude reach right here hey well nice baby there we go my dude okay RG here barrel here mega here nice dude snowball here I'm going pretty hard he cuz he just he just went Pekka so I want to go super hard and capitalize on his mistake there because he just went Pekka on offense which means he did not have it for the RG right there on defense Dark Phoenix I heard that was a bad movie don't go watch it I mean just good way if you go watch me if you want to I shouldn't say that but I heard was bad good game well played GG's man my phone went off earlier during battle maan I think what was it deep Dee Dee Dee deep Dee no important okay sorry guys I'm just checking my business email sound so faint see what I got a business email alrighty phone went up again what in the world what in the world hmm hmm I say hmm you say huh Chester huh fist Oh No oh no you know I believe it uh preferred there for my regular prints and my Dark Prince but I guess we shall just let it be what it be you got a prince coming down here he didn't go something for this executioner what do you got goblins they always have gobbler guards told you guys told you guys you know how I knew you know how I knew guys there's no no way I'm sorry there's no way though that's totally within range and telling you guys right now that is 100 sent within tower range don't at me bro that is 100 sent within tower ranger there this is game oh man my whole conversation is messed up I need my prints for that Valkyrie but I don't have it dude that's that's laying nice Welker is just a beast away do one of these might be good prints here and go one two and three now is gonna go goblins a nice beer for the prints on defense here we won't get any damage done to the tower because he will go Valkyrie first but the action I'm actually really okay with that because the Valkyrie is uh more elixir than goblins but now here's the good thing guys we're gonna go make a knight RG right here and he's gonna go Galvan's Megaman he destroys that then he needles it then the I spirits hit and somehow we get zero damage done somehow someway we got one shot I'm okay with that jazz he was he here stone little hog rider block the hog rider lightning spell by him this deck usually writes a heavy spell what is it now I used or pretty well cool down what'd I just say I think it said it develop he goes down not your shirt hmm told you you get ladies Bell man I'm just on the ball right now in terms of predictions today one of these one of these one of these one of these go RG go baby one more shots is here is here let me spell value nice I think we a lightning spell + snowball him dead I think don't at me though but I think I am correct no balls here you got nothing to swarm it power goes down baby dear Chester be your Chester I'm sorry dude but you just got destroyed thank you for your Oh fees much appreciate oh we forgot to be ma mode we forgot already guys boys and girls ladies and gentle men let's go ahead and do one final by the way guys I want to apologize for the videos being uploaded later on in the afternoon than I normally do it we'll get back to normal very very soon I've just been just swamped IRL so I do apologize guys about the delay I do apologize this is gonna be the ultimate hard counter though right here even though I say every deck I sell to my heart counter just uh I know I do that but I just look at royale API right here guys beep boop beep boop beep that's the sound of real API yeah yeah oh it's just right there guys ultimate hard counter I'm not lying it's right there on the screen I shall just see if I win then I mean I guess I'll just be like oh it still is it just I'm just uh good but if I lose it's gonna be like a bad cut rotation or leg or hard counter that's what you do guys I've learned from the best the profession the professionals have taught me that if you're losing just say hard counter and it works like we do here man mr. Ben Rascals the rascals destroy the prince so bad legit don't know what to do he's gonna go Rasmus right here like how do you how do you stop Rascals with this deck because we have we have like we have nothing to come to the rascals Bar barrel does not reach long enough my barbell isn't big enough guys now you guys miner here we just died alright no miner I'm good with that oh yeah we got nothing that kind of the rascals like they're so nasty on defense so it's gonna be I bet unfortunate but we shall see maybe in double xp or you can make something happen maybe maybe I should maybe maybe nice RG in France he missed that jazz there we go rings Bell here nice baby yeah that was moderate damage it wasn't as juicy as I thought it would be Thanks well BM to get in this head right now we'll get under his skin maybe that'll work maybe that will work dude I don't even know is here and while this jazz bar bill this jazz go RT one more shot RG hmm that's not the damage we needed nor deserve guys I'm sorry we deserved more we did I know what you're saying well you guys don't think I did but I did to put Rasmus man meat counter them it's so annoying dude here we go nice all right we defend it but if we get me good one of these all my predictions are on point today dude legitimately just on point right now they call me a pro but I do not put on a show for I dare say today is the day that we all come down with the lightning spell Manny's got too much swarm Oh your duck is dirty get out of here with that motor beat just one of these take that double prints your nub does it do anything no cuz he goes Rascals here like the rascals just destroy everything after that was good that was good I'll be Oscar that was good aren't you at the bridge he was in for support that's was here like that we need we need a login here baby I can't destroy anything I'm so sad RG one shot one more RG man I wanted more damage guys I'll be honest with you I need him more I need him more damage he wasn't yes thank you he wizard much appreciate good game all right guys the part that I said it was the ultimate hard counter I made that up I'll be honest with you guys I didn't even look at my LAPI all I have my Twitter pulled up I did not even look at where ap I know I know I apologize for lying and I was worried I was losing I need to find excuses so I made some up it's just the way ghosts like I said guys I learned I have learned by watching everyone all the pros he taught me that's the bot that's the number one approach tip guys is when you lose it's hard counter it's either hard counter or carburation or lag those the top three but GG's man that was actually pretty good I mean uh yeah yeah those Rascals are so annoying when you don't have log though cuz it just destroyed everything but now a pretty good we did pretty good already boys and girls one more battle here guys let's do one more and just see we can make it a five streak his five streak is better than four streak is what I heard on the streak streak I like this yeah yeah sometimes I don't know what I'm saying guys today is one of those days Oh a prince the prince is calming down what do we do you know what I'm gonna do right now guys right snowball thanks Belle Prince you'll be my favorite if you get never mind your nub you're not my favorite I hate you get out of here stupid Prince we're gonna say I would like you if you each got one charge shot but you didn't so just don't show your face around here anymore please Prince let me down what do you guys got he's got Prince spear goblins minor snowballs musketeer what do you all think it is I really wish I had my lens bail right now that'd be nice as we are making some Soviet your best players right now boom all right where'd lose this I'm gonna tell you right now this battle is gonna be a fat L the reason I can say that so confidently it is because we've been miss playing since the beginning the battle particularly with that with that just that defense right there hmm all right I'm here that we need to defend for a bit get our lecture back because we are low you know how to generate you let your fasters you top you cards like this and you get left to back faster it's a secret tip I can tell you guys see look how fast to going back in there nice and then we go like this and I really want to go nope I don't I change my mind I was gonna go RG in front of that but yeah nope the big old nope on the RG jazz nice all right does somebody want to just tell me what I just know bald there I would love to know if somebody please want you to tell me what I snowboard right there I would just really love to know when I just know mode because I don't think I know about anything and it was terrible nice it was a one-shot nice there we go dude we've missed the tower how do I miss the tower what is wrong with me dude I'm so nubby I'm two nubby how did we miss that Tower somebody say how please oh how do we miss the tower Oh door pressure splashing orgy is shooting Thank You royal giant good game Wow despite a million miss plays and a half we still won GG's dude GG's 27th rope is 6300 that is juicy man that is juicy hey I got this lighting chest right here let's get that nope don't need anything they're gold sure why not epic cards sure they should just save me the trouble and just give me some story points that okay princess nice that's cool to see gold we'll take a token that's nice golde rare cards Bona Bona Bona Wow go free gems I like free gems nice thank you I wish carts converted to gems instead of story points it'd be nice one if I would ever have another lighter card trophy wrote is awesome dude oops I just a my mic go pop there we go nice what else we have here Gold rare token lightning chose and that's it so we are now within Grand Champion League season highest so far 60 306 almost where we got last season but just a bit more needed so overall guys doing pretty well alright again let's go ahead here finish off with a replay as we always do we are facing off against a Royal guide minor Nadeau kind of like fast recycle deck we're gonna go right here I believe he goes minor on our tower and then we we go Prince yeah we go Prince so we predict his minor wooden go RG in front of the prints that watch this watch this play right here his it's pretty hilarious Prince destroys the barbarian he has a nothing left in hand to stop our stuff he does get tombstone down but it's too late cuz IV card delay drop timer and Prince charges he needles it back right here and the Prince charges again the megiddo gave us to Prince charges in one attack oh poor dude I don't think that was his plan when you woke up this morning but that's what happened and you know what they say when life gives you lemons you nado a prince and get to charge shots on your tower now he goes RG here gonna stop it with a Dark Prince mega combo and overall we get one plus one equals two tower shots right there that is your math lesson of the day Dark Prince does work to the Barbarian I also get to charge it on the tower right there where's it down to you sever DL so I would dare say we are absolutely destroying so far in this battle but now here's the question that I've always wanted to ask do you think we'll win do you think that I can hold on to this damaged lead or do you think your dear friend isn't be enough no we choose to ignore that minor there because I want to go for a bigger push left lane get some damage done there just in case the game does go into w elixir gonna go eat one here in the middle to stun and slow the Meaghan minion snowball here perfectly timed because I am a pro player for those skeletons right there for instance early barbarian RG locks on Prince gets a no damage unto tower but the RG shoots it'll goes down and overall we forced out a really good elixir response because we are now in the elixir lead and we do damage in the process so definitely a good push right there now right here I knew if I fully committed left lane I knew he would go RG right lane and I wouldn't be able to stop it so I made a conscious choice to tower trade here and you know the reason why you know why I would do such a thing meanwhile tombstone destroyed what are you doing sir the reason why I did that because if I tower trade I have his tower on the other side down to 70 help so I'm good right like if I tower trade I can just no boss tower and win now get me in there distress the tower one crown lot actually sorry equal score one crown apiece barbarian goes in there dies to the still out the say the Skelton tombstone but it's a tombstone I mean has skeletons in it but it is what it is and I believe we go we we go snowball here the tower on the right he keeps trying snowball dare tower goes down to crown lead and unfortunately for our friend he does lose and we say GG is well played with I believe no further Emo's correct because I would never be M because I would never be M so I just say GU GU I'll play right there and we do pretty well good game and it was guys that is the end of the video here is the deck one more time if you want to go ahead and try it out yourself it is the basically the meta giant double Prince deck with the RG in there in dad feel free let me know which one you think is better RG or giant I would dare say at the risk of offending someone that this version is probably the no skill version of the giant imprint deck because it feels a lot easier to play than the regular giant devil prints the deck but I could be wrong just my opinion I feel like our G is fairly easy to use but we did pretty what was it today we busted out a couple of straight dubs five to be precise which our directors say is pretty good but like what is this guy's deck Giants gots an EB Barb's graveyard wizard then pack a graveyard overall pretty good games got pretty good games anyways that is the end of the video really hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure leave a like subscribe for clash broke own ten thank you so much watching guys we will see you in the next one


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